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  1. Hello, I have had an ISP modem for years and every month I pay 10 NIS. I decided it was time to buy one and save some. I am looking for the cheapest modem + router available. Once in ... when someone comes to visit, I'm happy to get a cymbal from you. Thank you
  2. Hello, I recently signed up for Partner as an Internet and TV service. The Bamir it receives has a USB connection but when connected to a device it has no access. It appears as connected to the system but is probably blocked. Is it possible to work around the block? post Scriptum. I'm not sure this is the right forum for the post ...
  3. What does it mean to work? The software works from your computer and works just fine.
  4. The software is open. I tried to scan with when closed and the same result. The truth that feels is working properly, but I'm not 100% closed on it so I was thinking about opening the port.
  5. Thanks. My router is TPLINK VR400. I have configured a particular port through the virtual server in the router settings. The port is still closed. Is that correct? How do I open it?
  6. I did a site review. I'm connected to a router which is also a modem via WIFI.
  7. Hello, I am using Windows 10 with 018 as a web and flash provider. When I go to sites that check ports, every port I try (even basic ports like 80, 21, 143 ...) appears closed. Am I missing something here? I tried two different routers. Thanks
  8. LRa

    Download flash video as audio

    Works amazing. thank you very much! post Scriptum. How did you create the full link that you put into ffmpeg? If I want to do this for more lectures ...
  9. LRa

    Download flash video as audio

    Try. It doesn't work for me. Whatever the link to the file is with / not with \ ....
  10. LRa

    Download flash video as audio

    I do not succeed with the methods written there. Did you succeed?
  11. LRa

    Download flash video as audio

    It's not very simple. I want to download a lot of lectures, it's decades to let the computer record when it's running and you can't use the computer. No simple way to download the file? That it would take a few minutes instead of an hour and a half for each lecture ...
  12. LRa

    Download flash video as audio

    I also found the address but it is not complete ... Do you have any idea what to complete before Eran?
  13. Hi, I'm trying to download a flash video from a lecture site. I want to convert it to an audio file so I can hear it from the phone anywhere. I went through quite a few guides and couldn't do it, apparently the site has some easy ways to download a video. The site is: Do you know any more advanced techniques? Thanks
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