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  1. Some questions after viewing the buildzoid guide and also some general ones. I quite understood the idea and already wrote down exactly the settings to play with, the voltages, etc. The only thing that bothered me was that he says that all OC should be done on a clean windows 10 system in a separate partition and that if you do it in the existing partition there is a situation that it will knock the operating system And I will have to reinstall Windows with all that entails (games, software, etc.) Fulfilled that the process takes a relatively long time + while testing your computer is disabled. But installing Windows on another drive or partition to do all the tests there and then clear everything that finishes and move to work with the main partition seems to me like a mountain
  2. I also saw in a few dollars but did not look credible. What site did you buy from? If you were to ask me I would prefer a refresh frequency over a resolution. Better 2K with 144hz maybe even more than 4K 60hz also more practical for my taste
  3. For those who are interested I searched and found a solution to download the old version http://syncios.freedownloadscenter.com/windows/old-versions/ and then make an update. Much easier than iTunes (requires iTunes installed)
  4. Until now I used syncios but they changed something there and now it is no longer really free. The idea is of course the ability to move in a drag & drop light and comfortable interface and friendly. I tried searching on google and youtube but offered things that were not so flowing
  5. As one who built a system very recently after an in-depth market survey and went for Intel there is a feeling that I made a mistake. I also come from a time when Intel ruled and it was still in my head that they are better for gaming, more reliable, etc. I bought a 10700k processor and although there was a sale in newegg on it in my opinion it did not come out equal, 10th generation does not support pcie 4 less will be felt now at work / games but in the future when you want to upgrade a video card it will change. Already now it matters for example if taking an nvme drive that supports pcie4 and the 10 series processor will limit you to pcie3 like it happened to me that i took a samsung 980 pro and left some of the performance on the table. Intel's new generation is disappointing right now reviews have come out for the entire series
  6. The old SSD drive is still connected but I am trying to access the extensions folder according to what is listed in Google C: \ Users \ [login_name] \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default \ Extensions folder The only thing there is a file 1 Of cookies This plugin no longer exists has been deleted from the Google store and I'm trying to download it elsewhere it just does not work. The version I had on the old drive worked and all is well I just forgot to PACK it and save it before moving to the other NVME drive. In my opinion if I connect the old computer to the drive I will be able to access the plugin and export it but it's really a lot of work. Are there other places the plugins can hide?
  7. Thanks for the recommendation and looks great. They're talking about full calibration. Is this something that can be done with the eye or do you need calibration tools as he said in the video? Not the most understand on screens and everything that is said there in the review srgb, adobe rgb, dci p3, hdr400. I seem to have homework
  8. I bought the screen years ago and the truth is that I really did not enjoy it, the hardware at the time did not really support 4K gaming at least not in normal frames. Even today I need a really serious computer for such performance. I feel like I just paid for features like g-sync and even so it was at 60hz. I'm building a system and do not want to make the same mistake again, so I thought in advance to go for a 2k screen with a high refresh rate 144hz maybe even more and an IPS or VA panel. I less connect to concave screens and I would even like to go up towards 30-32-34 inches. I would be happy for guidance / recommendation
  9. Thanks to the helpers, the parts arrived and everything went smoothly. Unfortunately there is some problem with the board's network card (works but always with a yellow question mark - drivers from GB did not help) I do not know how much it is worth to me now to send them back the board than to buy an external one so I have already decided to stay that way. Must note that a purchase that exceeds the $ 1000 has some declaration form something very cumbersome to sign up for a government identification site to fill out any affidavit this whole process is not the most intuitive and it takes a lot of time.
  10. I went through several stores in the country and abroad without success there is no stock on Amazon
  11. The thing is, it's impossible to know when this "crisis" will end. There are all sorts of trends in the market that can devour the cards such as whether or not Biden cancels tariffs, whether the dollar exchange rate recovers and makes buying less worthwhile overseas. In my opinion in the miners segment it is only going to get worse. Europe is not going to be a factor of production In the near future, the corona also plays a role and all together makes the future uncertain, maybe you will wait and then the situation will be worse another year. I personally got tired of waiting and ordered the parts yesterday. Too powerful (used cheaply). At this time you can sample the market and look for "reasonable" deals
  12. I inquired well with their support and it seems that they may later charge me more money for such and such fees. I know you say it did not happen to you but I was explained that it is usually UPS and I know they always stop packages and take commissions other than VAT. In my opinion the payment on the newegg site is only on the VAT and not on the customs clearance tax. I will also try to find out from UPS in Israel and get this information. Because ordering parts and then paying more from the country and without warranty really did not come to me https://kb.newegg.com/knowledge-base/international-shipping/
  13. There are sellers who do not allow them to be left with such a comment but by and large it is a method that works and I do too and indeed most sellers cooperate with it because they know what the situation is here in the mail. There are tens of thousands of packages that are lost in the mail and do not return to a really interesting sender what to do with them
  14. There's some sports shop I ordered from in the sand. Out of 5 shipments that go through properly 1 always "disappears" and finds it after two months or more after already taking the credit from the store and because it happened several times they stopped shipping to the country completely for a few months and then switched to paid delivery compared to the free one that was promoted. Not at all related to my branch on the other side of town. We put a second message in the mail and a week later we put the first message after you have already collected. Not to mention the horrible queues ... this is how you try to save money and pay on time. Ali Express works best and fastest There are no palettes but it is a choice of products
  15. In the past I ordered from a publisher several times (not Amazon / Newag) and it was sent to me via EMS / DHL / UPS. Customs etc. The taxes I had to pay cost me more than the package itself. Since I have been refraining for years from getting a shipment using these companies so I do not know if things have changed. They would call me and tell me I need to add more money otherwise the item will get stuck in customs I only take care that the item arrives in the country and from here on out it is my responsibility and if I have a problem then I should contact the company that sent the item to pay the commissions and without clicking on
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