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  2. I remember reading somewhere that the way to know if there is a CPU bottleneck is to check if the GPU works more than 90 percent, if so then it means that the GPU is a bottleneck, that it is actually a "good sign" and that the CPU is not a bottleneck in this case. Another test is to check if all the cores reach 100 percent usage - if so - there is a bottleneck for the CPU here. This is true?
  3. The guy is right in his claims, instead of dealing with a market that will be saturated with tickets that have been lacking since the launch until now. They put out new cards with the same GPU DIE and take up a share of the cards that already exist in the market, and of course selling them for the most money only exacerbates the problem.
  4. Thanks for the update, so just keep your hand on the pulse with REFRESH and check when RTX pages become available?
  5. Is there somewhere in the country or in the sand a place where you can order RTX 3070 at normal prices? Or even with an exception but not twice.
  6. RPG game, (solo and co-op) looks like a combination of DIABLO in a futuristic world of CYBERPUNK looks very interesting, I have already made a PRE-ORDER in STEAM
  7. The new processor claims a new performance crown, will beat the 10900K and AMD as well, even though it's 8 cores. Interesting .... if this is true, how will it affect the purchase of a processor in 2021, more cores or more power (for a period of two-three years of course, at least)?
  8. Yes, I too, thanks for the update, I get NIS 630 including everything. In Israel it is 900 shekels, great savings ...
  9. Bomb price, and SSD one of the best on the market .. without question at all I would buy. I think you have nothing to wait for.
  10. Wait for REVIEWS and then decide it has not yet hit the market and has not yet been tested. Which is because the combination of a processor and AMD's new cards really brings something new ... very interesting to see what happens in the real world and in a variety of games.
  11. It seems to me that it was clear to you from the beginning that these were not rumors right? Landing probably in January: should be close in performance to RTX 3090, almost all technical data is the same For the RTX 3090, it comes with a 20GB VRAM price tag of $ 1000 and is supposed to compete with the RX 6900 XT probably in the country will cost around 5 and something thousand. Those who are still planning to buy RTX 3090 - wait otherwise it is a complete waste of 500-700 dollars.
  12. If it is already 4th generation, which again is a waste of money then it is better, 850 shekels including delivery to Israel: / ref = sr_1_3? crid = BZQ2O8U6STJ8 & dchild = 1 & keywords = sabrent + rocket + 1tb & qid = 1604953776 & sprefix = SABR% 2Caps% 2C295 & sr = 8-3
  13. You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Or is there something new? From what I understand there are currently no issues. But even in the previous generation I do not remember problems that came out RTX 2000 series anyway I wait .. for RTX 3080 TI or 3070TI
  14. Agree with you, but only if what you say was true for quality versions, for example like ASUS ROG STRIX or MSI GAMING X. These versions cost here close to 4 thousand, while in the sand it is 60-100 dollars more.
  15. What's sane about that? The prices in the country have accustomed you for years and years to the theft that is here in the country with the importers? As they said above, it is supposed to cost around NIS 2000 in the country, come on, pay 200 or 300 shekels for importers, in this country in the 3000 area for the most expensive ticket, or a little less than some unknown bargain shop.
  16. Better 3070 ... The 3070 has a new generation of RT CORES and TENSOR CORES is already more powerful if you take a third party version like ASUS I MSI. Plus it's you get a brand new card, not a second hand plus it's that over time the drivers will make the new card work better.
  17. Will contain 10 cores, 20GB VRAM will consume 320W supposed to compete at 6800XT
  18. There are already games that require 12GB VRAM with 4K, there may be issues with 3080 even ... /
  19. For those who thought of upgrading 1080TI to 3080, almost all titles have twice the FPS. In general 1080TI still gives in the head, unbelievable ...
  20. Say, are you bored in life with these comments? Yes I prefer NVIDIA, and their reliability, call it whatever you want. Okay because of me they will not lower prices, come on good night.
  21. AMD tickets are also going to be sold like rolls ... better performance with less money, madness, again there will be a crazy lack at launch. But there is a situation that NVIDIA will not lower the price because there are a lot of FANBOYS ..I wish they would lower, I always go for NVIDIA anyway
  22. This is exactly what NEXUS claims, not to upgrade from 1080TI to 3070, recommended to upgrade that the jump in performance is double or close to it, for example for those who have 1070
  23. It's not just the 2GB .. it's extra performance ...
  24. Thanks darling, this is exactly the improvement I see, around 30 percent. Indeed the card still does the job really well, in individual games a bit down from 60 frames. I'll wait a bit and probably go on 3080. Or 3070TI if it came out.
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