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  1. I have the balck of razer and recently the keys do not respond properly ... thinking to replace, looking for something recommended, do not know if to go on razer again ... thank you for your wisdom ...
  2. Did not like Asus? I thought they were good
  3. For games and programming Gaming computer screen Asus VG27AQ 27 '' LED IPS or computer screen LG 34WN650-W 34 '' LED or its equivalent computer screen for gamers LG 34GL750-B 34 '' LED
  4. As I wrote at the beginning - I need for programming and games - I realized that ips will give a more accurate image, and that it is better than av - and also better for games ... I'm wrong? DA - Screen 32 What is the correct resolution? I realized it's 2k ... but what's the definition?
  5. Thanks ... but it still did not answer the answer ... what would be better today? What is it worth investing in? You just managed to confuse me even more 😉
  6. Thank you! Pity that it is impossible to attach a picture!
  7. I'm a developer who likes to play from time to time ... what should I do? And if you went on a wide screen - is it possible to recommend?
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