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  1. As soon as I got the laptop from Amazon (Yoga 7) I tried to turn on to see what percentage of battery there is and it did not turn on. Only when I plugged in the charger did it turn on. After a few minutes it appeared on the screen that the battery percentage was 53%. Possibly because it is a fast charge (65W PD). Did I get a computer that had the battery drained or is it some kind of safety feature that will not accidentally turn on during shipping? Lenovo Yoga Computer 7
  2. Regardless of what you went through (not that you are right about everything but I did not delay reading the whole scroll) but garden, atomic mess there. The one who installed my computer is rude and arrogant (name starts with B.) - ungraded graphics card, showed at 2133 instead of 3200, the computer reached 90 degrees and in games I started so I disassembled the cooling - it turns out they were blown with thermal ointment so I had to fix it too, fans in a box instead Connect to the motherboard that you can control the speed Connect directly to the supplier who will work at full speed. I at least understand a little so can arrange, but who does not understand? Too bad the owner there doesn't do a sample satisfaction check because he has really bad employees and probably doesn't care too much.
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