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  1. He's more likely to work for or know someone who works at Mellanox in my opinion
  2. 1. It's a really really expensive price, offers you to look elsewhere, if you want to invest then the D14 or D15 of Noctua are excellent. 2. The first is bad and the second is a turnaround. 3. This board from Asus is also not good and the DS3H is about as good as it is. 4. There was an excellent operation in BF in KSP, now I do not know, try to open a discussion in the screens forum. (It's still really expensive and about twice as expensive per unit of volume than an SSD from another company that would give the same thing)
  3. A slightly better new computer from the store will cost around 6000, so ~ 4500 in my opinion.
  4. Separate the screen from the computer and the computer and if color accuracy is important to you, you will need to check carefully which screen you are buying.
  5. The specifications are bad, answer the questionnaire and give a budget and we can help you.
  6. Where do you buy from? Unable to see the board you linked in ksp.
  7. The memory is cool and the processor is excellent at this price, but to take full advantage of it you will need a more expensive board and a little more serious cooling.
  8. This thermal pad looks just like the junk gum they put on their 3080 which was shocking in every way.
  9. You have no reason to throw money in the trash, wait another generation or two (or just wait until the computer does not deliver the goods). And even then upgrading the CPU will not give anything without upgrading the video card and even then only if you play at low resolutions.
  10. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future and whether they will put out exclusive air cooling for this bracket that can handle it better. I also wonder what the shape of AMD's next processors will be and whether they will also be "weird" like those of Intel.
  11. You will need to expand on what you meant. For reasonable airflow you want at least two fans in the front and one in the back and if possible also 1-2 up.
  12. The Pentax you wrote down well, has the corsair 4000/5000 with the front grille and there are sure a few more reasonable options, but for all of them you will need to add fans. There's also Antek's NX410 which is significantly cheaper and comes with reasonable ventilation by default, but less so than the NX800.
  13. That was indeed the point I wanted to check, why do you want to upgrade? What does your computer do that makes you want to upgrade?
  14. Both are cool, in memory you also have this option if you want a different look and 3600 instead of 3200 (but timings of CL18 instead of CL16). (You can also buy a slower and unlikely NVME SSD that you can differentiate, but that's at least reasonable compared to Samsung's 700 in the country)
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