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  1. Hi guys, I would love to recommend a gaming computer in the above budget, without a screen and peripherals.
  2. And how am I supposed to connect it? Is there an explanatory video?
  3. Hi guys, I have a system with a GIGABYTE B550M DS3H motherboard. The current video card is GeForce® GTX 1660 SUPER ™ MINI ITX OC 6G / Is it possible to add another video card to the board for mining? If so, do I have to purchase the same video card or can I purchase something else? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking for a tablet for the girl so she can watch movies while traveling. The use will be mainly YouTube and all kinds of videos and series that I will upload to the tablet. It is important to me that he be able to connect to the hot spot on the phone, fast (relatively) charging, good resolution and sound. In terms of budget, I do not know how much it is possible to buy something reasonable, but the uses are very basic so there is no need to go crazy. Thanks,
  5. I would be happy for recommendations if any.
  6. Hi guys, looking for a recommendation for a combined inkjet printer (printing, scanning and faxing) up to NIS 2,000. Looking for something quality and reliable that will last for years to come. Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, I'm planning to purchase the watch and did not quite understand what LTE is. Is it possible to insert a sim clock and that it will function like a telephone with the option to make calls and surf the Internet? If so, is it possible to receive calls under my existing phone number? The intention is that the number with my sim will be on the phone at home, and when I go out and get a call, I will also receive it on the phone.
  8. Fine. I will change to the video card you recommended and stay with the vendor. Any further comments on the specs?
  9. The games I play are mostly lol and hots. These games do not require a graphics card that is too powerful, so I prefer to invest more in the processor so that the computer will last longer. Why do you say that the video card I chose is not good? You gave in the specification the same video card (only from another company). As for the power supply, why do I need 750w? It seems to me over kill, no? Enough 500-450w in my opinion. What do you say about the following specification? Products Category Quantity Price Processor AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Tray 1 ₪ 1321 Cooling for Processors Arctic Cooling Freezer 34 1 ₪ 129 Motherboards Gigabyte B550M DS3H 1 ₪ 452 RAM Corsair DDR 4 8GB / 3200 CL16 Vengence LPX CMK8GX4M1Z3200C16 2 ₪ 337 Packs Fractal Design Black 6 ₪ 1 Power supplies ANTEC PSU 645W VP500 PC 500 ₪ 1 SSD Kingston SSD 172TB A1.0 M.2000 NVMe PCIe SA2M2000 / 8G 1000 ₪ 1 ASUS GTX572 TUF-GTX1660-O1660G-GAMING graphics cards 6 ₪ 1 Assembling a computer (Free! When ordering a new computer) 1097 ₪ 1 Total ₪ 1
  10. I tried to put together a specification in TMS and got to the next computer. What do you think? It's important for me to note that I'm not a die-hard gamer and I do not need a monstrous video card. I increased the budget a bit to 4,400. Product Category Quantity Price Processor Intel Core i7 10700F / 1200 Tray 1 ₪ 1370 Cooling for Arctic Cooling Freezer 11 LP 1 ₪ 84 Motherboards Gigabyte H470M DS3H 1 ₪ 480 RAM Corsair DDR 4 8GB / 3200 CL16 Vengence LPX CMK8GX4M1Z3200C16 2 ₪ 337 cases ANT P110 Silent Case 1 ₪ 363 Power Supplies ANTEC PSU 500W VP500 PC 1 ₪ 172 SSD Kingston SSD 1.0TB A2000 M.2 NVMe PCIe SA2000M8 / 1000G 1 ₪ 572 ASUS GTX1660 TUF-GTX1660-O6G-GAMING Graphics Cards 1 ₪ 1060 Total NIS 4438
  11. 1. What is the maximum budget? Is an exception possible if necessary? 4000 NIS. It is possible to exceed up to 4500 for fun. 2. What is the use of the computer (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), is there a specific example of a game or software? Games, HD content and office work. 3. Is equipment needed Perimeter (for example: keyboard, mouse, speakers and screen)? No. 4. Is there a basic component that does not need to be included in the specification? Interested in a quality and quiet case 5. Is there a limit or preference for the physical size of the computer and its weight, lights, etc.? No lights at all with preference for a case with a clean appearance. 6. Is it necessary to include an operating system / office Preferred) and / or computer train in the store? A computer train should be included. 7. Is there a preference to purchase the computer from a specific store? If it is not possible to specify a living area. Immediately 8. Are there any special requests regarding ports and connections (e.g. USB Type-C or FireWire)? No. 9. Is it important to maintain the computer upgrade horizon? No. Is it my fault to help find the right computer?
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