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  1. 1. SSD is not a hard disk. 2. Which operating system was installed? It could be an EFI bootloader whose motherboard simply does not support its firmware level due to its extreme age.
  2. function + m? See it in the photo of the keyboard.
  3. What does the service consist of? Sounds like something that can go up to some PaaS and close interest. It could even be a free tier.
  4. Or the end of a current year or the beginning of next year. This is of course not accurate information and depends on the rate at which Intel Alder Lake went on mass sale.
  5. multicore


    For what purpose do you need it?
  6. As @yoavke noted, the performance issue is probably not hardware specs but something else. It is still not clear what the needs of the person using the computer are and what does not meet those needs?
  7. I doubt you can get more than up-to-date and accurate information here. I encourage you to ask these questions (which have also been asked and answered hundreds of times) at:
  8. The software is a tool for testing vulnerabilities on the client side of the browser and also phishing / social engineering. You are running an HTTP server and can check various vectors of human user vulnerabilities and browsers. The tool contains many modules for different immunity tests. As with everything that comes installed in Kali distribution. Just run Kali on a virtual machine and see for yourself.
  9. You can try it, for starters:
  10. These questions are asked out of some need?
  11. I can not understand what you're arguing about and why. Lots of text on nothing. This motherboard has a Realtek 8111D controller that has no problem getting internet or local network connectivity at reasonable rates. There are cases where people only need a computer for a word processor or e-mail and nothing more.
  12. There is backward compatibility and it is true that there are instructions set which is a condition for musical use, but that does not mean that the hummera is completely useless for anything today. You are giving here examples of extreme cases that are not relevant to everyone. As I wrote before, you can donate your computer to people who can't afford it either and can only be provided with a few basic needs.
  13. multicore

    packages -javafiles

    What exactly are you trying to do?
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