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  1. Always fun to switch to a new version ... and with new features like AUTO-HDR and DIRECT STORAGE and improved security, but have to wait a bit, see that it works.
  2. Shouldn't a stable version be released soon with all the bug fixes reported so far? Especially with AMD and MEMORY LEAK. This should resolve and start motivating people to move on once most of the critical issues have been resolved.
  3. Generation 8 supported, probably failed on something else, write down what error you get. From the site here you can run the TOOL that details you on it passes and or fails.
  4. This is probably true, in electrical warehouses they save and do not engrave in Hebrew, in the bug and in the joystick they do engrave. Still worth ordering from Amazon - significantly cheaper of all.
  5. בקרוב נקבל גרסה יותר יציבה... ואולי אעבור בקרוב גם
  6. Yes, there are several options:
  7. Thanks, did anyone install? Direct download link: Most reviews say wait, of course this is not surprising: -review-an-unnecessary-replacement-for-windows-10.html
  8. Here's a new performance test, looks like a crazy processor: -9-5950x / but will probably also increase accordingly ...
  9. ^ Thanks for the advice, this is the exact search I had to do I checked with a place in Holon that does it instead for the amount you mentioned, called pcgraph it is true and I already work with blind typing but still important even for someone who uses this computer without such typing.
  10. The reason I feel much safer is to switch to Windows 11 when it comes out, that's why the new operating system is based on the same WINDOWS 10, on the same CORE, with all the improvements that will not be. Also did performance tests for games in old BUILDs running in the old YOUTUBE and it worked great. So it feels different this time .... I recommend watching it from Linus' channel as well:
  11. Hello everyone, I noticed, for example this keyboard of Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT, costs up to the house including everything 640 shekels! In Israel, the old model costs close to NIS 1000, unbelievable. But of course it comes with English keys only (not that it's a critical issue), but there's still an investment here. I tried to search the net without success, is it possible to order CHERRY MX SPEED or their friends with Hebrew captions? Is there such an animal? Thanks !
  12. For example for this reason: marketing or not, sure there are improvements here watch? v = oIYHRRTCVy4 & ab_channel = MicrosoftMechanics
  13. From reports I've seen on the net, the Windows 10-based operating system has undergone many upgrades (everything we've seen, UI, AUTO-HDR, PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS, STORE ETC.) so as far as I can see, there is no real fear of upgrading, And people have not experienced CRASHs. On the other hand, there are those who always say to wait a few months - it seems really unnecessary to me, I will not go along this line. I seem to be upgrading as it comes out, or at most I will wait a few days to see what happens on the net. What about you?
  14. Temperature is normal, read performance across the grid. Anyway, I'm not sure about replacing the pads in the ASUS STRIX - where they do a very good job, ASUS are the best in graphics cards in my opinion (I'm with a gigabyte which is also good, because it was not in ASUS stock). I also had the same problem, a small crowded case, the video card cooked everything there, I switched to water cooling that solved the whole problem, the radiator sits in the front outside. 3080TI Temp Stock
  15. Indeed, they claimed that the case was not ventilated enough, strange because I chose and invested in a good one that fits .. maybe not for today's period. Anyway - I upgraded to water cooling, Corsair Hydro Series H100x High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler did all their tests and it fixed the problem - so far I checked at home after an hour of good data game:
  16. Thanks for the help Yoav !! The CPU really isn't 100 percent used at 90 degrees ... just a normal game around 60 percent CPU usage I think. We will see tomorrow what they will say in their tests, in addition they said they will switch to another cooler and test, I wonder if it will yield normal results, then we will know what to do (test with Corsair Hydro Series ™ H100i). I have a suspicion that the fans that are all replaced by Pure Wings 2 PWM are weak quickly causing a heat load on the entire case. The technician said the card heats up the whole case so maybe this exacerbates the problem even further.
  17. The processor without OC and also the card, all in stock. The cooling of the processor is with a single fan. "Has the CPU temperature improved after replacing a thermal ointment?" No, they did CPU load tests only, and with a simple video card - dropped to the 75-80 range. Maybe it's really it's the fans, or their directions, maybe they were wrong .... Thank you I'll tell them to check the direction of the fans. Could there be other causes for problems besides fans? Maybe because of their type I wrote down? That they are quiet maybe because it is too weak?
  18. Hello, give me an answer, check the computer, replace the thermal ointment, the problem is not related to the CPU, but to the new card that heats everything there. They still keep checking, but they recommend to me: 1. Switch to cooling water in favor of clearing space in the case and less hot air getting stuck in the case. Or 2. Replace case, larger and more ventilated. what do you think? The previous card I had, 1080TI would come with effort to 68, now in the new 3080 there really is a difference - reaches about 72 degrees and 82 for memory, the card looks fine the same temp in REVIEWS 3080.
  19. Cool, thanks Yoav and A-10! Today I am handing over the computer to the store for a thermal ointment replacement, update later if that is the reason. I will request from the Arctic Cooling MX-4 2019 store
  20. The computer store replaced as part of the video card upgrade and fans, did a general cleaning and replaced the thermal ointment. Am I supposed to go back to them? By the way, could it also be related to the chassis fans that have all been replaced? They are of the PURE WINGS 2 PWM type very quiet, could it be that because they do not rotate fast (because of the type they are quiet) it causes the whole case to heat up very quickly?
  21. Hello everyone, I recently upgraded a video card and chassis fans, my computer specification is: Chassis: ECLIPSE P400S Chassis fans: All new Pure Wings 2 PWM - in the form of 2 up, one front one and one rear. CPU: INTEL 8700K CPU cooling: Noctua NH-D15S Video card: Gigabyte RTX 3080 OC The dilemma: I noticed when I play these summer days (if it is connected), the temperatures are: Video card: GPU reaches 73 degrees, Temp of memory card Screen reaches 82 degrees (rest range for effort is 45-75) Processor: Range of 37-88 degrees, is it not a lot to reach 88 in the processor? In addition the fans of the video card reach 80 percent utilization around 2200RPM Are there any problems here? Note: Effortless, processor at 37 degrees and graphics card at 45 degrees). Thank you friends. Temp control mode while playing
  22. Yes I heard about it, it's like a "lottery" some of the cards are good some are not, probably depends on the assembly of thermal pads of the same card. I have a GIGABYTE 3080 OC and passed stress tests without any problems, great card.
  23. We are beginning to see a stock of tickets in a lot of computer stores in Israel and abroad, "only" that prices have remained high, perhaps this is the first sign and the beginning of a drop in prices.
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