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  1. KZ has Good at great prices
    For example, the KZ ZSN PRO sold around NIS 50
    Braided and interchangeable cables
    With a tough, flexible ear-wrap frame, very comfortable to wear
    You can also buy a wireless headset to connect with the headphones (less comfortable wearing, maybe look for a suitable alternative)
    The price is free of brand fees, and you get Favors at a good price

  2. It does not matter if it's a separate cabinet with a key, and it does not even matter if it's encrypted backup.

    There are no civil servants there.

    Everything is remote control and is managed in practice both physically and physically by employees and technicians .

    There are many technicians in the same compound, some of them do not even work .


    The security level of the backup is significantly lower than the security level of the source, and does not meet the obligations that were given.

    This is a serious security WEAK LINK, and contrary to the law itself passed by the carriers.


    So what do you want to say, that it's just a coincidence?

    That there were no malicious intentions, just irresponsible stupidity?

    Tell his grandmother.

    Nothing happens here just in the country.

    Every failure, every failure, every confusion, is allowed to occur deliberately in order to bring situations that will enable the exploitation of the situation by interested parties who stand in line and play chess games with blind blind and slow blind people


    The housing crisis is not for nothing! Happened.

    Someone put pressure, procedures were changed, contractors celebrated, and there was not even anyone to blame for it.

    But it all began with the cancellation of the clause that requires contractors to build a certain percentage of small apartments.

    Which is customary in any civilized country, in any civilized city, certainly in large and crowded cities.

    It's all a long-term chess slaughterer.

    Stop being blind and stupid.


    I guarantee that even if the backup is transferred to a secure government site at a higher level within a week.

    What they wanted to achieve had already been achieved.

    That is, the reservoir has already leaked to private bodies and individuals.

  3. It's not conspiracy theories.

    Bibi has been taking care of Alowitz's interests for decades.

    And his deputies take care to appoint and promote any move that will benefit him.

    Shlomo Filber was appointed to allow for the corruption that has taken place and is taking place for decades.

    And it happens again and again.

    There is a whole course of events and actions and laws and arrangements that testify precisely to this and not otherwise.

    The biometric database has great economic and security value.

    Many parties have an interest in it.

    Any head of a criminal organization who wants the biometric information of Israeli citizens can pressure workers International and easily obtain.


    That's the first thing.


    Second thing, The backup on the servers of a private company is contrary to the law that they themselves passed in such a way that would allow them to sell the public an illusion To answer the worries.

    The backup should be on isolated servers.

    Instead, they sit on backup servers on which there is a lot more information backed up, and connected and managed by the main system of Which is built to make much more information available through and to the servers.


    This does not store backup.

    The employees who maintain and operate the servers are not civil servants, they do not have a security classification, and they actually have unregulated access to backup.

    All you need is one COPY.

    And in so doing, it is very likely to be a fait accompli.

    The biometric database is already in a state of security that could have been copied by private entities and not supervised.


    It's just like in the spy films where a betrayed agent, and they have to break into the buffer but it is too secure, so they break into the less secure backup.

    That's exactly the situation.

    WEAK LINK security that promised us to be heavy and responsible.


    And the one I say maybe they do not know.

    I promise you that Elovitch knows this very well.

    Bibi may not, no longer need him for it. His deputies do the job.

    And there are other corrupt people who are working to benefit Alovitz on a regular basis in exchange for all sorts of things that promote them politically.



  4. You'd expect them to make more noise, but we could barely hear a buzz, and that too disappeared and was buried in the news sites in a very short time.

    And no one mentioned the obvious connection, that this is the company of Bibi's friend Alovitz, who is currently on trial following a major corruption scandal.

    And among us, it is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on at the Ministry of Communications already 20 year ...

    No one cares about the public, only the corrupt.

  5. Quote of djelectric

    You may have missed the apocalypse that happened in the middle. Got the 1060 GTX in the price tag of 400 dollars maybe? :)


    I understood from the discussion that the prices of the 1080 rose

    I did not think things were that far



    Did you notice that when you ask what the price is, how much does it cost?

    Why not ask how much it goes down?

    And indeed prices almost always only rise


    Technology and other markets have established a market in which prices are constantly falling as new and sometimes even newer technologies are introduced.

    But even there prices seem to be rising at the top of the equipment.

    People are willing to spend more and more on all these "low price" products, and many products are becoming more and more accessible to additional audiences in ever-shrinking budgets.


    So next time you come to a computer store

    And you will think that it is natural that prices have often declined,

    Ask the seller: How much does it cost?

  6. Quote of Jabberwock

    Only 1,122 weighed. Amazing, prices drop. Maybe for the arrival of new tickets?

