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  1. What you linked to is good enough, but you will need to add storage.
  2. Were you able to order 3070 from Amazon!?!?!? Anyway I would stay away from nzxt, in the country you have the NX800 from Antek that comes with 2 200mm fans and a 140mm fan at a very affordable price at TMS \ wellcom
  3. I do not know exactly what computer you are talking about, but what I assembled was without a graphics accelerator built into the processor as far as I can remember.
  4. What will help you buy another computer that will be like the computer you have now? Video card prices are not expected to go down anytime soon, there was a slight drop but it seems to have started back up now so it is not clear at the moment what the trend is and it is not at all clear that in two months the prices will be better. If you want to get a roof 3500 then a second hand computer with 2060 is the direction, if you can go up to 4000 then the computer from startpc with 6600 is the only option and if you want from another store it will cost about 500 shekels more than stores like TMS or KSP. In Plonter you can assemble a similar computer in 4000 as well:
  5. There is no way to put together a computer that I can recommend buying for games at 3500 at the moment, only second hand and the price listed is usually not the last price but the price from which to start falling. I would not recommend anyone to buy 1650, certainly not for today's price and certainly not for a computer that will be used for games (this is a card that 1060 6GB is 30 +% stronger than it) if the discussion opener can go up to 4000 then this is indeed the only reasonable option. P
  6. I accidentally read it about 4500, I think at 3500 you should look mainly at second hand because video card prices are currently in very bad condition for low budgets. buamzu4a
  7. Do you really not see a problem? Is in thermal throttling.
  8. It's not just a matter of enable or disable you need to choose the right profile. All XMP says is the configuration profiles that are stored on the memory itself and there you have profiles that are suitable for jedec with low voltage and regular profiles that you want to run.
  9. What is the enabled XMP profile? According to what you showed your memory works at 2400MT / s. In terms of cooling, everything is a function of how much you want / are willing to spend, for NIS 300 you have such water cooling: or such https: / / and serious air cooling you have it:
  10. Most software does not load the CPU evenly, there will usually be 2-3 cores that will have a full load and the rest of the cores will have a partial load so CPU utilization is completely meaningless in most games. Your processor is equivalent to an I3 processor from one or two generations back and the FPS you get is compatible with it.
  11. How much are you willing to spend on it? And what is the cooling that is on the processor now in general
  12. Where will the information come from? It has been less than a month since they started. There is no logical reason to think it will not help.
  13. The asus in this article is with water cooling.
  14. The result on the face, you should get in the 16000 area, you must improve the cooling of the CPU and preferably also do undervolting.
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