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  1. The site is reliable. Even very reliable. This is an old and "respectable" store. The disadvantages of buying from there are: a. Keyboard without Hebrew b. Warranty in the US only if for you it is reasonable, and the computer is suitable in terms of price, there is no reason not to buy from there. I, for example, bought a gaming mobile from Amazon. IPS, and the computer is for "general use" (you are not a professional graphic editor, etc.) In my opinion there is no reason not to take the computer.
  2. Motherboard: It seems better to take the B550 AORUS MASTER or the X570 AORUS MASTER. According to this table, they have a better power supply system, they are in a higher TIER. For the processor you take, this is probably quite important. Memory: Isn't that better? Cooling: Seems to me a bit exorbitant, no? Sure it's worth it? Also, I think you need to make sure it fits the case you have chosen. I think not.
  3. Yes. The preparation of the disk with Windows - in fact - should be done first
  4. אתה צריך לקנות כונן בתצורת 2.5", עם חיבור SATA. הפרוצדורה היא: 1. להזמין מתאים SATA ל USB, כדי שתוכל לחבר את הכונן למחשב ככונן חיצוני. 2. להחליף את הכוננים (להתקין את החדש). 3. להוריד WIN אל DOK (תחפש Windows 10 Download, ותגיע לכתובת של כלי שעושה את זה) + להתקין. 4. לחבר את הכונן הישן ולהעתיק קבצים שאתה רוצה. על 1 + 4 אפשר לוותר כמובן.
  5. - Cooling: I'm sure there are youtube videos that will explain this better than me, so I will not go into the whole story of water cooling. Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. Good air cooling (4 or 6 Heatpipes with a 120mm fan (or 2) will do the job. Motherboard - The touchstone is a quality and cooled current stabilization system (VRM). I'm not an electronics man, so "stand on giant wings".
  6. I think I once read that there are simply adapters that do not allow you to boot through. Either ask whatever is appropriate, or it also depends on the board. 🙂 Maybe you should contact the support of the adapter manufacturer and the board?
  7. There is a built-in antivirus that comes with Windows. It's pretty good, and it's not clear how much it would cost you to install another one.
  8. Check if the REALTEK AUDIO CONSOLE (or as it is called) is available for you in the Windows Store.
  9. A. It sounds like a slightly crooked solution, but okay, your right. (Like, you want to maintain two operating systems in parallel? For what?) B. The last Windows installation was on the "removable" or "stationary" drive? You need to install Windows on the stationary drive, with "Removable" also available, after you already have a system installed on Removable. This will perform an installation that allows you to choose between them. I think when one of them is not available, it will be fine. You can also do this, probably, manually, using bootrec.
  10. This image exists in a negligible portion of the consumer audience of these companies. It is limited only to "crazy talkers" who discuss every launch of a card meticulously, and also from them, to exaggerators. No one has a "negative opinion" about the new NVIDIA or AMD cards. Most people would be very happy to get their hands on such tickets, given the good pricing. People who want to do so manage to get their hands on the tickets, eventually (fact, I know "people from the locality" that they have). As for whether or not they will move to the competing company - it is not clear to me how this is related, then AMD is plus or minus in the same situation at all. At the moment the availability of the new card is problematic, and it does not have any cards that cover the entire range up to MID TIER as NVIDIA already has. In any case, this brings us back to the original claim - NVIDIA would have been happy to put more cards on the shelves, given that this merchandise is hijacked.
  11. The claim itself makes sense. However, how do you know that this is indeed a problem that exists for them? For some reason, all this discussion is conducted on the assumption that AMD and NVIDIA executives are puppets / impersonals. So yes, they are human beings, and of course they make managerial-marketing mistakes and so on, but no need to exaggerate. After all, the whole thing is not new, and it is likely that if it was a problem for them, a mechanism for dealing with it would develop. Given that it does not exist, until we know otherwise, one should assume the simple assumption - there is no such problem.
  12. I could not really understand why it should matter to a company that issues a video card if someone goes and plays with it or someone goes and runs with it some process of "mining". The company offers a product to the consumer, and a consumer buys it. That's the mechanism, and that's it.
  13. The intention was to install Docker, Python, IDE, and all the other things you need. It is usually best to look for a detailed guide to the tech you are interested in.
  14. It does not really matter. You can read about it 100 discussions, and in each of them you will be told that the ultimate system is something different. Any big and serious distribution will be good. I got used to Ubuntu because it's mainstream. So now people will come and say that she is actually Derek and there are some much better ones. Okay. In short, there is not much to read about installing a Linux distribution. Go to her website. Take it off. Create Bootable DOK using Rufus, boot your computer from this device, and install. You probably won’t be required to mess with graphics card drives, not in big, new distributions. For everything else, just look for guides as needed. There's really nothing to say ...
