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  1. Quote by law89

    What are the minimum installation requirements? Did not say 8th generation? I have a message on my old computer that I cannot install

    Generated 8 supported, probably failed on something else, write down what error you get.

    From the site here you can run the TOOL that details you on it passes and or fails.


  2. ^ Thanks for the advice, this is the exact search I needed to do :) 

    I checked with a place in Holon that does this instead for the amount you mentioned, called pcgraph




    Quote of yoavke

    Give a person a link to purchase a Hebrew key cover, and he will save once.

    Give a person a link to learn blind typing and it will save on keyboards for life.


    This is true and I am already working with blind typing but nonetheless it is also important for anyone who uses this computer without such typing.

  3. The reason I feel much safer is to switch to Windows 11 when it comes out, that's why the new operating system is based on it 10, on it , With all the improvements that will not be.

    Also did performance tests for games in old BUILDs running on The old ones and it worked great.

    So it feels different this time ....


    Recommend watching this from Linus' channel as well:



  4. Hello everyone,

    I noticed, for example, this Corsair K95 keyboard Platinum XT, costs up to the house, including NIS 640! In Israel, the old model costs close to NIS 1000, unbelievable.

    But of course it comes with English keys only (not that it's a critical issue), but there's still an investment here.

    I tried searching the web without success,

    Is it possible to order CHERRY MX SPEED or their friends with Hebrew captions? Is there such an animal?


    Thanks !



  5. From reports I've seen on the net, the operating system is grounded 10 recent upgrades (everything we saw, UI, AUTO-, PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS, STORE ETC.)

    So from what I can see, there is no real fear of upgrading, I have seen a lot of forums where it is said that the operating system is stable, and people have not experienced CRASHs.

    On the other hand, there are those who always say to wait a few months - it seems really unnecessary to me, I will not go along this line.


    I seem to be upgrading whatever comes out, or at most I'll wait a few days to see what's going on online.

    What about you?




    Temperature is normal, read performance across the grid. Anyway, I'm not sure about replacing the pads in STRIX - where they do a very good job, The best in video cards in my opinion (I'm with Gigabyte which is also good, because it was not in ASUS stock).


    I also had the same problem, a small crowded case, the video card cooked everything there, I switched to water cooling that solved the whole problem, the radiator sits in the front outside.

    3080TI stock stock



  7. Indeed, they claimed that the case was not ventilated enough, strange because I chose and invested in a good one that fits .. maybe not for today's period.

    Anyway - I upgraded to Corsair Hydro Series H100x High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler for water cooling

    Did all their tests and it addressed the problem - meanwhile I checked at home after an hour of good data game:



  8. Thanks for the help Yoav !!

    The CPU really isn't 100 percent used at 90 degrees ... just a normal game around 60 percent CPU usage I think.

    We'll see tomorrow what they will say in their tests, in addition they said they will switch to another cooling and check, I wonder if it will yield normal results, then we will know what to do (check with Hydro Series (H100i).

    I have a suspicion that the fans that are all replaced by Pure Wings 2 PWM are weak quickly causing a heat load on the entire case.

    The technician said the card heats up the whole case so maybe this exacerbates the problem even further.




  9. The processor without OC and also the card, all in stock.

    The cooling of the processor is with a single fan.


    "Has the CPU temperature improved after replacing a thermal ointment?" No, they did CPU load tests only, and with a simple video card - dropped to the 75-80 range.

    Maybe it's really it's the fans, or their directions, maybe they were wrong .... Thank you I'll tell them to check the direction of the fans.


    Could there be other causes for problems besides fans? Maybe because of their type I wrote down? That they are quiet maybe because it is too weak?

  10. Hello, give me an answer, check the computer, replace the thermal ointment, the problem is not related to the CPU, but to the new card that heats everything there.

    They still keep checking, but they recommend me:

    Replace with cooling water in order to free up space in the case and less hot air that gets stuck in the case.


    2. Replace case, larger and more ventilated.


    what do you think?

    The previous card I had, 1080TI would have reached effortlessly at 68, now in the new 3080 there really is a difference - it reaches 72 degrees and 82 to memory, the card seems to be working the same temp in REVIEWS 3080.

  11. Quote of yoavke

    Not everyone has everything in stock, You can take something equivalent. There are several products of Noctua For example that are supposed to be good. 

    The main thing is to make sure that the values ​​are known. 

    No store will be happy to put you something in stock and you do not deliver it ... 



    The nt-nh1 that can be purchased in the country seems to be excellent, better than a kryonaut with 12 ~ w / mk. 


    I checked with the store now they have both, too Noctua NT-H1 and Arctic Cooling MX-4 2019

    Does it matter which take?

  12. The computer store replaced as part of the video card upgrade and fans, did a general cleaning and replaced the thermal ointment.

    Am I supposed to go back to them?


    By the way, could it also be related to the chassis fans that have all been replaced?

    They are of the PURE WINGS 2 PWM type very quiet, could it be that because they do not turn fast (because of the type they are quiet) it causes the whole case to heat up very quickly?

  13. Hello everyone,

    I recently upgraded a video card and chassis fans, my computer specification is:

    Case:  ECLIPSE P400S

    Fan Chassis: All new from Pure Wings 2 PWM - in the form of 2 up, one in front and one in back.

    Processor: INTEL 8700K 

    CPU Cooling: NH-D15S

    Graphics Card: 3080 OC


    The dilemma:

    I noticed that when I play these summer days (if related), the temperatures are:

    Graphics Card: GPU comes to 73 Degrees, temp of memory video card comes to 82 Degrees (resting range for exertion is 45-75)

    Processor: Range of 37-88 Degrees, is it not a lot to get to 88 in the processor?

    In addition the fans of the video card reach 80 percent utilization around 2200RPM


    Are there any problems here? 

    Note: Effortless, processor at 37 degrees and graphics card at 45 degrees).

    Thank you friends.


    Temp control mode while playing



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