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  1. There are no significant differences between the alternatives offered to you.
  2. I have no first hand experience with the NX410, but from getting acquainted with the NX800 and NX240 there is usually very good airflow and good value for money and the savings are usually in things that are bonuses like cable rubbers. I have an NX800 and I am very satisfied, especially in relation to the price and it is not very big (you have all the dimensions on the Antek website). Upgrade the board if it is more in case you want a more powerful processor in the future, but it can only be a 10 or 11 series processor then you may not really have anything to invest. Anyway just a final note if you have waited until now it might be worth your while to wait for Intel's 12th generation which is just around the corner and rumor has it it will bring in a pretty serious line.
  3. Cooler Air Cooling: 109 ILS - * NEW * - CoolerMaster Hyper 212 SPECTRUM RGB Motherboard: 572 ILS - ASUS TUF B560M-PLUS GAMING Power Supply: 379 ILS - * NEW * - Antec 700W Neo Eco 80+ GOLD ZEN 5 Year Warranty Case : 280 ₪ - * New * - Antec NX410 TB 1X120mm + 2X140mm ARGB BLACK UP You want to add more You can go up to tuf gaming non micro or upgrade a case to NX800 for example.
  4. I personally would prefer nvidia in this generation because DLSS is excellent and RT is nice and if you plan to use a microphone or talk to people with background noise then Nvidia broadcast it is excellent as well.
  5. Make a boost to the BIOS by unplugging it and removing the battery for a few minutes.
  6. I was also curious after me that I was already stuck with a product that came back from repair and the shipping company was not willing to hear anything and took a holding fee that within a week would have cost more than taxes anyway.
  7. I do not know what you saw in the walks. If that does not work then bring DOK with win10 and try to reinstall from scratch.
  8. In any way, the power consumption on the face, the heat and the improvement in performance are negligible (or even negative if you look at the I9) compared to generation 10. Intel's most lucrative processors right now are generation 10, but in any case it's worth waiting for generation 12 Essential answer to Raisen.
  9. A large, camel that does not see its hump. For that matter I have a new Intel processor that was bought because it was the most affordable at the time I bought it, currently the most affordable processors are from AMD. If you are locked on Intel then as you wrote wait for generation 12 because generation 11 is fucking.
  10. This is a bit of a weird question because this processor costs more and with this money it was possible to do things that would give something right now, is it worth investing in a processor and buying the most expensive processor? In 99% of cases the answer is no. In any case the I9 is ​​a shocking processor that I would not recommend anyone to buy and in any case it is worth waiting a little longer to see the 12th generation of Intel coming out very soon.
  11. I did not notice the screen, worth the wait? I have no idea, maybe and maybe not. So I would buy this specification and screen by difference
  12. The startpc has these ready-made computers: I personally would go for the other one for the more powerful card and with the case that comes with reasonable cooling.
  13. You have at startpc this ready specification at 5000
  14. Horizon zero dawn and star wars fallen order and the latest Tomb Raider are all action RPGs that look good and I think are also very fun if it's a genre you like.
  15. 1. In terms of performance you will not be able to differentiate between any of these models. 2. Why the hell buy an X570? Do you need full PCIE lanes for no apparent reason? 3. No, round zero, difference of second particles and not always in favor of PCIE4.
  16. It changes all the time in KSP, you will want to buy and try to put together a name
  17. 1. is 850, this is a mistake in their copying on the site. 2. Go for it if you prefer. 3. You can add two more 140 \ 120 fans upstairs If you put the Radiator 360 up front, the performance improvement will be negligible. 4. Because the specification in the tangle costs 9400 and the specification with similar performance in the TMS costs 12000, if you turn around to give them a tip of 2500 shekels they are cool (ie the problem is the prices are not the service or something). 5. You can assemble where you want, , startpc and ksp (depending on stock) are the only ones I would buy from now due to the prices, do not know the store you mentioned, feel free to contact them with the specifications I made for you in a tangle and see if they can put together something similar for the same price and come back here to consult. Something personal here because I have RGB on almost everything and except the second you take a picture of the computer it just bothers the eye that there is something that makes light in the room.
  18. They did you a favor and put it in a box to keep it, it's supposed to come in a small piece of plastic and that's it.
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