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    Cosmos s | 10700k | Nh-D15 | Rog Strix 3080Ti oc | Aorus Master Z590 | 4x8gb Crucial ballistix 3600 cl16 | Wd gold 10 + 12tb, Wd red 3tb, samsung 980 per 1tb | Antec signature 1000w Titanium | Glorious model D | K70 Rapidfire | PG27A

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  1. This ad has ended

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    For sale Evga 980ti card. Sold due to a proper 100% upgrade in the commitment. Thoroughly cleaned, replaced NT-H2 thermal ointment and replaced all pads with Gelid's GP extreme. Performance between 1660 and 1660ti. Did not undergo mining or OC. A revised price of NIS 800 is set according to the cheapest on Ebay (when importing, shipping and VAT are paid!). Not flexible! 054-2142074

    800 ₪

  2. Love all kinds of genres I loved the FALLOUT series. FPS also going I would play the whole series of CALL OF DUTY until the old card was not able to run the new titles properly also the battlefield was nice but less action. Darkest dungeon I liked today I play DOTA 2 but sometimes I want something less binding I tried BORDERLANDS 3 was fun but I did not stay to play it after I finished. What do you say about death stranding? red dead redemption? What games you are playing now is interesting to hear
  3. In good time I bought a proper video card the last game I played was witcher 3 what games would you recommend going through from that period and today? 3-5 games
  4. My computer already has an amplifier and large speakers for listening to music. The problem is that at night I have a bit of a problem with the low volume mainly for speech because the system is more suitable for music than speech (unnecessary wear and tear for the amplifier, the room heats up) so I thought of buying this pair to have whenever I want to hear talk on YouTube or when I want to play quietly. In terms of connections I have a focusrite scarlett 2i4 card so there should be no problem switching between them. One can even take the t20 series and get VAT free with free shipping from Amazon the question if there is anything else recommended in these amounts I do not need a sub if I want more power I will switch to the increased system. Thanks for the helpers
  5. Recently I experience disconnections from the internet especially when I play online or load the router with downloads from the torrent. Since I have a private TP LINK modem the carrier is passing the blame on to me. The glitches mostly happen when I play online (multi-user game) Could it be that I get DDOS attacks? Could it be that it loads the router in a way that will cause it to completely disconnect from the Internet? Right now I'm going to exercise warranty, switch to the supplier's router (Bezeq) and see if that solves the problem. Now I no longer have anything to try to get into the game at all because it is disconnected within a few minutes fixed. In the meantime I play through the internet of the mobile which is not such a thing but there are no ping disconnections of 120-80 compared to 50-80 on the lines I am afraid that maybe after replacing the router it will be revealed to me that it may be due to software This one to know what caused the disconnection?
  6. Is it possible to pay on EBAY or on NEWEGG with 2 tickets. One regular and the other charged thus completing the full purchase amount? I asked by mail and the rechargeable tickets are limited to a purchase amount of up to NIS 6 in one go, although much more can be claimed. It is also worth noting that on Isracard credit you take a conversion fee to dollars of 2.3% no matter what amount you bought, ie you bought for $ 100, you take $ 2.3, you bought for $ 2500, it will take you $ 57.5. In the meantime I'm finding out what other options are possible. PayPal is a last option because it means recharging the account towards the end of the billing date and then again at the beginning. The problem is that it's money that will just lie there until you get a proper deal that it can also take quite a bit of time, however if you are already spending a sum then you should go out satisfied and not compromise on what is currently available. Because the future is not clear and I may fall for it. What will happen if I want to withdraw the money? Is there a guide somewhere for PayPal?
  7. I went through a few stores and it's just gigabytes or companies I trust less to hold the warranty periods not to mention the transition
  8. From what I can remember. On eBay when the line Customs services and international tracking provided is listed it means it is shipped via eBay shipping and then does not have all the shattered commissions - meaning someone is doing the release for you you just need to add the VAT. It happened to me that I ordered shoes over $ 75 when it was registered this line and then I had to pay VAT. Years ordering through eBay and have a pretty policy for the customer. More than once or twice I received products that were not exactly what was famous and eBay credited me for the entire amount and also let me save the product. The credit. They are very pro customers, although this is a considerable amount, but even if someone tries to sting there (send a defective / fake / used card) their service is in favor of the customer and chances are you will get the money back. Will stop in your favor. There is no doubt that buying through NEWEGG is better but to me it seems like people who just bought directly from EVGA through their program and just number them. Screen I prefer to buy only EVGA due to experience with cards I play Kim years and does not spoil compared to the asus and gigabytes I had in the past that always had to exercise warranty in the area 75 years always heating up always too noisy not just EVGA are considered. It seems to me that regardless of a card with international warranty it will be difficult to exercise in the country. I bought a laptop with an international warranty, I had to make rondels to get service, and in the end I gave up and fixed the private market. The service in Israel is usually such a tin that it is better to buy a cheaper product abroad from a reliable company that chances are it will not spoil. At the moment I see that NEWEGG does not have EVGA 3ti in lotteries or at all.
