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  1. Looks good. Surprisingly I have not heard of it but never make a preorder
  2. I always go for the cheapest in Deals - IsThereAnyDeal and I never had a problem
  3. Can not help you with the dilemma between power and software. But if you want to be a software engineer in the future, the probably best route you can get to is to be a programmer in the military through a programming course at Maram or 8200. Too bad to waste time on thirteen.
  4. On the one hand it's sad - I have no doubt that his departure will hurt the quality of overwatch 2 but on the other hand, if he leaves to set up or join another gaming company then it's probably for the better
  5. Sounds like a drivers issue. But I guess you've already tried to update them?
  6. Yes, need at least two units (more is possible) I have no recommendation for anything specific, as long as it is a reputable company believes it will be fine. Maybe a more powerful router will be good enough. It depends on the structure and size of your apartment. For a large apartment or to overcome a dimension I recommend mesh.
  7. Without knowing exactly what your apartment looks like it is impossible to say for sure, but in principle the most recommended it increases range with mesh technology. You will have one device that connects directly to the router and another one in a strategic place in the house (close enough to the router for it to have strong reception, but also close enough to where the reception is currently weak). If the device supports a suitable bandwidth (say if you have 1GB of internet then it is important to check that the range extender supports at least 1GB), it will not cause a slowdown. mesh is relatively expensive. But other range breeders often do more harm than good.
  8. So will there be a shortage of cpu instead?
  9. If you look at the ratio of investment to income, then the developers in Israel are more brilliant. Horizon brought in $ 400 million A simple mobile game like Slotomania developed in Israel brought in $ 150 million (and if we take a non-Israeli example then there is Candy Crush who made almost $ 6 billion) I do not have the numbers, but it is clear that the development of the mobile game was much much faster and cheaper . And if you include the expenses then it is probably much more lucrative. Bottom line, there are very few companies that develop fps games with a campaign. This is very hard work and not so economically viable in relation to alternatives. So it is not surprising that in a small country like ours no such society has been formed.
  10. That’s why I said a serious fps game (no one will play a game that looks like what you sent and most likely used a lot of stuff that was ready already and actually didn’t create anything new). For example: Cyberpunk 2077 was in development for 9 years (with the first three years the development was on a small fire) and 500 people worked on it at the same time. horizon zero dawn has been in development for 7 years. And hades that he is playing relatively very simple and has been in development for about 3 years with a team of 20 people.
  11. I think there are quite a few Israeli gaming companies (for example playtika) but it seems to me that they all deal with mobile games. Simply because mobile games are much cheaper to develop and make a lot of money (unfortunately). Developing a serious fps game can take 2-3 years of dozens or hundreds of very talented (and expensive) people. More lucrative is already developing a retarded mobile game.
  12. If turning off and on the router does not help then call your internet company
  13. Will suffice and you can get by with less. There are really no minimum requirements for programming. Can be programmed on any computer. People wrote java code long before i3 existed or before 8 giga ram computers. If the question is which computer is recommended for writing code then there has been another discussion ..
  14. Are you serious? You're wasting electricity. Or has the whole world already switched to green energy and we have enough green electricity for everyone? What is the connection? My contention was not that bitcoin is being used for crimes. My contention was that Bitcoin is used mostly for crimes. As the main use of the dollar it will be to buy drugs and consume pedophile content then we will talk.
  15. What's this bad excuse? The fact that the electricity is green does not mean that it cannot be wasted. And I'm not arguing with you about how anonymous Bitcoin is. The point is that many more people have used Bitcoin to buy drugs (and worse) than to buy food. And many more people have used Bitcoin to pay a ransom than to buy real estate.
  16. It is not clear to me where you got this information from. Ransomware attacks and sites in Darknet are still getting paid in Bitcoin. I have no doubt that the three main uses of Bitcoin are gambling ("investing"), crime, and wasting electricity.
  17. Here's news on Twitter: "While we were getting vaccinated for Corona we found out we were participating in a human experiment!
  18. Are you sure you can not change colors with software?
  19. You seem to have brought permissions to some spam site to bounce notifications to you. Most simple to reinstall Chrome ..
  20. As they said, the monitor is connected to a motherboard instead of a video card. You must connect it to a video card if you want to be able to play games.
  21. Try any browser other than ie if this is still happening to you then contact their technical support
  22. Will he come to my balcony or will I have to get off the elevator to pick it up?
  23. The stores are now under insane congestion. The stores that most recommend here on the forum are startpc and tms. But it will take a week and a half until they get back to you and then another month until the computer is ready (depending on the components you choose)
  24. A very old motherboard can limit the internet speed to at least a gigabyte. Check how fast your motherboard supports. It may also be that updating his drivers will help
  25. The question of how much of this goes into the operating system .. will surprise me if more than 4
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