    What's amazing?

    Two years ago rose not much

    And since then two years have passed !!!

    What's amazing is that prices hold so long without going down


    Did you notice that when you ask what the price is, how much does it cost?

    Why not ask how much it goes down?

    And indeed prices almost always only rise


    Technology and other markets have established a market in which prices are constantly falling as new and sometimes even newer technologies are introduced.

    But even there prices seem to be rising at the top of the equipment.

    People are willing to spend more and more on all those things that "fall in price."


    Perhaps a second-hand market could benefit from the trial

    How much is it going down?


  7. Quote of Sargon

    You fool?

    In case of ישראל We need very simple hard enforcement and tough laws.

    The barbarians, like Israelis, do not deserve freedom.

    Israelis understand only when punished


    Quote of Sargon

    I say the government is excellent, the people are shit.


    Hope that soon your world will change when they apply such technological measures:


    C. Enforcement • Implementation of a plan to enforce the granting of right of way to pedestrians at designated and focused crossing points at time and place (at intersections / high risk sections for pedestrian injury) • Examining the need to integrate technological aids to enforce enforcement (for example, Offenses of drivers at crossing points and documenting them. "


    You are a sadist who prevents hatred

  8. A boy on the sidewalk

    Not just a child, older people riding on the sidewalk by bicycle

    If you were to enforce and enforce a law that is permitted to ride by bicycle only on the road

    The amount of accidents with bicycles on the sidewalk will decline, but as a result the amount of accidents with bicycles on the road will cost more

    Have you been saved or harmed by society?


    If you take all the consideration of when to cross the road under the house, have you ever been saved or harmed?

    If you connected them all to Matrix? And they live in total safety as a battery? No more accidents

    Have you been saved or harmed?


  9. Quote by Or Cohen

    So all the laws are at my discretion, depending on the circumstances? What do you need laws for?

    I will emphasize the word "supposed"

    To help the company regulate traffic

    But if it is exaggerated, such as banning and punishing veils in Iran, pedestrians crossing everywhere other than half a crossing or in red light

    Human society will rebel

    We are not machines

    We have discretion and the road allows more space than it is possible to regulate and obey the traffic lights on a timer

    We are not children

    We learned to look left and right

  10. Of course he can

    A convoy of camels can also come and cross it

    But I'm talking about a ghost junction

    That means there's no name One, not at the intersection, and not on the horizon


    When the real reality! Allows something

    So it's possible


    Two modes

    One is effective and correct according to actual reality

    And the other is dictated by an irrational fear brought from another reality that does not really occur in the present

    Which one is more sane?

  11. I do not want anything from the TV except for a few entrances, a menu of definitions and basic directions, and a good picture

    So why should I get in the house Of companies, some of whom have already been brought to trial for sharing information?

    While smart TVs are becoming more powerful and full of penetrating features?

    Why do I need a system to manage information gathering and accessibility through Cordless and wireless?


  12. Many laws are annulled in exceptional cases

    Killing for example is permitted as self-defense in immediate and clear danger to life

    But to cross a red traffic light at a ghostly intersection is open wide, where the law is not canceled?


    I have a question, are you standing at a red traffic light when the road is completely free and safe to press 10 times in a row?



  13. It turns out that today's smart TVs that come with WIFI connect to open networks for synchronization even if you have disabled WIFI in the menu

    Trojan horse

    I'm not saying everyone is like that, I really do not have a way to know, and probably not all of them like that

    But the fact that there are some, and that they are going to become more common later, because the world is trampling on our rights to privacy without restraint, and that even smart TVs can not be obtained in stores, we should worry about all of us


  14. I talked about speeding?

    All in all, I said that driving well and getting involved in traffic should be in accordance with the conditions of the road

    Sometimes it requires slow down

    And sometimes accelerate

    Good driving is not just pressing the brake and slowing down to a turtle speed


    And in such a perfect situation

    With passive passive sensor traffic systems

    And waiting times that can be minutes at each node

    There is no reason for a pedestrian or cyclist to wait when the road is clear and safe

    With or without connection to the red light at the traffic light


    I did not say that vehicles should also pass through red light

    Their field of vision is smaller

    Their response time is longer

    And any deviation from good order can also confuse others and cause accidents


    But at night when the roads are completely empty and the field of vision is far away, if someone passes through the red at a ghost junction and gets a report on it, the system that gave the report is a bad system

    The law came to regulate traffic

    And when he does exactly the opposite, then one can give him up for a moment and justify it completely


    When the system of traffic lights falls, is it not permitted to exercise judgment at the intersection?

    Do not they send an inspector to exercise discretion and direct traffic?

