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  1. Ad validity: 1 hour and also 40 minutes

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    For a very powerful laptop, a fully lit keyboard, great for virtual machines or graphics work. 15.6 "screen 2880 * 1620 (3K) resolution Intel Core i7 4810MQ 4 Cores / 8 Threads 16GB memory Hard drive SSD 512GB Nvidia Quadro K1100M 2GB video card Completely normal computer without scratches, currently installed WINDOWS 10 and OFFICE 2016. Located in Jerusalem

    4,500 ₪

  2. This ad has ended

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    Desktop PC with the following specifications - Intel Core i5 3570K Cooling for Arctic Freezer 13 Pro CPU 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz Motherboard MSI Z77A-G41 MSI Nvidia 970GTX graphics card (with quiet cooling) since Antec P100 Power supply Thermaltake TR2 800W Hard drives Digital 2x Black 1TB 1xWester Digital Blue 500GB * I do not have an SSD to offer * Installed in the 500GB drive WINDOWS 10 operating system with Office 2019 TS Tested with OCCT - memory, load, video card - all fix :) The pictures of the case are open (a bit dusty), there are the doors To close it (I just did not take a picture).

    900 ₪

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