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  1. The games don't work. You buy sets and then log on to ORIGIN who doesn't recognize that you bought the game
  2. I got a refund, I bought NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED on STEAM and the same problem of not believing what to do about it
  3. They do not handle it because they did not develop the game you will chase after EA now do not know what they did here with this game in short I asked for a refund
  4. There is no such thing and the sets and origins are up to date
  5. The only thing I got in the email I received after purchasing the Invoice Registered Sets game (although it doesn't seem to be related to such a receipt number) Listed numbers I said I would try it but not it
  6. It does not allow download in origin as far as it is not purchased (origin and the sets are on the same email even)
  7. Hi I purchased (already listed as a bill so the purchase and payment went through successfully) on STEAM the NEED FOR SPEED HEAT Deluxe Edition (but this is the only version that has the no-holds-barred deluxe) I have successfully installed, that I filter to run the game from the sets it requests (no Another option) to download ORIGIN and log in, after I do this and try to run it, is registering the game Need for Speed ​​™ Heat Deluxe Edition. Please install it or try relaunching the game on ORIGIN I uploaded a video to YouTube with the problem, what to do? Thanks
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