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  1. The question still remains as to why no one really tried editing: you want to tell me that in Poland there are more developers or more brilliant ideas
  2. Hi first of all thanks for the info, as I mentioned the situation you described was true about 10 years ago look for example what one person did with Unity for example Skillwarz - A CSGO Alternate - YouTube
  3. The high-tech power Israel How is it that we have never made our mark in the field of computer games? I remember there was something but probably do not remember. I can understand a decade ago, today there are engines that can be relied on such as unigine or unity that make the process much easier. I would love to hear your opinions on the subject, I do not have the technical knowledge otherwise I would have done. Can you imagine? FPS Single Player Campaign game just throws an idea about a soldier fleeing from Lebanon ...
  4. Why? Does this seem like a stamp to me or do you want to explain the confusion? And seriously in my opinion the ultra-Orthodox have nothing to do in a democratic government because it just is not fair. Like Mr. Netanyahu and Gantz, it turns out that they care about the interests of their associates. And I would also love to share a MEME I made especially for you,
  5. The election is imminent and if you think your vote is not counted you are nothing and nothing!
  6. what? A person who does not care about you Why should you care about him? Get tested and fast.
  7. Let's start with the fact that I was promised in front of a call center to receive a credit for the old device and this was the condition for buying a new device. To my innocence, I believed in the call center and ordered a new mobile device. As soon as I arrived at the Tel Aviv branch for collection, it was not and was not created for them, and the operator denied that we had agreed on it by phone. I was left with a charge for two phones with gray market interest rates. Second, the infrastructure on Ben Gurion Road in Bat Yam may not be suitable, because that is probably the reason
  8. As a student I would go for a laptop from AliExpress either saving money in half and also getting the same value, or money is not the issue. And before you talk about warranty you do not really think you will get service
  9. Warning from Partner, customer service under any criticism, I was promised at the cash credit center following which I made an actual purchase and did exercise number 4 on the subject as one connected to their fiber optic network I experience a lot of disconnections late at night.

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    Intel i7 6 Cores 12 Threads i7 8700 Nvidia GTX 1050TI 4GB, 32GB RAM and 512GB SSD !! Includes a gaming screen, an additional NIS 500 for the ViewSonic vx2358 144hz screen. I used the computer for FPS GAMING in games such as CSGO and VALORANT. Attaches an erotic link when it was new

    2,500 ₪

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