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  1. החנות בכפר סבא , הם עושים משלוחים לכל הארץ
  2. Hello, since only RSM Computer Services has this keyboard in stock at this time, so I guess it was purchased from us. As a representative of RS Am Computing Services, I will explain the issue. All Steel Serius keyboards are opened in Israel and undergo engraving in Israel, so the packaging of the keyboards is opened. The keys are engraved in Israel and then the stores are sent to us, in this case to us. This is done intentionally so that in order for the importer to be able to get keyboards that come with Hebrew directly from the Steel Serius factory, he has to order a very large quantity of such keyboards. Then maybe he will be able to get the Hebrew on the keyboard directly from abroad and then the box will arrive completely closed. In this period of shortages of peripherals, especially in this model of Steel Serios it is not possible to order a large number of keyboards from this model even if the importer wants very much. The box is engraved and repackaged, so the box comes open and not hermetically sealed. This happens in the entire range of Steel Serios keyboards from the cheapest models to the most expensive models. We also do not like the feeling of having to explain to customers why the product is open Since the product was used or sold as a first hand product and is actually a second hand unfortunately the importer is not willing to provide us with keyboards with closed carton but with English keys only, because of the importer's policy and will not enter it at the moment I personally can guarantee you I wish you continued continued enjoyment of the product you purchased.If you would like to see all of the Steel Serios keyboards we have in store feel free to see them all come with an open box.
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