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  1. Hello great forum, I am looking for a mobile up to 5K, with a big priority for Lenovo (I have very good experience with them from the current computer Thinkpad e420s) Needs: 1. A computer that will be used by me for as many years as possible + Max. Reliability-- office work, lots of windows open at the same time. 2. Screen - priority for 15 inches. Processor - If it fits in the budget - i3 from the new series, it is also possible i7 5. HD - priority for 4 TB SSD. 1. Memory - as much as possible (say 5) - the possibility of expanding the memory is really important. 16. Battery length as much as possible. 6. Weight - not the most critical 7. I think a video card - less critical to me - but, I would love to hear expert opinions (no gaming, there are movies and streaming
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