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  1. You're bothered. You purchased parts, not a computer with assembly. It could be that everyone is for you, it could be that each customer is a third party individually. Take the money they gave you without any problems and buy elsewhere. Your post borders on slander and experience in the field and even if you take it to court, you will have to pay court costs.
  2. So why not google the printer model with the word driver and already in the first result get the latest and latest version for immediate download?
  3. what? Windows 10 automatically installs all the drivers from the network, and video card drivers, etc. receive updates that can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. The drivers' disks are mainly good as coasters.
  4. The CPU and memory will be mostly useful for the software you work with. Games have no choice but to upgrade their video card. Gtx 1060 Not a bad card at all for 1080p, try downloading settings to high.
  5. Check that the display is set to the maximum refresh rate of the screen
  6. The use of the computer is for old games only? Instead I would buy the same games again for the cheapest PS4 on eBay and Amazon and replace / sell when done. Investment of hundreds of shekels compared to 3000 shekels.
  7. The SSD you have in the first place is not the highest quality. At today's prices I would not take a risk, just replace it with one of Samsung or Crucial and keep it as a portable / secondary drive.
  8. Peace! Small computer planner for living room, watching Netflix, 4k files etc., not for games. Do I have any reason to prefer the 3400g with Vega 11 over the 3200g with only 4 cores and Vega 8? Will be assembled inside the Asrock Deskmini a300 with 8GB memory and SSD nvme. Thanks and wish weekend
  9. What applications? If you only have 4gb memory, it is recommended to upgrade to 8 immediately 2 processor immediately 2 only, i5 to 1155, it is important to update BIOS in case you find i5 processor 3xxx
  10. Precisely before the emergence of a new generation, this information is more relevant than ever. Consumers who used to worry that Intel processors are better optimized for games can be relaxed. Both game developers and amd have done a good job and if there was any gap in the past, it hardly exists.
  11. I have been using the same 10 installation since its launch, I have since changed several platforms and hard drives and ssd drives in different volumes in the sata interface up to the current nvme. Zero faults I used the wonderful macrium reflect. As I have not experienced any performance degradation or stability due to an update to the latest version. I always wait a few weeks to make sure there is nothing unusual and updated. Two stationary, portable 4 when the old ones are 10 and computers at work, zero faults. Smooth and stable. nec friend, you worry too much, it's not healthy :)
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