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    I7-8700k processor, did not pass quickly. Pictured inside the box of the i9 to which it was upgraded. I live in Tzur Hadassah and am often in Jerusalem. If it is possible to send a message before you call, thank you

    850 ₪

  2. Hey thanks. I think I put the ointment well, hot air comes out of the fans - the set up fans by the way is: 2X140 Intake front, the 2nd (get four) of water cooling Exhaust up and another one in the back wall also as Exhaust according to the table you sent my VCORE yes high, under Load is up to 1.4 plus .. As mentioned, works on STOCK without any game or speed. Also note that in the photos I sent the motherboard remains relatively high temperature I think the VRM of this motherboard is good so it is also not what affects in my opinion. I moved to the default values ​​of the motherboard and really got an improvement of about 5-7 degrees under load and also in IDLE, which makes me believe that it can be improved with
  3. Hello everyone. I have an Asrock z370 Gaming K6 motherboard, updated to the latest BIOS. Without overclocking or changing except for the acceleration of the memories. This week I switched between the processors and the computer went up as usual, everything looked just fine. When I checked the temperature I saw that the idle is sitting around 35 degrees. I ran Cinebench20 and the temperature was around 98 degrees but the computer finished the run and the result was quite surprisingly good (4841 to 9900K versus 3280 of 8700K) on the one hand wonderful but when I ran Prime95 the computer crashed after about twenty minutes. My fans are controlled by ASROCK software and aim to reach maximum operation already at about 70 degrees. I think the problem is in the tensions, they feel
  4. Critical in some ways. Performance - If it uses rather than editing a bit of video, when the raw material is on the same drive where the material is exported, the efficiency decreases drastically. On the same site that RA sent, there are many real world tests that they have conducted. Even if it uses only editing images it is worthwhile and necessary to separate the raw material from the drive on which the software is located, which will usually drive the operating system.In terms of stability, because the drive where the raw material is found goes through a lot of boxes and deletions you are actually played on the way to the operating system drive. If you look at MTBF you have to work a lot to get to the end of the life of a drive but these numbers are not something I would rely on.
  5. - First of all, as Napoleon45 said - separating the operating system from the main drive (in this case the 1TB nvme) is critical. Both for performance and stability. - Suggests you go through the link sent to you by RA, it belongs to the website of a company that builds computers in the US and they do in-depth reviews and tests on many of the questions you mentioned (do a search for a laptop and Leitrum on the site and get some) and when I assembled my computer I used them a lot. In the opening post you mentioned that the company for which the computer is filming "mostly stills", if that means it is also filming and editing video, even a little bit, I would even consider going for the i9-9900k.
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