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  1. An interesting choice in the words "our wait is coming to an end" when it does not reflect reality at all. Consumers are not waiting for more models, which of course they will not be able to purchase, but are waiting for an orderly inventory of the entire 30 XX series with balanced prices. And of course the fact that these LHR cards will not really change the fact that speculators will get their hands on these cards and price them hundreds of percent more.
  2. First of all I will mention that I did not know whether to post it in the audio and film forum or here, if it is less suitable here then I would be happy if they move there. I will give some preliminary information about me - I am deaf with a hearing aid and a hearing processor, I do not listen to music and audio through speakers but through a dedicated streamer for hearing aids that is connected to a computer via an AUX cable. My audio is produced through hearing aids, although the audio quality is affected by noise, file quality and audio settings on the computer. Like headphones. On my previous computer all the audio connections were worn and destroyed, so I would connect the streamer to the audio output on the screen. A few weeks ago I bought a new computer so I started using the audio port on the back connector and started noticing that the audio had actually changed compared to the previous computer - for the worse. I feel like I'm listening to music through a smartphone speaker when I turn up the volume to 200% and the speaker fakes at levels, that's how I feel and that's awful. I connected the streamer to the front port of the case and also to the port on the screen, there is no difference. This forgery is heard at all ports. I checked on another computer and even over the phone and it does not happen. I would love guidance on what to install or test on a computer to find out how to tune the audio to be normal and not that terrible. I will note that my board is B550 aorus elite v2 and I installed the required drivers, it made no difference. Thanks.
  3. You've seen far too many Linus Tech Tips videos. People who understand the field are trying to explain to you as much as possible that you are wrong, there will never come a day that you will buy 128GB of RAM, it just will not happen. This amount of memory is required for workstations that perform a large amount of calculations, or computers that serve professions with very high demands such as the field of graphics, etc. And here's another thing you will learn with age: more expensive = \ = better. This board if costs more than other boards does not mean it is better than them for you, if you can not say that you will surely do OC there is no reason in the world to buy an expensive board. And one last thing - release from SLI. You invest in a dead horse, you will never see it happen. Games no longer support SLI, heck even NV's drivers barely support it anymore.
  4. Guy950

    Cancel restart

    Hello everyone, in the last few months my computer has had a section that restarts itself at night when the computer is not in use, it would happen once every few days and all the information I would leave open would shut down. A few days ago the system was updated to version 2004 and since then every day the computer performs a new operation at night and all open information is closed. I will note that everything is saved so there is no loss of information, but there is a loss of time to get back to the points I was at before I left the computer. It's annoying and ineffective, I would love to hear from you tips on how to turn off this feature or figure out what causes it. The system is the same system listed in my profile, the computer is already 7 years old but still functioning very well.
  5. I'm pretty sure the screen will make its way to Israel by the end of the year through parallel importers, official imports will probably be in the first quarter of 2021 if at all. But like any Shiomi product sold in Israel, the price will be inflated to an area that will be more flattering to competitors than to Shiomi.
  6. Who did you have to bribe for the package to arrive within a week? I'm still waiting for packages ordered on 11.11, and some also in ePacket shipping. Regarding the review, very interesting! It will also be interesting to hear about AIO cooling, I have seen that there are some in AliExpress as well.
  7. The truth is that the Patch Panel sounds like a good idea. It's weird to admit but the apartment itself has 4 connections in the walls, and for some reason the closet has 8 cables. Some of them are very thick in relation to the other wires so maybe these are network cables and telephone cables, maybe those cables that come from outside the apartment and is that what Bezeq / Prenter needs? Do not know. I'll get someone to fix the closet. And the extra router is why I opened this thread, which I thought was that if Partner's router does not deliver the WIFI goods then I will use another quality router for the WIFI. The idea was that I would connect it to one of the points that comes into the closet and then transfer traffic from the closet to the extra router and it will be used for WIFI in the apartment. In retrospect, I realize it's not such a good idea.
  8. These are 2 computers and there is also a direct connection to smart TV, so I need 3 connections and one more router connection so it fits the stamp. I didn't know that Partner had a wireless repeater, so I'll check that out. I agree for a good explanation - in fact I have 2 apartment cabinets, the cabinets are on top of each other, with one cabinet being Hot and the whole apartment coaxial cables and the other cabinet for the whole apartment CAT6 cables (check I made at least those CAT6 cables) and every room has A LAN connection is fixed to the wall that leads to it. The rack itself has only cables at the moment, should bring in a professional who will cut the cables, put in LAN connections and check with a tester which wire leads to which room in the apartment. And regarding trial and error, do you think I should actually look for a professional to come and review the apartment with equipment or do you think Partner's technician will be qualified enough for that? I'm not going to insult the Hot / Partner / Bezeq / etc technicians, but every time one of them was with me, I always got the impression that they wanted to do the minimum work and install and go, and I need someone who understands it to really explain to me how I spend the maximum possible In this apartment. And in the meantime, the conclusion that I'm really drawing from the reactions of you two is that I'd really put Partner's gear on first and see how it worked out in terms of coverage, in the meantime, I might just be a head booster with the extra router ...
  9. Hello friends, after two months of quarrels and frustrations with the Hot Company, I finally decided to leave their infrastructure and the Hotnet supplier and move to Partner's company. One of the very convenient things about Hot Company equipment was that every mini-converter would take out wired internet and all the computers at home were connected to wired internet, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be such a solution for other companies and now I have to arrange things myself. In the apartment I live in, there is a central media closet in the apartment, from the closet cables go out to all the rooms in the apartment so that if I put a router in there, I could connect computer lines from all rooms through connections in the walls. The problem is that the closet is small and cramped, so there is room for only a small modem, so I assume that I will have to put in the partner's router / modem and one of the connections in the closet to transfer traffic to a router that will sit elsewhere in the apartment and distribute WIFI. I have but question, I know that for me to do such a thing I will have to set the router / modem in the cabinet to bridge status but I want the same router / modem to also use the other rooms in the apartment and provide them with wired internet in addition to providing traffic to the router. Is it possible? If the explanation or question is unclear then I would love to elaborate more. If possible, I would love to get a recommendation for a strong router on the part of NIS 700. The apartment is 100 sqm on one floor so I need the router to cover the entire apartment. Thanks.
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