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  1. After the successful experience with newegg want to know if the shopping from the bhphotovideo site is the same I see they work with DHL I intend to order a pretty heavy amplifier The question is whether I will pay net on VAT as in newegg without surprises. The site?
  2. In general there is now a phenomenon now not only stingy gigabytes on the pads AA 3090 but not only. The hallucination that you have to take a new card that costs so much and deal with it like that. It is also a lot of work that requires fine motor skills so as not to damage the card. Really oily on the chips of the memories and it is also a problem to absorb it. Enough to replace everything is not the most fun in the world.Sometimes the pads also come dry and then they are more harmful than beneficial need to be precise in cutting and gluing. Cleaning / gluing is something to consider when buying a 2 high-end card. Even if you buy an EVGA card, it does not guarantee anything and you can find that the memories heat up. Is it possible to exercise responsibility for such a thing if someone is afraid to change pads and lose warranty?
  3. I am also not optimistic about the time it will take for prices to return to sanity = the time when prices were insane, ie from the moment the creators turned around and prices start to fall you have to count until the beginning of the crisis and it is about the time it takes for prices to return to sanity. The more people lose patience and buy tickets before they go down to the standard level it will only prolong the time it will take for prices to balance out for me to spend 3500 and above it is only on the best or one before the best. Noidia will take out 2 more reps and milk the cow to completion. There is nothing to talk about the Israeli market at all, the pigs here are celebrating.
  4. The original case came with a side fan that throws air towards the motherboard. I had to take it out because it is impossible to assemble large heat sinks such as NH-D15. As compensation for the loss of airflow and also for the purpose of quiet work all the fans in the case have been replaced with noctuas but the original fan of the non-replaceable discs cage is and the cage is one unit. What's more, the air it puts in passes through the discs so that it is not the most optimal. The board controls the fans on its own and as the situation heats up it amplifies them and then the noise of its work slightly destroys the whole thing of quiet work compared to the nocturne that can hardly be heard. Besides I also wanted to improve the flow in the case a bit because at the moment there is only one fan that puts cold air in from below and the rest take out 3 from above and one from behind. I came up with some ideas. 1. Set the cage fan on the board on slow turns and that's the end of the story. (Leave everything else in PWN) 2. Buy an external cage (expensive + takes up more space) for discs and get rid of the original cage 3. Buy a new internal cage and put a noctua fan there (solves the noise issue at least) 4. Buy a 5.25 fan adapter that is not so I found usually come as a unit with a cage or fan smaller 80MM and put 2 such over it (of course flip the burner) 5. A combination of 1-4. External / internal cage and adding 2 fans or 3 if the cage is external. I'm currently prone to changing the cage so I can replace the fan and work with everyone on PWN quietly. I found something that seemed more or less likely the only option https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0957YMJW2/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2GJL90O43I3K1&psc=1 I was not so able to find just a net fan adapter. The last option for me is to replace a chassis because it is both the most expensive and the most labor intensive. What do they say?
  5. In the end I went for it. I saw some videos it was not exactly like me in terms of screws but I understood the idea. Which was indeed full of dust clumps like hardened dust and literally stained the PCB. One fan refused to come out and I did not want to take out with a pliers so I tried with 2 tweezers and it did not work I just cleaned the fan stayed connected it was uncomfortable but I did not want to insist on it I cleaned everything with a toothpick and wipe with alcohol or a combination of the 2 also with the wipe that came with the NT -H2 that did a better job. Since after I connected the card the fan screen turned at full power even though it appeared 0 in the sensor it took me a while to get over the problem but in the end I saw that I did not fully press the connection of the fan. Very great relief. Everything works smoothly and the card heats up less. As for the pads, I did not know that they needed to be replaced as well. The heat sink itself only touches the core and the pads are attached to a thin iron plate that does not touch the large heat sink so do not even know how much it is worth replacing them.
  6. Since it looks like I'm going to stay with the 980TI until NVIDIA's cards go back to MSRP it could take until the launch of the 4000 series if not more I decided to do some maintenance. The card is a bit warming up and there is some thermal throttling in continuous and long use I am a bit scared to do it because I realized that one should be very gentle in separating the cooling body and also cleaning around and the worst case of damage to the card and get stuck now without playing at all will not come at all Special screwdrivers. Do it with a technician? I'm a bit apprehensive about them in general after the failures they did to me in assembly they do everything too fast to finish and without gentleness at all (curves pins etc.) I thought maybe go to the lab to give them a token fee for using the screwdrivers and do it instead myself.
  7. Thank you for the help at the end I ordered from Amazon if you take 2 it comes out reasonable and you can also add nt-h2 ointment
  8. How did you manage to find in the country I do a Google search and it brings me heaters or other fans. I'll be happy if you share what you found I'll already find out with them. Where else can you buy? Is there a link to something?
  9. I try to read articles on YNET while I hear podcasts or videos that are mostly based on speech. It works for me at first but then the concentration shifts to just one task Is it really something that can be done or learned to do. Unlike talking to someone on the phone while you surf here there is an assimilation of information in both the video and the reading. What do you say?
  10. First result in Google https://ytmp3.cc/youtube-to-mp3/ youtube to mp3 As long as you have an ad blocker everything is fine once in a while ... start doing sticks but you can just close the window and restart the site
  11. Anyone know of a store that sells in the country of delivery from abroad makes this deal so unprofitable
  12. Anyone have an idea I tried to search some google guides I went through the checklist and the problem remained
  13. Until today I was with VTECH which is only connected to the LINKSYS router I want to replace the modem due to the monthly payment and looking for something recommended quality reliable and not too expensive because the devices are constantly changing and there is no point in the router at 1400 like the linksys I bought at the time
  14. I play DOTA2 and the built-in microphone / microphone of headphones is not really good. Looking for a recommendation for a microphone and stand that I can put near the keyboard to start assembling arms up and from the sides less suitable. I would love directions
  15. Thanks for the comment. I tried your way and it does not work on Story issues an error message ..
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