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  1. Yours I would throw away what creates fast. From what you tell it may not just be a lifesaver but may go up in flames. Regarding recommendations - as I have just written here, I have been with APC for many years, which in principle is a much more respected non-judgmental manufacturer.
  2. I have had APC BR 900GI for many years. I have two computers connected, one screen, a printer and a few other trifles. As mentioned, it has been with me for many years. Once every few years (+ -4) I replace his batteries (there are two) (not original names but cheaper ones with a higher capacity) and that's it. So as for the importer's service - I have no real idea. But even that is an answer that can help you.
  3. Two weeks ago I had the disk in my computer - wd blue 500GB. Production date 12.2008 was installed in early 2009. Not bad. So I bought a 1TB red WD and reinstalled ARCH.
  4. I have a similar problem (054). In my case, for example, I do not receive an SMS from the government identification service (and others. But enough from which I do not receive). 054 Check - they do not block anything. They do not receive an SMS for my number. The government identification service found out that my number was blocked for delivery by the company that sends them an SMS. Opens. Still did not help. Since I have the problem with other SMS senders as well, I plan to purchase another line soon and move to it.
  5. You did not read what I wrote at the beginning. You really should read everything before watches.
  6. nothing special. Gigabyte h97-hd3, i3-4160, 24GB 3 disks: 0.5T, 2T, 3T DELL screen 24 "600W power supply. Linux operating system (Arch).
  7. For some time now, whenever there is a power outage for more than a few seconds my veteran power outage (APC) drops itself immediately and announces overload. The batteries themselves - fresh, recently replaced. I dragged on for a while, but for the winter I internalized that every good thing has an end and purchased a new armor line at KSP. I arrived, plugged it into a computer, turned on and then unplugged to check, and the business crashed with a message about ..... overload. Happens. There are also glitches in new products. I called Banda who immediately confirmed a replacement, sent a beech to KSP and within a day / two I had a new ruling. I turned on and then unplugged to check, and the business fell with a message about ..... overload. At this point I realized that the problem was not with the Alps but with the power supply on the computer. Ordered from Amazon, replaced. Connected to the new god, the power is cut off - and the god is left to work (!). Connected to the old APC, the power was cut off - and the power supply was left to work (!). Conclusion - the problem was indeed in doubt. And the question - what in the power supply can cause the computer to work without a problem when the power supply is directly connected to the network, but causes an overload when the computer switches to uninterruptible power supplies? (Wondering: No, I do not have an unnecessary break at home .. One of my daughters got it).
  8. ben-zone

    Buying a Kindle

    Not familiar with this field in recent years (Android readers). There is a Chinese company called boyeu - look for what they produce and pay attention to which version of Android there is. The old ones were based on 4 which is problematic today. I think they have readers based on 8.
  9. ben-zone

    Buying a Kindle

    I looked at a free book they lend - the format is EPUB. They also mention protection in Adobe Digital Editions. These two say you should look for an Android based digital reader, or alternatively, if you are not actually interested in a eink screen, then any Android tablet will suit.
  10. ben-zone

    Buying a Kindle

    It is not clear which "digital library in Israel" you are talking about. There are several stores that sell digital books in Hebrew - in each such store you can find out if they support Kindle or require a dedicated app on Android
  11. It's a cable with good grounding. Only that it was not purchased in Israel, so the cable according to a normal standard (and not the goddamn Israeli standard) that fits the country it was designated for. A replacement for a triple Israeli plug.
  12. The exact answer is - how old is the product and what is the warranty? By law, it is mandatory to give one year warranty on this product and it is a product warranty so it goes with it. However - in order to activate the warranty you will need to show proof of purchase date - an invoice (hopefully the original seller gave you) or a warranty certificate (which I doubt anyone issues with these products). So if it's a first year - get the original purchase invoice and claim the warranty. If the first year has passed, the responsibility depends on the importer. It does not have to give an additional warranty period at all, and the additional warranty period it can exceed the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and determine which condition it would like. So - how old is the product, and what is the warranty?
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