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  1. The data is not in RMS of course but in Peak. These speakers are usually at most 15W-20W per speaker. By the way, 50 watts RMS is quite a bit and enough to fill a large space with high volume. Obviously hard to find, it will probably be possible to count on one hand the number of people who have bought a system of this type from 1990 onwards. The best and most effective solution for you would be to buy two high-quality amplified speakers / monitors that you can connect directly to a TV, computer, or gland module. There are quite a few companies for the home market such as microlab, audioengine, edifier, swan that give full value for the price, or those that specialize in the professional market such as tannoy, jbl, presonus, pioneer, m-audio, adam, and more. All are enhanced options without the need for an external amplifier.
  2. Apparently either the cable that connects the (active) speaker to the source (computer / TV, etc.) is not connected well or incorrectly, or the internal amplifier of the active speaker is knocked out.
  3. Do not understand great in printers but I have bitter experience with quite a few who always after several months of daily work started faking. The last one I bought is this: and for over a year and a half there are no issues and it works like a Swiss watch. highly recommend.
  4. Ducky has a million models so this is too general a question, but by and large - not at all. In most Ducky models the case is made of plastic and they only come with Cherry switches. Their buttons are not bad in most models. On the other hand they have some keyboards that are half a custom like that and are already at a higher level. Do not think they can be obtained in any case and also it is a significantly high cost. Mechanical keyboards are a confusing field because of the huge variety, but in practice the principle is very simple and there are three or four main parameters that need to be examined - the case, the switches, the buttons, and the stabilizers. It's without getting into PCB matters and keyboard programming options which is also important but less interesting to most of us. In drop enter the case is aluminum casting so the keyboard is stable and very heavy. It is possible to choose relatively good switches, the buttons are quite thick and a double shot which means that letters will never fade. And there is also backlighting for those who want. At $ 90 it's no brainer. I even have one even though on most of my keyboards only the keycaps cost more than this whole keyboard.
  5. The RK87 is a Chinese toy and is just like the million mechanics that can be bought at Bali Express for $ 50. The drop ENTER is much more serious and high quality. There really is nothing to compare. The SHIFT especially the high profile is mechanical at a very high level in terms of case and probably the last one you will need. The downside to it are buttons that are not wow in quality for the price and a selection of non-quality switches that can be found. A combination that can really be considered an end-game in the field without entering the whole costume world that is anyway above a certain level more aesthetic and practical interest, would be to take the shift or ctrl in the discounted high profile barebone version and buy the switches and buttons separately. It comes out a little more expensive but the difference is huge and really closes the interest here, and any other mechanical quality as it will feel like sidegrade rather than upgrade level.
  6. "the first step to recovery is admitting" I am not strong in hospitality these days due to workload / children / Corona / constant fatigue. But if you are from the area I will happily lend you one for a month or two so you can experience properly at home without stress. Send me the HF whenever you want. This is a custom keyboard, of course, so it's not really on the guy's budget, but while you have your keyboard, you're more than welcome to share it with anyone who's interested in it.
  7. I forgave Drop built a very large community around the field of mechanics and audio (headphones and related equipment), the two areas that happen to be also my main hobbies. I know quite a few companies that are active there and the community there is very diverse. And not only there, today the community in general is very diverse and no longer consists only of nerds. Look at all the best known YouTube channels in the field of computers and gadgets - unbox therapy, randomfrankp, and all these, always one in a few videos have a video of a new mechanic. Why? Because it's a super popular domain today, and these videos are gaining millions of views. It can be said that this field has already bypassed most of the areas of interest related to computers. I told him in advance that this is a TKL and if he can live without the addition of the NUMPAD it will be worth it. And besides you can always attach a separate NUMPAD if necessary. It's clear to me that you did not experience, otherwise in life you would not react like that. Like I said it is impossible to explain in words something that needs to be experienced physically. Can you illustrate to someone the difference in taste between a fresh entrecote steak and an eye steak from the freezer at the supermarket? Impossible, so I suggested you take one to experience, to understand that it has nothing to do with self-conviction or any other element beyond a huge upgrade in quality and user experience. If the situation was reversed there is a situation I would have reacted just like you. Like I said I had no interest in the field and lived in peace with my logitech, until the moment I tried a custom keyboard, and the difference was a-z-m. And here comes my hunger to try different switches, different cases, keycaps, etc. I really did not plan except that the truth is you make some salad; First of all the switch is just one element in the whole. The case, the keys, the PCB, the damping inside the keyboard, each change will have one effect or another on the typing and sound. Technically you can take cherry mx preferably red and with a little modding and quality parts achieve a great result. But there is no reason to do it because in advance you can find better switches today. It has nothing to do with the first wave or the second wave, at the time cherry was what it used to be, and in combination with a case and good keys no matter if a custom or off-the-shelf product, there was definitely a noticeable improvement from an average membrane keyboard. Since then the field has developed frantically, and the difference is definitely heaven and earth.
  8. Well, do not start with "it's all a keyboard man" and take me out here as a nerd-super can also say it all "computer, chair, headphones, watch" and so on. Once there is a domain or hobby that fills entire forums and sweeps millions it probably has a little beyond the "whole" except that the man wanted a $ 100 keyboard, and got one of the best and most talked about keyboards on the market (of domain enthusiasts) for just that amount. I did not try to push him to buy a custom keyboard for NIS 2000, yes, because at the time CHERRY MX was mainly what was on the market. Today that the field has grown to monstrous proportions and with it a huge business potential, there are countless types of switches, and a significant number of them are much more successful, but also much more expensive.
