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  1. Hi, the kid renewed in xbox series x, and now wants xbox pass. We have a microsoft family, but it turns out that the child can not purchase from money I transferred to his account. How can I purchase a subscription for a child, without entering the credit card in his account? Thank you.
  2. Hi, at a good time I want to connect NUC to TV, and need a mini wireless keyboard. What I find on the net is mostly rii + i8 but in some places it says that it does not support windows 10 and it was released in 2016. Do you know anything recommended, with Hebrew letters, that works with Windows 10? Thank you very much, Eyal
  3. Shalom Aleichem Heroes of the Corps, we are moving into a home with Cellcom as a provider, router vv5822. I bought a set of 3 tp-link deco M4 in favor of WiFi, I have 4 MOCA adapters, no CAT infrastructure, there is a coax infrastructure at home. I would be happy to help with some questions: 1. Do the mesh solution give up the router's wifi? 2. The mesh gives its own addresses, or uses the pool of the router's addresses (ie are wifi users and landline users on the same network?) 3. The child will play on a stationary computer remote from the router: Does the MOCA connection give a solution or knock the ping? eth from the mesh unit will give an answer? Thank you very much!
  4. Hello good people, it's time to replace the immortal HP5610 that has served us for a decade. I am looking for an integrated home-use printer that will work with two laptops, one laptop running Windows 10, MacBook running iOS, and mobile phones connected to the home network .. It is important for me to have a good quality scanner, print resolution (not printing photos to album, but yes to days Family in the garden), and it would be nice to also automatically print on both sides. I've gone over all kinds of printers and there's always some review somewhere that knocks parameters. Mobile printing is a new area to me, does it require cloud printing? Because I'd rather not. Can anyone recommend a printer of up to $ 500? Thank you very much, Eyal
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