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  1. It's awfully weird that everything worked fine and the problem suddenly popped up, even weirder that the BIOS updates didn't fix the problem.
  2. This is an Asus ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Hero which was bought through NEWEGG a few months ago, so far the board has worked as expected without any problem, in recent days a problem of USB disconnections in the equipment using USB 2.0 has developed for no apparent reason. So after trying everything I can and performing all the steps suggested by Asus Technical Support I turn to you, the steps I tried moving from the obvious like updating USB drivers and reinstalling them via device manager, updating the chipset drivers to the BIOS update including the AGESA update New supposedly supposed to solve the issue in question and reinstall the operating system, various BIOS settings such as switching to PCIe 3.0 instead of 4.0, download
  3. Future product for failure, there is talk that the signs lose trace when held in front of each other in a straight line in front of the binoculars (how are we supposed to aim weapons at shooting games?) And the problem can be solved when purchasing an external trace sensor for extra sensors You have external sensors otherwise this is another addition) and then you have to purchase either the so unsuccessful original Vio signs or the index signs which are very expensive. It is better to already save and purchase the rift s or add a few hundred shekels and purchase a complete kit of Elbe Index which provides a similar resolution, perfect tracking and control over the amount of frames displayed by the screens 80/90/120/144
  4. Hello everyone, I would love help with fitting parts and consulting regarding building a hard loop for the video card and CPU. Specification: Case: corsair 570x white Motherboard: gigabyte z390 aorus pro CPU: i7 9700k RAM: 32gb corsair vengeance ddr4 3200mhz (white) Video card: gigabyte rtx 2080 ti gaming oc Power supply: corsair rm760x (white) Storage: 1tb 970evo nvme , 2tb WD blue nvme Currently in the shopping cart (not yet ordered) there are the classic EKWB blocks for the processor and video card (my specific model requires removal of the fan connection at the top of the card.), Also a pump from EK from the classic series but I really like the pump Of courses
  5. Today the specs are 6600k @ 4.2Ghz and of course 16Gb Ram and 2080Ti video card. The use is mainly VR on top of the Valve index, usually in driving and flying simulators (iRacing, DCS, etc.) and in the 1440P 144Hz screen and gaming in single player when an interesting title comes out. Budget stands at 3000-4000 NIS and I have no problem buying parts on Amazon, as of today I did not feel bottleneck when I played on screen or in OCULUS Rift CV1, is it really necessary to upgrade the processor, motherboard and memories or will they meet the additional frames and pixels of The Valve index? And if so upgrade whether to go for the i7 - 9700k (which my Noctua cooling will suit) or go towards the red group? Do they reach the frequencies of
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