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  1. This is the closest there is from abroad, I think it is better for you to buy in Eilat already.
  2. Oh I understand, so yes there is nothing to exercise warranty even though I saw that in the 3080 TI they replaced the pads with better pads, so maybe in newer versions this will not be the problem (the 3080 LHR also came out at about the same time)
  3. I would recommend you look for a second hand computer with 2080 or 3060, occasionally can be found in the 4500 area. If you want first hand then I would recommend you wait a bit for the graphics card prices to calm down.
  4. What does "unrecognize" mean, you set up the boot device in BIOS?
  5. Not everything comes this way, there are enough 3080 \ 3080TI series cards that have no problems (all 3090s have problems except those that come with a cooling block on both parts). With my 3080 TI the memories do not even come close to 80 degrees compared to the gigabyte where the memories passed the 100 and now summer and I had the gigabyte was winter.
  6. I replaced (since I also sold the ticket) the temperature dropped above 30 degrees ZA 70 max.
  7. This is reasonable, but I would open the case and dust off.
  8. Do not know what he is claiming, Intel's processor consumes at least twice as much power, which means it heats up twice as much so even if the cooling is weaker (it's more or less the same model) it does not really matter.
  9. The processors are about the same except the 5600 X takes less than half of Intel's power. I have a second NX800 at home and I am very, very satisfied, the cooling is good and it is very quiet relative to the cooling. Edit: One more point, this power supply is pretty mediocre and down, if you want to upgrade in the future you may need to replace it so I would consider adding ~ 100 shekels and buying an antec hcg 750 instead.
  10. Processor: 1346 NIS - AMD Six Core Ryzen 5 5600X Up To 4.6Ghz AM4 BOX CPU air cooling: 109 NIS - * New * - CoolerMaster Hyper 212 SPECTRUM RGB Motherboard: 451 NIS - GIGABYTE B550M DS3H Memory: 377 NIS - * Sale * - 16G (2x8G) Crucial Ballistix-ELITE DDR4 3200Mhz CL16 Video Card: 3690 ₪ - * 14th Birthday Sale * - GAINWARD RTX3070TI 8GD Up To 1770Mhz PHOENIX Hard Disk: 509 ₪ - WD Blue 1T SN550 NVMe R / W Up To 2400 / 1950MB / s 5 Year Warranty Hard Disk: 197 ILS - Seagate 1T 3.5 '' Sata3 Barracuda 7200RPM 2 Years Warranty Power Supply: 273 ILS - FSP Hyper K 700W A.PFC 85+ 5 Years Warranty Case: 394 ILS - Antec NX800 Final Price : For cash / bank transfer: 7346 ₪ Something like this, the case with a window but it comes with excellent cooling. The SSD is slower, but not at a level you can feel in normal use. By and large it is about the same only with the 5600X which takes significantly less power than the 11600K (and consequently is also much cooler) and gives equal or better performance.
  11. I build from them because they offer 3070TI for 3700 shekels, I have nothing to do with them. If this is one of them I recommend you change the specs a bit, for example there is really no reason to buy a Z570 with such cooling because you will not be able to do any OC to the processor because it will be too hot in its normal settings anyway. I would put together a specification based on AMD's B550 that would take much less power (which is very important with a cheap power supply) and thus also be cooler with cheaper cooling or if you want to stay with Intel then I would go down to a cheaper B560 board and give up OC anyway. Affects and requires expensive cooling.
  12. Something similar is possible, but no better. The price you got is very competitive, from which store is it?
  13. Without knowing what the prices of the components are hard to answer, but the specs themselves look very good for the 7000, I personally would go for a 5600X with a cheaper B550 board than a 11600K with an expensive Z590 board.
  14. From the photos in the link you brought the full size motherboard and therefore will not fit in small enclosures.
  15. I'm very sure that even a particularly weak new gaming mobile will be more powerful than your desktop computer. Anyway beyond a small package is usually expensive and requires buying and assembling parts from different sources, what is your budget for this thing?
