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  2. You must be more specific. Everything you mentioned is not a political secret. Just read documents and / or guides and it works.
  3. If Docker Desktop allows you to do this on Windows, then it's uploaded! No, I do not deal with such deviations. Linux / macOS only for work purposes. As for the problem. Is it a stack trace that combines Hebrew with English because your operating system is in Hebrew? Do yourself a favor and switch to English, so you can also consult Docker communities about the problem when copying the entire trace.
  4. Some notes: Budget 2500 NIS including the peripherals you mentioned is not possible. Games like War Thunder (or whatever the kids will want to play in the future) will require a discrete GPU so it will be necessary to increase the budget accordingly. License to MS Office You can get it for free from the Ministry of Education, depending on their agreement. See details here. A license for Windows 10 can also be obtained if any of the family members work in education. See details here.
  5. Do you have access to the operating system on which the Docker engine is running? Just connect in SMB to your files on the host.
  6. Do you work with WSL2 or Hyper-V? Have you tried anything and it failed?
  7. I doubt it will work with a Dell branded computer. Why do you need it at all?
  8. I've never bothered with running Docker on Windows (because why?), But volumes are definitely supported on Windows host. Assuming everything runs out of VM in Hyper-V, just mount from host to guest and use it as part of your docker-compose.
  9. Just disconnect a storage device that you do not want to accidentally install and re-install. It will be much simpler and faster than what you want to do.
  10. In the Israeli market it is much more applied than any other parallel market in other countries. Whoever tells you something like that, does not deserve a quality employee!
  11. It was a warning about the risk of your business.
  12. Good luck until your imminent disaster.
  13. One can go anywhere in this field a self-respecting job and present experience and knowledge instead of some certificate that says nothing about your abilities. There are no shortcuts, you must measure on your own and gain experience to advance your career.
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