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  1. Have you seen that Placeholder ever dropped in price significantly after products arrived in the country? Doesn't make sense to me.
  2. Not sure if this is new or not, the prices in the country of a new generation have been announced: GeForce RTX 3070: $ 499 (October) GeForce RTX 3080: $ 699 (September 17) GeForce RTX 3090: Starting at $ 1499 (September 24) How the hell in the country 3080 is going to reach NIS 5500? For example here: After all, if we order the product from Amazon, RTX 3080 third-party version will cost $ 800, according to a current calculation of a video card for the same price, it Nearly $ 200 including shipping and taxes to the house. That means $ 1000 including everything to the house - NIS 3400 including everything. How do importers in Israel get an additional NIS 2000 ??? Of course they have to make a living, but this is a real theft. Prices in the sand:
  3. I guess at first the RTX 3090 will not be mostly revolving .. it will cost 7 shekels in the country ... crazy. The interesting question is whether the RTX 3080 will outperform the RTX 2080TI in performance, so even at 15 or 10 percent, it's a huge achievement. And how much its pricing will be, there will probably be "only" around 4 shekels, which is a little more accessible to gamers who are willing to invest but not sell a kidney.
  4. Hello everyone, this is a more theoretical question because the cards have not yet come out, but for example with the 2080TI, will there be a problem for the processor at a resolution of 3440X1440 (with 34 inch screen) 8700K processor with 6 cores and 12 threads, I with SSD and everything needed, I am currently with 1080TI. According to an internet search probably not: but I also ask for the resolution of my screen 3440X1440 and also ask about the upcoming cards, for example RTX 3080 that we say should be 30 percent stronger than the current flagship
  5. Exposure probably next month of the new generation RTX series. graphics-card-allegedly-up-to-35-faster-than-rtx-2080-ti-in-3dmark-timespy /
  6. Samsung has higher TBW and DWPD which is Drive writes per day and Terabytes Written
  7. Strange right, somehow I got in was free shipping, and now that I'm in again it's asking for shipping and taxes.
  8. You can order the Samsung evo 970 PLUS 1TB NVME from Amazon for NIS 750 including everything. Among the most reliable there is on the market. 47e1-87ed-4a6fe1316e09
  9. Beginning to leak details about the next generation of NVIDIA named Ampere, the RTX 3000 series is due out mid-next year with a marked improvement in performance and even discounted on HIGH END cards due to competition from AMD, Intel issuing new graphics cards, and the next generation of consoles.
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