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  1. Glad to announce that the technician has just finished installing everything (with a fiber adapter, without arguing at all). From Basut to Allah.
  2. First thing, I'm with 200/5 (in Hot's triple with the price of customer retention). No one has died from it yet. Second thing, someday partners will come here, and it seems they are not interested in losing a customer of years ahead because of a fiber adapter that costs a penny and a half. So yes, if they do not bring me a fiber adapter I will cancel the deal (and I have a feeling that if that is the case, they will crawl to me on all fours with a fiber adapter, because they too will understand that they are dumb at some point). But we'll wait for Monday and get smarter.
  3. If their technician arrives without a fiber adapter (and I'll explain to him that I'm only interested in a fiber adapter connected to my router), then I'll tell him not to start work at all and cancel the deal. I really do not want to mess with their equipment. thank you for the answer.
  4. I'll try to ask there. Thanks. I would love to hear if anyone here has anything to add to the matter.
  5. I no longer know what to think. People say they tried connecting with a fiber optic adapter and a private router and it just did not work. Write that the reason is (not to catch me a word, but that's the mood) that Cellcom's fiber needs to identify Cellcom's equipment at the end to work (as opposed to a partner that just works). Do not know whether to undo the installation or just let them install and then try to connect (and if it does not work then undo).
  6. Hello friends, further to this topic: some-questions-about-fiber-and-what-around / I was a bit delayed with the order, but yesterday I called and arranged an installation for next week. I asked the representative for a fiber adapter and she told me to tell the technician as well before he comes to install. I thought you could ask them for a fiber adapter and then connect it to my private router (C7), but then I read a bit on the net and saw that it is not really possible at Cellcom (compared to a partner that has not yet reached me). Is it really not possible to connect the fiber adapter to my router and just surf? If so, I think I will cancel the installation / deal with them. I would love to hear from your knowledge if this is possible or not. Thanks in advance!
  7. I have not called them yet. I'll probably do that in the next few days. I will ask and insist as much as necessary to get me a fiber adapter for my router. Do not want to be dependent on their equipment. And thanks for referring to the Facebook group. I'll check what's going on there.
  8. Thank you all very much for the answers. You helped me a lot. If anyone wants to add something to what has been said, I would love to hear. Thanks again!
  9. Hi friends, I have some questions regarding fiber internet and would love to get answers from anyone who knows. I will try to be the most concise and matter-of-fact, without scattering too much. So here's it: today I'm in a triple of HOT (TV, phone, Internet 200/5) + a Bezeq international supplier (ask about them later). I understood from my home that Cellcom connected our building to optical fibers , But they are not here right now, so it's probably Cellcom's fiber better than Hot / Bezeq, right?) Anyway, before I connect to them (because I've been waiting for fiber for a long time), I have some questions I'd love to get answered: 1. The Cellcom technician In fact, does a cell come to me and bring a fiber to my router? 2. Does Cellcom require me to rent / buy a modem / router / equipment from them? I have a TP-LINK ARCHER C7 router at home and I was interested in simply connecting their fiber to it. What equipment is on the way? 3. What about the Internet provider? Is there a choice, or do they only work with a certain provider? If you can choose, who is the most recommended? If you can not choose, how is the provider they work with (compared to Bezeq International suppose) ? 4. A bit awkward question - my dad has had an email at Bezeq International for many, many years and he does not want to give it up. Know what the procedure is and / or how much it costs?)? 5. What about the phone? After all, the hotline phone line is connected to a hotbox, which means that the phone is connected to a modem / Internet. Does that mean I will not be able to continue with a hotline? What do you do in such a situation? Calling Bezeq and wanting to connect to a telephone line only? In conclusion, the HOT triple breaks down into: - Hot TV - infrastructure + Cellcom Internet provider - Bezeq phone (?) (And payment to Bezeq International for the nostalgic email) This is the direction? I would love to get answers to the questions I asked. Thank you!
  10. A phenomenon of recent times. I connect to sites and after a certain period of time everything seems to reset and needs to be refilled. what can we do?
  11. Hi friends, sorry I'm only responding now. First of all, I thank you both very much for the detailed and understandable responses. Let me start out in order, with "Quick and Important": Thank you for the patch on the motherboard. I also prefer the M2 connection which is more elegant. I have no problem at all with the chassis you put. He is even more beautiful to me. About the video card - I'll probably go according to your advice and take the 1050. I thought Portnight was a pretty easy game and the 1030 would be enough for him, but I realize that's not the case. To this day my niece has been playing on my computer that has a 1050TI and everything runs smoothly, so I believe there will be no big difference with the 1050 (especially when it is with OC). I have no problem with the slight exception to the specification. It's really worth it. Believe I'll order the specification you suggested above in the next few days, so thanks again and now Lumpy: Really, these Intel-AMD wars don't interest me. What is important to me is to buy a computer without delay. My computer has an i5-7500, which I understand is similar to the i3-9100 in the above specification, so I'm calm. As far as a second hand video card is concerned - I less like dealing with these things. I prefer everything to come new and complex from the store. Thank you so much to you both!
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