  15. Between 300 NIS and 0 NIS there is a difference. At 4870 it really is not worth anything anymore.
  16. The RX 580 at $ 100 could (maybe) be bought a year ago. At the moment this is not the case unfortunately. Everything has gone up in price by about 80% (I know, because I bought an RX 480 from me in December 2019). It is certainly not certain that CROSSFIRE would have brought better performance, and quite the opposite is explained. In much of the games, the improvement is small. The consideration of a support board, a support provider, and an entire portfolio of considerations has already entered here.
  17. It is definitely your right to hold this opinion. I just said I do not see things that way, and probably most readers do too (after all this is the direction in the comments). We certainly do not have to see things the same way.
  18. And is there a store in the Israeli landscape that would have behaved differently? (Not that it's actually an excuse for a store's bad service) Not a store at such price levels. Maybe a very expensive store, then it is included in the price. A store in Israel that wants to maintain such price levels should set up a warehouse in a dilapidated building, cram the laboratory into a warehouse, and also provide a relatively basic service. Perhaps Niagara, which sells to all of North America, something like half a billion people - can afford more, even with a relatively low level of profits on a single item. And that too is absurd. If I order 4 components from Niue, and one of them breaks down - whatever the case may be - will they replace all 4 of me (or win them)? We all know the answer to that.
  19. The truth that you did not convince me. As mentioned, you did not buy a complete computer. You bought parts. To the same extent, you could buy the CPU at another store. What is the difference? Tangled had to worry about your compatibility? Tangles are a store, a store dependent on an importer. Like, what are you expecting? Will they credit you for the other parts as well? I have no idea if you take this seriously. come on. Their treatment sounds fine to me. Even pretty good. PS Yes, the location where they are located is really not very sympathetic. What's more, it is terrible in terms of arriving by private car.
  20. As for the processor, any processor of your generation that is second hand, will be unprofitable, and in addition, will also not be supported by your (basic) board. Irrelevant. There may be documentation in Windows Event Logger, but if you are unable to work with the OCCT temp graph, then this is probably not the direction. You are definitely welcome to search for this information though. Regarding OCCT, you can search for guides on YouTube. Either way, the point is that there is really no point in upgrading as long as the computer is unstable (or you know that the instability stems from the video card you are upgrading).
  21. There is nothing to upgrade on your computer other than replacing a video card. If you upgrade to a new mid-level card (something with a budget of 1500 - 2500 NIS), you will definitely see an improvement. All this has nothing to do with the collapse. If you have crashes during games, it's a malfunction in some component you have. Or, the computer overheats. I would start with a brief temp test, using OCCT or HWINFO. If they are OK, you should probably go to a technician.
  22. Yes. I'm with the RYZEN 3 1200 (about 3.85), and am looking forward to the arrival of the 3600 I ordered. He just does not drag in new games.
  23. At first glance: I am not clear about the choice of cooling for the processor. Take normal cooling (Tower with 5,6 heatpipes), not "LOW PROFILE" or whatever. In my opinion, it is possible to settle for a quality B550 board. Should but look at the supply there. I would take a case with detachable filters. But not really critical. In my opinion nowadays, and given the prices, it is better to take a Tara SSD. It's better to take a 3060 TI for less money ... As for the screen, I would go for a higher (2K) reg.
  24. I also bought the RX 5600 XT at KSP's BF. Great card, for me as a person who has moved from RX 560, feels like I jumped into the future. If you are willing to play on the 1080P in new games, does the job not bad at all, and not at the price of an entire computer.
  25. Why would they do such a thing? They currently have a money dairy. All stock of new tickets, from all series, cheap and expensive, run out in a few days. Money they have on hand now (probably at a nice profit percentage), is money worth far more than money they might have on hand in the future. We are discussing here all sorts of theoretical things, but NVIDIA is a company, its goal is to make money for the company’s shareholders (shareholders in this case), and it is currently in excellent shape in this regard. Naturally, it is clear that once a new generation is being planned, one has to think about production lines that will produce it (both the chip and the card). Resources are always limited, and if there was no new generation on the horizon, then those resources would go in other directions - perhaps increasing current production capacity. But this is something general, and it is always true. In this world, there is always some generation on the horizon. So it's yes, and no. To me the talk of a 70% improvement in performance within a year sounds ridiculous. It does not make sense, not within the same envelope of supplier + price. So whoever in his "personal affairs" wants to wait for the ultimate ultra generation that will offer the most tremendous leap in performance, at a super affordable price, to health. I've been through something like 8 computers I've assembled (and maybe more, and these are just for myself, and there are more of these for family and friends). The answer to this question will not be given in this forum, nor in this world, and will be successful with it. This whole market is currently in a delusional state. We got great tickets, but at what price? To pay 3-4 thousand shekels for a video card? It's a hallucination.
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