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  1. Hello, I have a computer for about 10 years whose hard disk has broken down. All I know is that the hard disk was 1TB in a SATA connection. I would love recommendations for which new hard drive can fit it? Around 2TB about NIS 300, thank you very much
  2. I have a Galaxy S5 and I need to reset it urgently because it gets stuck and runs out of memory but it is very important to me the My KNOX app (secure area to install apps) and because Samsung stopped supporting it it is no longer in the app stores. I would love if anyone knows how to install it anyway. Thanks
  3. On second loading it is already 17%. Probably you were right
  4. So is that reasonable? How can one check if it is genuine?
  5. I bought from a laptop battery from Asus and testing with HWMonitor seems to have a performance decline of 5% (Attachment). Does it make sense for a new original battery (OEM)? Thanks
  6. I need a router that can transmit two or more different wireless networks when one of them is already connected to a VPN from the router and another regular connection. Designed for 2-3 computers, 2-3 smartphones and 2-3 cameras and smart home appliances. At the moment I have 100M HOT but the router should be suitable for years to come. In addition, it is better if it can be used instead of a router I received from a router that I will not pay for. Budget up to 300 and if needed allow a little more. Thanks.
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