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  1. The specification that the train looks round, I personally would buy a better supplier, 3200 CL 16 memory and SSM NVME and if possible also takes a more serious case (but if not critical to you the look or temperatures it is not critical. Specification from KSP, there is a Terra NVME SSD, supplier Better, better case and slightly better memory.
  2. The only thing I would suggest disassembling from the computer and wrapping separately is the video card if there is one. All the other things sound perfectly reasonable to move, but I would also wrap them in quite a lot of packaging material because you will know how to deal with the container.
  3. You are not very up to date, they stopped connecting like this a long time ago, somehow you were lucky and your two addresses had a very old connection to them.
  4. The computers look reasonable, I do not think they are better than the computer you linked, but without knowing exactly what you want to do hard to answer.
  5. These two boards are great, if there is a feature you need and there is only one for you on one of them. Note that the Oros Pro has a model without WiFi at all and also a model with WiFi 5 and not six
  6. Whether to buy now or wait is up to you, it is likely that prices will not rise later and indeed a new generation of AMD and Intel should arrive at the end of this year that will probably support at least part of DDR5. If you can carry I think you should, but if not I believe even the 8000 is above and beyond a computer without a video card. Sample specification attached below, the board includes an Intel wireless card but Reltech wires, if critical you take another one, in terms of chassis I less understand chassis with so much drive space then you will have to find alone, but really there is no reason to reach 10000 unless you decide you Want a 5950X, but even the 5900 is at least four times more powerful than you are used to anyway.
  7. So this tablet is cool and also its little brother B550 tuf gaming wifi will probably give you similar performance.
  8. Partner cheaper and give excellent service, why do you want to switch? I personally at Unlimited and use a private router with a fiber converter, but from what people say it seems that nowadays one has to argue with them a bit before they give the option.
  9. You prefer the B550 and I think even the B550 offered to you is overkill and the Asus b550 tuf gaming will do the job just as well and at a cheaper price.
  10. Come turn on ray tracing and enjoy what your slide show is.
  11. Do you need resources? My eyes are an excellent source and the drop in quality is almost the same as just playing at a lower resolution, which is exactly what it does only after that it passes a smoothing filter so there are not too many edges, it looks shocking and brings up most of the small details in all scenes Galaxy like DLSS 2.0 but hopefully like DLSS 1.0 and 2.0 there will be a significant improvement later on. But even the comparison to DLSS is not entirely accurate because DLSS is a tool with dedicated hardware and custom software only and it is a general filter. By and large it looks like watching a 720P on a 4K TV from 2017 and not one of Sony's overly successful ones.
  12. He's already written that he's just connecting a computer to it, it's just throwing money in the trash from start to finish.
  13. What has AMD got to do with it? No one buys their mining tickets and neither does Noydia gain anything from it. The problem is the problem of manufacturing and the paucity of fabs for the production of chips in advanced enough lithography.
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