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  1. 3070 is a good choice, for example, like my screen / resolution, between 2K and 4K - which is 3440X1440. Consider that we will see an improvement of a few percent, due to improved drivers and also third-party versions like ASUS STRIX and MSI etc. TECH-POWER-UP performance test: I am with 1080TI and still debating whether to upgrade to 3070 or 3080, what are you Say?
  2. Of course there will probably be between 3080 and 3090 with 12GB RAM
  3. It's not even bad to push new technologies like PCI-E5 even if there is no justification in these generations. The advantage of PCIE5 is probably seen in the STORAGE of SSM NVME but even today there is no justification for SSD PCIE4 as even SSD PCIE3 reaches extremely high speed. For the server and business market this will of course be more relevant, for example ESXi servers and storage.
  4. I did a search and did not see it posted here, did anyone go out to play? A truck / vehicle simulator game, which simulates the rescue and delivery of various materials and things, not an easy game with lots of thinking tasks, but amazing! The graphics are also beautiful:
  5. Continuing with what was said here at the beginning of the discussion, I think it is unlikely that AMD will significantly increase prices in the new processors, even if "they can" and even if they have better performance than 10900K. The reason is that quite a few appear in various articles, is that Intel has much more time in the market, and much more stable and reliable, add to that there are people and companies who are simply not willing to move to AMD with the many servers they have and are not willing to take a risk of moving to a new company and new generation. So in my opinion left with the same prices, we will soon see if this is true or not
  7. Wait for 3060 or 3070, coming out soon. The 3070 is equal in strength to the 2080TI as reported, but must wait to see what the real performance is. And 3060 is reportedly equal in strength plus or minus to 2080Super. Around $ 400, probably in Israel about 2100. 3060TI probably also on the way, as an answer to AMD. On the MID-RANGE scale
  8. Right, of course, I meant the brand's HIGH-END products, which were tested online before purchase, for example the ASUS STRIX line.
  9. By the way, it is interesting to see through these problems that companies like GIGABYTE and ZOTAC did not invest in capacitors, were simply "exposed" in their level of investment. Unlike ASUS, MSI and EVGA who invested more, especially ASUS that all six capacitors are MLCC ... I'm not necessarily saying it's a deal-broker, but it certainly teaches us to know from whom to buy first priority: ASUS / MSI / EVGA
  10. Most of the problems were fixed in the driver that came out a few days ago, it seems that you can go back and try to order the tickets. You can see the users with RTX 3080 who report that they have no more CRASHES
  11. It seems that the new 456.55 driver solves the problems of the crashes in the new RTX cards: There are reports that they have lowered it a bit The BOOST CLOCK ...
  12. ^ Completely agree, ASUS is the best brand in the eyes of gamers, in a variety of products: monitors, video cards, motherboards. I have everything Asus: Z370 STRIX F, with Asus STRIX 1080TI with 34 inch monitor PG348Q and everything is excellent. By the way, ASUS also has issues with crashes on RTX 3080, I responded with the revolving hassle from here: probable-connected-to-aib -designed-capacitor-choice.272591 / page-6 # post-4357012
  13. ASSUS also has issues .... I was sure ASUS TUFF is free of these issues because it has the MLCC quality capacitors in them all! About six. But the CRASHES also happen in such cards, probably the capacitor is not the only source of problems in the cards ... have to wait for a comprehensive solution after many tests. Hence: probable-connected-to-aib-designed-capacitor-choice.272591/page-6#post- 4357012
  14. The title of the discussion seems to be correct..there is no significant difference, at least until future drivers? Too bad
  15. Thanks for the answer, the processor is 8700K, with a 34-inch screen with a resolution of 3440X1440. Is the upgrade suitable / correct?
  16. The computer does not have too many components, one SSD, one hard disk. The power is 3 years, should it be enough for the RTX 3080? Asks due to natural wear and tear that plagues over time to power supplies. The official requirements are 750W. Thanks!
  17. They will probably improve performance with more mature drivers, I imagine the difference will be beyond 10 percent ... even towards 30. Still of course an insanely extreme price, for SHOW enthusiasts.
  18. In games not only is there no difference between NVME PCI-3 and PCI-4 but there is hardly a difference between SATA SSD and any NVME you will see here: If you are already buying a new drive, I would recommend buying a quality NVME PCI-3 drive, like SAMSUNG EVO PLUS 970 , The latest generation of NVME PCI4 is a waste of pure money.
  19. Is it known at this point whether the cooling of founder edition is better than the cooling of AIB? Such as ASUS and its peers? Better = quieter, cooler.
  20. So the solution is very clear ... wait! Nothing will happen if we wait a few more months, and in the meantime continue with the existing system. At the same time, those who are pressed, can be with the pulse on the availability of Amazon or New-Ag and place an order as soon as it is in stock.
  21. ASUS STRIX, excels in quality, cooling and quiet, in my opinion they are the best company in the world for video cards, motherboards and monitors (I have a PG348Q and satisfied up to the roof, including 1080TI STRIX), the problem is that they are significantly more expensive than other manufacturers (MSI, ZOTAC for example). It seems to me better this time to take another manufacturer and save a few hundred shekels without losing too much or at all.
  22. --Shadow--

    2080ti at $ 500

    The surprise is definitely big, crazy performance jumps. When was the last time you saw the third strongest card (RTX 3070) stronger than the flagship of the current generation? And for $ 500 ... there were almost no such things.
  23. I really hope it's a mistake, if it's not a mistake, I'm not really supposed to compromise on a particular company, just because the unit is cheap, right? And this issue is not new either, the same was with the previous generation, do not understand how it continues to be conducted in this way in the country.
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