  16. We all hope for a drop in prices, but I'm not as optimistic as you, I think it will continue at least until mid-2022 and that too only if the corona comes out of our lives and supply chains in the East return to full output without a break. Oh and I just wanted to make it clear that the price I saw in Germany that is close to 3000 is without local taxes (i.e. even a German can not really get it at this price) and not taxes with imports to the country.
  17. Processor: 1916 NIS - * Sale * - AMD Octa Core Ryzen 7 5800X Up To 4.7Ghz AM4 TRAY Air Cooling for Processor: 109 NIS - * New * - CoolerMaster Hyper 212 SPECTRUM RGB Motherboard: 629 NIS - * New * - GIGABYTE B550 GAMING X V2 Memory: 377 NIS - * Sale * - 16G (2x8G) Crucial Ballistix-ELITE DDR4 3200Mhz CL16 Video Card: 3690 NIS - * 14th Birthday Sale * - GAINWARD RTX3070TI 8GD Up To 1770Mhz PHOENIX Hard Disk: 509 NIS - WD Blue 1T SN550 NVMe R / W Up To 2400 / 1950MB / s 5 Year Warranty Power Supply: 456 NIS - Antec 750W HCG-750M 80+ GOLD Full Modular High Current Gamer Package: 394 NIS - Antec NX800 Final Price: For Cash / Bank Transfer: 8080 ₪ The computer was built in startpc, but it is not possible to link to them on the site /build/media/build/viewBuild.php?uid=60f5b003de9fa you will add startpc dot co dot il at the beginning. An operating system will be installed for you and you can buy a key for a few pennies online, if you want to buy from a store it means you will have to go down in the processor to 5600 X. In terms of store, the 3070 TI costs 5100 NIS in KSP and 3690 in startpc so I do not see how it came out in KSP. This price of the video card is registered as a sale and is very far from the other stores so I would find out with them until when the sale anyway.
  18. where? In Amazon Germany the lowest is 1000 euros which is about 3900 shekels. At at 850 euros at computeruniverse at 780 euros which are indeed 3000 shekels, but without taxes or shipping ... hopefully here too it will continue to go down they also added 3070TI at 3700 sometime.
  19. You can look at it this way or also look at it as a better card than the 2080 TI that costs less than how much it cost. Anyway you can look at the MSRP and see that it comes from a mobile and also in perfect condition I do not see the price of the 3070 TI drops below 3000.
  20. Take 10850K with a reasonable Z490. Or 10900F if you want to save a little.
  21. If anyone is waiting to buy a computer it is unlikely that we will see a 3070TI in less than that in the coming months. And for those who are looking for maybe something a little weaker there is a 3060TI in KSP at 3200 or 2730 in Eilat and there is also a 3060 in 2800 or 2400 in Eilat.
  22. I'm really, really curious why exactly eight cores, of all the processors you mentioned only one is likely to buy at the moment and that's the 10700, but all of them by and large are not really recommended.
  23. Right now the 5600 X is above and beyond, if you want to be sure you are welcome to go up in price level to 5800 (less recommended) or 5900 (most recommended if you have the budget) and if you really want to put full money then the 5950 X. With your budget can of course go for the 5950 X, but in my opinion it's overkill and since your video card is really really weak I would already consider going down to the 5900 and adding more to the video card. The graphics cards are on a downward trend, but if you expect to find 3080 for NIS 3000 it is not something that is going to happen in the coming years, in terms of cost / benefit you have a 3070TI at 3900 on startpc which seems to me to be the best deal you will find in the next two or three months. And another point that might be worth considering, you can occasionally find the 10850K at ridiculous prices and it is almost the same as the 10900K (I personally went for the 10850K because at the time it was cheaper than the 5800X) and in any case there is no reason to spend a fortune on the Z590. Unless you really care about PCIE 490 which currently gives almost nothing).
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