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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the warranty at newegg just goes to the manufacturer after a month or so. Then you have to deal with correspondence and deliveries, which is a bit of a headache, unless it is a company / product with an international warranty. But the free shipping on the expensive products comes out to a significant discount relative to Amazon. In the little things like memories and SSD maybe it's really less significant.
  2. That is, I saw the new segment with free shipping over 680 NIS. I hope to really buy a screen if there will be equal deals. In Israel, the value for the price is simply depression ... even in Eilat.
  3. I do not really know if the shipments to the country from Newegg exist long enough to answer this question, but does anyone know if they open the operations to the country as well or divert us to some marginal group of operations?
  4. The only ones I know are Newegg and Amazon. Maybe the rest of the company will add a few more to your list here. In any case, it seems to me worthwhile for you to wait for Black Friday if you are already ordering from the US, in the hope that they will open the promotions for us as well.
  5. Hi, I recently received a cooling connector for the Antec KUHLER H2O H1200 Pro processor, the problem is that it is a bit old so it does not have the bracket that is compatible with AM4. Does anyone have any idea how I can get just this part individually or alternatively if anyone has this antec bracket and is willing to hand it over thank you!
  6. The truth I built on the 3080, especially at the price that nvidia posted. Now that I see the delusional prices running here in the country I already prefer to wait for prices to drop or wait and see what amd will have to offer with big navi ... Anyway, at these pig prices, on the principle I do not buy.
  7. Hello, I was looking for a 14 "home laptop, for office work around 2000 NIS. I found it for 2690 NIS, Dell Vostro 14 3000 3490: ** i7-10510U 1.8GHz - 4.9GHz, 8GB internal memory, 256GB SSD drive, graphics accelerator AMD Radeon ™ 610 2GB and includes a Linux operating system ** which on the face of it looks pretty lucrative (although I'm not up to date anymore, so I could very well be wrong.) The only thing I would do is maybe upgrade to an ssd of at least 512gb. This one, or is it a good choice? (I don't care about Intel or amd) Thanks and have a great weekend
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