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  1. 11600k received not bad reviews but the 11900k was killed. The 11700k also loses in some previous generation games at anandtech.

    If you need 8 cores the previous generation is better and also consumes less electricity. I do not understand how on site these processors look so good. In short or series 10 or For those who need over 6 cores.

  2. Quote of Moon-Mage

    There are many factors that can make a difference 😕 For example: where exactly are you testing, how long is the test (the longer the processors' time passes Intel Crashing) what cooling do you use, what are the exact graphic settings that the tester used and priest and priestess.
    As I have already written in these discussions I personally think that this launch is an extraordinary disgrace and of all this launch only the 11400 F is relevant and that too just because AMD Not competing on this pitch and that is even if you look at the results here.

    Also in the Gamer Blender results And less unboxed hardware favors.

    They are very reliable and I find the results on the site weird. You may want to run them again.

    This processor has taken a step back in terms of gaming performance and productivity. It's the Bulldozer Lake's . Not to mention 300 watts of power consumption.

  3. Really weird results ... Hardbox unboxed and gamernexus got worse results than previous generation and probably from amd.

    Strange that you have a review Look so good. They called the processor pathetic and sh * t.

    It seemed strange when most of the critics got bad results in gaming and productivity.

    Average results of 10 games by hardware unboxed:

    5900x 201fps

    5800x 197 fps

    10900k 196fps

    11900k 192fps

  4. Quote of nec_000

    Not exactly the most reliable source. The 3080 and 3090 by 10% difference there is not too much to maneuver here, I'm talking about performance not price.

    The 3070 and 3080 where there is more room to push some card in the middle.


    Pricing is pretty aggressive $ 500 and $ 700 so another ticket at $ 600? Also the prices will have to be adjusted and it seems a bit difficult to release something right now. It is not that they have a year on the market and are now releasing powerful versions.

  5. @nec_000

    I talked about the IO. For some reason your comment has been deleted and I do not see it.

    They are committed to GF will not be minimized nor is there a reason. GFs also work at 12nm + which should be significantly more efficient.

    Can't believe we've seen 24 cores. When there is no competition there is no motivation to release such a processor. It is reserved for TR4.

  6. Quote of nec_000


    You mean 22% ....

    166 versus 136 is a 22% gap.


    And that's 8 Risen's 10 cores versus XNUMX's Intel.

    I mean it also lacks 20% pistons in the engine, and is also faster than 20%.


    In running numbers fast in the head, it seems like over 40% advantage Core Against Core. Just saying that - if we did not pay attention

    And for a moment we lost it in the numbers that wanted her name on the screen .... :)

    This is on the condition that the game utilizes 10 cores. I think 40% is a bit excessive.

    This is not editing software , I doubt this game needs so many cores and is probably more affected by frequency and IPC.

  7. No-One Quote

    And not really, or rather, not really playing FPS.

    Strategy games as a measure do not really reflect the reality of the classic FPS games, even today there are a few games that AMD is a little leader in, and still the 10900K is the most powerful gaming processor in overall gaming, unquestionably unfortunately.

    I do not like to draw conclusions based on one game but it is faster than 20% of the Reisen 3800x and 15% faster than 10900k.

    So first of all you can see an improvement if you compare processors to an earlier generation of , And again it is difficult to draw conclusions from one game but can be seen a significant improvement over the previous generation of .

    Will all games see a 15% improvement? probably not.

    You can see but it will be very close and maybe Will lead in quite a few games.

  8. Quote of nec_000

    It follows that the Risen 5000, as it turns out, opens an unbridgeable gap by In its current generation.

    Intel will be required to launch Technology New in order to be competitive again. But when is the next architecture of Out

    From the creature press? There are currently no rumors of anything close to this issue and no concrete information for investors.

     rocket lake 14nm ++++++++++++++++ is coming this year or at the beginning of next year at the latest.

    Alder Lake 10nm ++++++ is coming in the second half of 2021 according to an official presentation of .