  9. EBay has a lot of evga 3080ti that come out cheaper than the newegg lotteries where they want $ 1900 and that is the name of the less liked Asus. There is a feeling that there is no point in continuing to wait because in the next series it will be like this. So if I say buy at $ 1800 even at $ 2000 and pay VAT it will still come out cheaper from the country and here they sell gigabytes etc. Inferior tickets
  10. The truth is that some eBay sellers do this automatically to Israeli customers. I was willing to pay VAT on the part but I found out that the seller stated a different value, sometimes also a value higher than $ 75 is listed if for example you register in euros and I am still not asked to pay it seems that the checkers there are quite overlapping. I know this usually happens when they send by regular mail, but in advanced mail such as shipping companies this never happens and they always record real value. In any case, I see that EVGA tickets have been sold on eBay recently, and even though it is speculators, etc., with VAT, it is still cheaper to leave the country for NIS 2000.
  11. Is every card sent through eBay shipping 100% VAT paid? There is the line Customs services and international tracking provided as far as I understand it does not include the VAT there but only the release itself. I recently ordered a clutch for a car that sold selling 30 euros for a part that costs 700 and everything went smoothly. Once they caught me they gave me a warning I paid the VAT and it is the question if there is a way to Kamban delivery without VAT and yet there will be some insurance I realized that if the seller really agrees and there is damage then the package will not be insured for the real amount because the friends throw the cartons . Anyone here invited from eBay with good experiences of the latest generation 3080 3080ti?
  12. After the successful experience with newegg want to know if the shopping from the bhphotovideo site is the same I see they work with DHL I intend to order a pretty heavy amplifier The question is whether I will pay net on VAT as in newegg without surprises. The site?
  13. In general there is now a phenomenon now not only stingy gigabytes on the pads AA 3090 but not only. The hallucination that you have to take a new card that costs so much and deal with it like that. It is also a lot of work that requires fine motor skills so as not to damage the card. Really oily on the chips of the memories and it is also a problem to absorb it. Enough to replace everything is not the most fun in the world.Sometimes the pads also come dry and then they are more harmful than beneficial need to be precise in cutting and gluing. Cleaning / gluing is something to consider when buying a 2 high-end card. Even if you buy an EVGA card, it does not guarantee anything and you can find that the memories heat up. Is it possible to exercise responsibility for such a thing if someone is afraid to change pads and lose warranty?
  14. I am also not optimistic about the time it will take for prices to return to sanity = the time when prices were insane, ie from the moment the creators turned around and prices start to fall you have to count until the beginning of the crisis and it is about the time it takes for prices to return to sanity. The more people lose patience and buy tickets before they go down to the standard level it will only prolong the time it will take for prices to balance out for me to spend 3500 and above it is only on the best or one before the best. Noidia will take out 2 more reps and milk the cow to completion. There is nothing to talk about the Israeli market at all, the pigs here are celebrating.
  15. The original case came with a side fan that throws air towards the motherboard. I had to take it out because it is impossible to assemble large heat sinks such as NH-D15. As compensation for the loss of airflow and also for the purpose of quiet work all the fans in the case have been replaced with noctuas but the original fan of the non-replaceable discs cage is and the cage is one unit. What's more, the air it puts in passes through the discs so that it is not the most optimal. The board controls the fans on its own and as the situation heats up it amplifies them and then the noise of its work slightly destroys the whole thing of quiet work compared to the nocturne that can hardly be heard. Besides I also wanted to improve the flow in the case a bit because at the moment there is only one fan that puts cold air in from below and the rest take out 3 from above and one from behind. I came up with some ideas. 1. Set the cage fan on the board on slow turns and that's the end of the story. (Leave everything else in PWN) 2. Buy an external cage (expensive + takes up more space) for discs and get rid of the original cage 3. Buy a new internal cage and put a noctua fan there (solves the noise issue at least) 4. Buy a 5.25 fan adapter that is not so I found usually come as a unit with a cage or fan smaller 80MM and put 2 such over it (of course flip the burner) 5. A combination of 1-4. External / internal cage and adding 2 fans or 3 if the cage is external. I'm currently prone to changing the cage so I can replace the fan and work with everyone on PWN quietly. I found something that seemed more or less likely the only option https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0957YMJW2/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2GJL90O43I3K1&psc=1 I was not so able to find just a net fan adapter. The last option for me is to replace a chassis because it is both the most expensive and the most labor intensive. What do they say?
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