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  1. 11600k received not bad reviews but the 11900k was killed. The 11700k also loses in some previous generation games at anandtech. If you need 8 cores the previous generation is better and also consumes less electricity. I do not understand how on site these processors look so good. In short either series 10 or amd for those who need over 6 cores.
  2. Even in the blender the Gamer nexus and unboxed hardware results are less good. They are very reliable and I find the results on the site weird. You may want to run them again. This processor has taken a step back in terms of gaming performance and productivity. This is Intel's Bulldozer Lake. Not to mention 300 watts of power consumption.
  3. Really weird results ... Hardbox unboxed and gamernexus got worse results than previous generation and probably from amd. Strange that in your Intel review you look so good. They called the processor pathetic and sh * t. It seemed strange when most of the critics got bad results in gaming and productivity. Average results of 10 games by hardware unboxed: 5900x 201fps 5800x 197 fps 10900k 196fps 11900k 192fps
  4. Not exactly the most reliable source. The 3080 and 3090 by 10% difference there is not too much to maneuver here, I'm talking about performance not price. The 3070 and 3080 where there is more room to push some card in the middle. Edit: Pretty aggressive pricing $ 500 and $ 700 so another ticket at $ 600? Also the prices will have to be adjusted and it seems a bit difficult to release something right now. It is not that they have a year on the market and are now releasing powerful versions.
  5. @ nec_000 I talked about the IO. For some reason your comment has been deleted and I do not see it. They are committed to GF will not be minimized nor is there a reason. GFs also work at 12nm + which should be significantly more efficient. Can't believe we've seen 24 cores. When there is no competition there is no motivation to release such a processor. It is reserved for TR4.
  6. Announced that there will be no new chipset. Regarding minimization they must by contract continue with Globalfoundries so there will be no minimization.
  7. @ nec_000 CPU does reach 100 percent you just do not see it because not all cores are utilized. And not how do you explain that with rtx 2080 ti you see differences between the processors on 1080p? Of course no sane person buys an rtx 2080 ti with a 10400 so you are right that in most cases the video card is the problem in the highest settings and not the CPU.
  8. The truth is if AMD does not lead in gaming it will be quite sad. Skylake is an architecture from 2016.
  9. This is on the condition that the game utilizes 10 cores. I think 40% is a bit excessive. This is not video editing software, I doubt this game needs so many cores and is probably more affected by frequency and IPC.
  10. I do not like to draw conclusions based on one game but it is faster than 20% of the Reisen 3800x and 15% faster than 10900k. So first of all you can see an improvement if you compare the processors to an earlier generation of AMD, and again it is difficult to draw conclusions from one game but you can see a significant improvement compared to the previous generation of AMD. Will all games see a 15% improvement? probably not. You can see but it will be very close and maybe AMD will lead quite a few games.
  11. Beautiful. 15% faster than 10900k. Even though it's just one game, it looks promising.
  12. rocket lake 14nm ++++++++++++++++ is coming this year or at the beginning of next year at the latest. Alder Lake 10nm ++++++ is coming in the second half of 2021 according to an official presentation from Intel. How much it will be competitive against Zen 3 I do not know but to say that there are no new architectures is not true.
  13. What do you want them to publish? "Well listen friends once again we have failed. This failure has been going on for 4 years and we continue to be stuck until 2023" Yes, it really is great publicity. They are lucky that they manage to reach 5.2 ghz in the processors and Skylake has good overall architecture. The focus is on future channels that may be worth something with the help of the name and if the stars line up and the weather is good.
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