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  1. I am already before graduation and very much enjoying. The game is pretty scary. May require a strong video card I play on a 27 2K screen with a 3070 card The rest of the 3-year-old hardware supports everything including tracking rays Recommended Gamepad
  2. Who has a better warranty for asus gigabyte or dell screens?
  3. I'm also wondering what do you think of the ASUS TUF VG27AQ screen?
  4. I am also interested in the Dell. I considered taking a Gigabyte FI27Q or ASUS VG279QM. You uploaded the Dell here and it sounds interesting to me.
  5. Even so, I always received power cables that are not compatible with Israel ... The cable is not the problem. As for the power supply I was worried that there might be some sort of compatibility issue but I guess there probably isn't
  6. If I buy a power supply from newegg, is it the same in terms of electrical voltage to the suppliers sold here? Listed 110-240 but I want to make sure it is fully compliant
  7. Most likely the problem is hot. Didn't you have a technician?
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