  9. 5 buttons simultaneously? Well I never claimed to be a hard-core gamer, I usually press two at the most at most, and that too with difficulty. There is no connection between ergonomics and the weight of the switch's spring resistance, and that it is linear, tactile, or clicky, or if Is it oiled or not, for its sound .. it's a matter of mere preference. A quality switch will be felt in each case. That's exactly the point - you take the DAS as a reference to a very high quality mechanical keyboard, similar to what I had with the Logitech G710 +. , This is a keyboard that is mostly made of plastic, its switches are Cherry BROWN it is a really tactile switch at the lowest levels available, its keys are as thin as paper, so it is not surprising that you compare a high quality membrane keyboard to a mechanical shelf keyboard and say the difference is not heaven and earth You are more than welcome to lend me some two custom keyboards, I do not lack keyboards :), just to understand the inconceivable difference between the keyboards as I said before, it is very difficult to convey the experience in words to those who have not experienced it themselves. I did not claim that it is impossible to type On a disassembling keyboard from Microsoft, of course it is, and it is clear to me that it does not come from a point of hobby.But my recommendation was in accordance with the budget he gave, no less and no More. If the value it gets will be several times better than a mechanical toy keyboard and will give it a typing experience and quality that is a bit reminiscent of the one you get in those that cost hundreds of dollars and more, then, why not?
  10. If already the opposite - for 5 buttons do not need a mechanical keyboard. Aside from the fact that you are presenting things incorrectly, what is meant by "will suffice"? Any keyboard of reasonable quality will "suffice", none of which will have typing or leg problems or a matter of ergonomics - all nonsense. According to this approach, you also do not need an S500 to move from place to place, and a Toyota Corolla "will suffice". That you type for hours every day on a basic membrane or mechanical keyboard is at the level of constraint - just type what you need and finish as fast as possible. That you work with quality mechanics, you enjoy the road, and that's the difference. As one who sits on emails for about two hours a day, I had a Logitech G710 + keyboard for something like 7 years (CHERRY MX BROWN) and I was sure I was at the pinnacle of quality, I didn’t really enjoy typing, but neither did I suffer, nor did I even think about upgrading. One day I was experimenting with a friend's custom high-end mechanical keyboard, then I felt that typing on Logitech is like typing on a board. This experience drew me very strongly to the hobby, which by the way has exploded in the last year or two and with a meteoric rise, and one can find today thousands of types of switches, CAPS, and cases ranging from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars per keyboard.
  11. Light and unstable keyboard, rattling, spring ping, scratchiness noises when pressing the keys. Hollow noise. You can Google these terms to understand what they are. These problems exist in almost every cheap mechanical keyboard. How bad it will be, it varies from keyboard to keyboard. That you are part of the mainstream CHERRY MX is considered a well-known brand that can be trusted. For enthusiasts in the field of mechanics CHERRY MX it's poop. And these are really pretty bad switches. This is something that will be impossible to understand until you have experimented with recommended switches. A similar example would be in the field of headphones - if we take Sony and Boss and Apple - three brands that everyone buys their products and are sure that the sound they get is at the highest levels, until they try real high-end headphones, then they understand what a really high level sound is, and those Suddenly sound like tin. The GATRON switches are actually based on the CHERRY MX, only they are significantly better in most cases. The YELLOWS are linear switches that come oiled from the factory, which gives a pleasant and smooth typing experience, they have a balanced resistance, and a deep and pleasant sound. Of course in general this is a basic switch and there is much much better than that. At $ 90 plus shipping for a quality full keyboard, probably not. It's not a matter of money, in the community of mechanics lovers TKL it is often the largest layout. Most successful keyboards are 60% ~ 70% at most. Therefore most of the really high quality mechanical keyboards you will come across that are not at the custom level (which you built yourself) will be up to TKL.
  12. $ 100 in this area is not exactly "diving", but more wetting the feet. Of course there are quite a few toys on the market in this price range, but if you take into account all the parameters such as the quality of the switches, the key caps, the case, etc., you will find that most of them are of very low quality. Of course, poor quality means poor performance, and the quality / typing experience is quite poor. At the "dive" level, usually only a set of quality switches or keycaps goes up around your budget, but there is a keyboard or two that gives a really outstanding value, such as this one: -Keyboard / details # details Massive, built entirely of aluminum, includes high quality pbt double shot keycaps, and a choice of not bad switches at all. (I would go for the gateron yellows), and also includes white backlight lighting. The quality of typing here is like a keyboard that costs at least twice as much. Yes, this is not a 104-key keyboard, which is basically just the addition of a numpad. Come on, TKL is the most convenient layout there is. And if you occasionally use a numpad, you can always add a separate one which is also more convenient for my taste.
  13. This is probably the reason. The radiation emitted by a glandular headset is tens or more likely hundreds of percent lower than the radiation of a cellular device. If you had a "hypersensitivity" to radiation if there is such a thing at all you probably would not have been able to be near cellular devices and computers. Try letting another person try on the headphones without telling him about the "problem". He will probably have no problem. Of course once the seller asks you to close a case you opened in Bali Express or avoid opening one within the time frame you have buyer protection, then he will "help" you, he of course tries to work on you and you will not get any help from him and you will have nothing to do about it. On the other hand, if the seller chooses to play dirty you can always return the same coin.
  14. נוחות מירבית, עמידות ואיכות בניה, סאונד נהדר, מיקרופון איכותי. תקבל הכל מהסט הזה. תמורה מאוד גבוהה לכסף.
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