    How much it will be competitive against Zen 3 I do not know but to say that there are no new architectures is not true.

  9. Quote of Milford Cubicle


    Feel free to take a look at Intel From recent years, go through press conferences they have held in recent years, exhibitions they have attended and what they have chosen to present there and especially what not ... and see how much of it was related to processors PC And some to other things, of DATA, AI, and autonomous vehicles.

    What do you want them to publish? "Well listen friends once again we have failed. This failure has been going on for 4 years and we continue to be stuck until 2023"

    Yes, it really is great advertising.


    They are lucky that they manage to reach 5.2 ghz in the processors and Skylake Good overall.

    Maybe they are investing while the channel does not mean there has been a change of focus and guesswork on profits as you said it is just guesswork.

    They have nothing to show for their failures in the show so they shift the focus to future channels that might be worth something with the help of the name and if the stars line up and the weather is good.

  10. and yet More profitable than a lot of companies then maybe Is it a lucrative business after all?

    Intel are failing in their transition to 10 and 7 nanometers, not changing the focus. 

    Maybe Mobilai will be a dizzying success in 5 years but right now you're just guessing.

    There is also no logical reason to throw such a profitable business in the trash and the fact that the computers are dead I have been hearing for 5 years.

    In the meantime according to the profits of And Amd computers are not dead yet.

    It is good to plan 5 years ahead but there is no reason not to invest in such a profitable business.

    Maybe Mobilai will bring in $ 20 billion a quarter, but we will know that for many, many years, probably not now.

  11. I'm trying to figure out how the revenue from the rest of things will jump by another $ 19 billion.

    But you're probably a better fortune teller than anyone else in that stock Significantly lower after the current quarter and the announcement of a one-year delay at 7 nm.

    In addition to being sued claiming they knew 7 nm would not be ready in time.

    You are probably predicting a future that investors do not see.

  12. Quote of Milford Cubicle

    An important point that you probably miss is that Intel may just ... not care.

    It has focused on other things in recent years, it has long been more than just a "PC company" - most of its emphasis as a company today is generally on data, AI and autonomous vehicles.

    It's not that it stops producing Processors, Or she enjoys getting off the market lead, but naturally the focus Of the company is no longer really there, and it can be seen already for the last few years.


    I also think it does it right, because the market for processors is shrinking - except for servers, almost no one buys computers that are not portable, which are also not necessarily really "computers" - but more hybrid tablets, with Qualcomm / Samsung processors / Apple .. This of course joins the trend of the current generation that has almost no computers at all, but only phones (here Intel Does not exist at all) and the gap will only increase.


    Intel a few years ago looked ahead and apparently made a conscious decision to go in more / other directions.


    Revenue of $ 17 billion out of $ 20 billion on processors and they do not care? I probably miss all the "diversity" that Intel has. Another $ 2 billion on the ssd is not diverse at all. 

    All the other things unrelated to processors and ssd put in only about a billion dollars. It's a lot of money but compared to 19 billion processors and ssd it's nothing.

    Processors make up almost all of their profit, $ 17 billion. In second place.

  13. It all depends on whether they can make the transition to euv. Hard to know. In any case, it is excellent that amd take them market share but in the meanwhile with their competition their profits rise and do not decrease.

    Even now with proper pricing they can give Fayette to Zen 3 and have some architectures on the way and a lot more money to pour on And research.

    If they fail with the transition they will be in trouble.

  14. Some software only works with And so you must choose them. For example, the popular video editing software avid and more. 

    It's hard to talk about prices though Can make adjustments and it's just a hair throw.

    The 3900x also cost close to $ 600 at first and you could argue that it doesn't pay off, but there are some that aren't waiting.

    I was careful as you noticed when I mentioned the 7nm and recorded that it could be "successful" like the 10nm.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember $ 10 billion in desktop and mobile profits that are higher than servers if I remember correctly.

    Only 5 times more than amd did in the quarter.



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