    So even in the middle of the night when there is no car on the road except you for a distance of 300 meter in all relevant directions

    It would be appropriate to exercise discretion as if the traffic lights system was not functioning

    Because this is really what happens, the traffic lights at the intersection do not function properly according to the conditions of the area at that time

    All she does is interrupt and mislead

    And the justification for obeying the traffic lights is incorrect for the situation, is a general justification that takes into account the need for it in other times and nothing more


    Some people have forgotten what the laws of movement, the laws of man ... have been created


    And later on I will add that in the complex reality of life

    Of human society

    Of human beings

    Sometimes there are people in a hurry

    For all sorts of reasons

    Some are also very justified and understandable reasons to identify with and even want to help if possible


    At a pharmacy or supermarket they sometimes give priority to some groups

    Why on the road is impossible within the existing reality also allow for some hurry to cut the queue

    Why do you think everyone is insane?

    What are you God you know everything?

    After all, if you were really trying to see everything that existed, you would see both good and evil

  15. Quote of Sargon

    Once again, you are taken into consideration when their justified focus is far above the speed limit.

    Clearly discretion is important, but discretion does not justify speeding.

    I brought you a link to a country report that says there is a direct link between speed and the risk of road accidents.

    I do not "imagine." There are bad drivers here in this country, not everyone, but there is a lot here. Pretend it is not hallucination.

    You do not understand what discretion is

    From your point of view, this discretion is to stop and think about what to do and what not to do (blasts)

    While for me discretion is simply to act according to your independent system, which develops and learns and improves over time

    Including coordination and the ability to absorb and feel the environment and movement in it and act in the most natural and spontaneous way that can be (flow)

    To treat them all as inexperienced children or as bad-hearted anti-Semites, and to attribute this as a reason to justify "blasts" is stupidity of the first degree

    It is true that tortoises do not cause accidents, and even if there are no casualties

    So let's all crawl like turtles?

    Certainly not

    On each road, and in each section, and at any time, place and road, make adjustments in driving

    And on bicycles it is better to build bicycles that are designed for riding both on the road and on sidewalks and wherever a wheel can turn around

    A law such as "you have to get off the bike and cross the crosswalk" is a law that comes from net demagoguery

    This is a ridiculous law just like the law "The obligation to stop at every intersection and its face, regardless of signs and traffic lights"

    The difference is that one of them circumvented your common sense because of demagoguery and demonization against a public you do not belong with

    Just like other bad laws that have somehow passed through this country

    It is said that hatred will blind the wise


  16. Quote of Sargon

    What infantile statements.

    Discretion works or in emergencies, or further restricts what you are permitted to do.

    You are always caught on the rare occasions, there is a very rare chance that your judgment will require you to travel 60 miles per hour above the speed limit, or cut right like crazy.

    It's like you're an end-of-the-edge customer who's been here a long time, and it gives you an excuse to break the law every day on every trip.

    You're a bad person who lies himself. Tell yourself, "I'm a maniac." Because that's what you are.

    Just like people who smoke other people in the face where they can not.

    Quite the contrary

    You're the one who takes a maniac from the imagination

    You're the one you've demonized over and over again

    And you have become the storage of the neuronal cloud of your mega-maniac

    And because of this he wants to legislate a law that prohibits everyone from exercising discretion in the crossings

    Or think and act in any other way than the Lemmings routes you draw from an imaginary Soviet-style queue where you are captured by your narrow imagination



  17. Prefer to be an anarchist when you are in charge of Ceragon.

    What is

    Quote of Sargon

    all who Who rides on Electric Bicycle Does not consider pedestrians. Additionally they Cross the pedestrian crossings instead of walking as they are supposed by law.

    Simply in our country there are no bicycle paths, building cities for cars not for bicycles and pedestrians. This is the result.

    And after the electric bicycle even the sidewalk is no longer safe for the pedestrians.

    That children learn to walk or ride on non-trams, no need to ride an electric bicycle.


    Blood on the hands of the ordinary citizens.


    By the way art, projects like road guards are expanding, you may soon get reports even for offenses not enforced in the past because someone behind you photographed you.



    Such totalitarian inclusion

    Of course there are those who take the pedestrians into account

    And what about those who do not ride electric bikes?

    They, too, had a conscious awareness of the outside


    And what do you want from the crossings?

    Why does a rider need to get off the bike?

    Can not slow down and ride according to the conditions of the terrain?

    Even if there's no one there and nothing, all the riders are supposed to get off the bike for you?


    Soon Ceragon and his friends will be filming and sending reports to cyclists who have crossed while they are on the seat (Oy oy oy)

    And that's how Ceragon will win "The enemies of the state"




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Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

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