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  1. Both are configurable. Just drag the preferred language up. Shortcut change:
  2. A300 Series/ שניהם זמינים במגוון קונפיגורציות בפלונטר, כמו שכבר הומלץ פה. אני קניתי SFF של ASRock לפני מספר חודשים להורים שלי, בדיוק מאותה סיבה, והם מאוד מרוצים.
  3. What are you trying to imply here? Did you get to work with this equipment? Do you know these mornings?
  4. I think the intention is to duplicate a hard disk to each other through a docking station.
  5. There are over 48 results in Google if I search for "srttrail.txt", including guides on YouTube. Have you done any of the recommendations there yet? Give more details.
  6. I really do not know. There are many ways today to keep copyright and streaming video streaming.
  7. Where do you see there is a storage capacity limit? There is nothing on either the product page in KSP or the manufacturer.
  8. Does this seem like a reasonable answer to you? seriously? An area you do not understand at all and broadcast something scary about it in the news.
  9. 1. I highly doubt you will find anyone here who understands this. You would suggest checking in Stack Overflow or dedicated groups on Facebook. 2. You did not specify at all what problem you are facing. Think for a moment for yourself. Is it possible to give a learned answer or direction to a solution from what the outline cell is? 3. Do you use lambda, which the gateway API refers to, to make the change you describe and where you are writing the request?
  10. Why do you need optical media for these purposes?
  11. Indeed, there is a problem here that you need to leave the capture on from start to finish, without interruptions, to record the content. I did not say it was an optimization solution, but there is a chance it will work. You can also shrink while recording a screen. Do you understand that the companies that own these services will do anything to prevent you from keeping a local copy of the content?
  12. This is not some kind of problem that can be fixed automatically. There are no magic solutions here. The message itself is a generic message about a library access problem and the library is part of Microsoft's runtime.
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