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  1. WhatsApp messages are received on the device only when I log in to the application, I do not have any notifications of WhatsApp on the device if the phone is at rest - main screen on or off. Device - Galaxy S20 FE I tried to remove and install and it did not help. I played with the settings in WhatsApp and it did not help. I would be happy to help, thanks
  2. HP 15-U laptop I had the option to scroll by sliding two fingers from the bottom up and vice versa on the touch pad pad and for some reason it stopped working for me. I would be happy to help, thanks.
  3. Anyone an idea? This is one of those annoying things!
  4. HP laptop regularly Every time I wake up the computer, it restarts. Installed on Windows 10 Home, version 20H2. I formatted it a week ago I would love to help, thanks and have a good civic year!
  5. I saw an advertisement in Google News about a site that gives deals towards the end of the year, of Office Windows bundles. https://g-rafa.co.il/ Deal-end-year-civil-buy-office-pro- and get-free-windows-10 / So I bought through this site, in the bundle of Office 365 Pro upon receiving Windows 10 Pro Gift (Activation Key) They gave me the key to the Windows 10 Pro by email and wrote me that it was possible to upgrade from another version or install a clean installation. I currently have a Windows 10 Home laptop installed, when I put the key I purchased in the activation wizard, supposedly in order to upgrade to Peru, I received an error message: The product key you entered did not work. Check the product key and try
  6. I did not find any bite marks. I have no idea what I am suffering from, but every day I have something different and it bothers me
  7. A month ago I accidentally fell asleep at my sister's on a balcony next to a tree with fruit bats. I had a thought that I might have been bitten by a bat in my sleep without feeling it, so I went and got vaccinated against rabies. Since then to this day I have had headaches, migraines, sore throats, backaches, anxiety attacks and last Saturday I had stab wounds in various areas of the body. The family doctor told me I had nothing, I was in the emergency room following an anxiety attack and was told I had nothing. I still eat movies and can't get out of it. I stopped going to work as a result. I wanted to consult with you, to hear your opinion: what is the chance that it happened, that I was bitten by a fruit bat in my sleep without feeling?
  8. It's a stationary computer, a Microsoft wireless keyboard I bought two weeks ago, sometimes after a restart it works out and then it comes back again
  9. Windows 10. The Start menu opens for me when I press the mouse, just not responding to the key press. I would be happy to help, thanks.
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