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  1. In fact it is possible! The question is smart and logical; And the sages (or her name was the BB leader) have already said "the shy one has not learned". In one sentence (do not want to flood technical terms here) - the connection of your router to the neighboring router should be at level 3 (of OSI model) and not at level 2. In other words: your router will be a DHCP server for your apartment (and due to the default gateway as well). Not both routers support some routing protocol, but a static routing can be configured.For example the ultimate static route in your router that points to the router The neighbor.You will probably need the neighbor's cooperation in making the settings, and one or two settings with him as well.
  2. Sometimes the HDMI cable is not fully inserted. Try to push in more force the 2 ends
  3. 1. Maybe this is a speed limit for the "consumer"? 2. Were the data different when using a Bezeq router only?
  4. You do not seem to understand what port forwarding is. Anyway do not strain because it is unrelated and can not solve you high pings
  5. All the metrics say is that the signal strength of the fire is better than that of the router, which makes sense given your proximity to the fire. Besides, in my opinion there is no difference, and the signal strength from the router is more explanatory. In other words maybe the fire is unnecessary?
  6. The "devices" identified are, after all, 2 devices connected to the wireless network. Dig deep and consider what devices may be connected other than the obvious ones. In addition, some devices tend to indicate on their label (along with the serial number, etc.) also the MAC address and this can help. Another option is to enter the WEB interface of the Internet router (aka default gateway) and open the list of wireless connectors - the router in most cases also indicates the model or name, in addition to the IP and MAC addresses. And another option: Set the MAC addresses of the 2 devices in the list of exclusions in the router, and wait until someone shouts.
  7. If the stationary one downloads at about 600Mbps then the built-in network card is 1G old. Am I right? If so, another network card may not help (and maybe yes, if there is a problem with the internal card)
  8. - Guide (one of dozens) to unlock the bootloader: Before that, open my account and connect your phone to it (in settings). They will approve you to open the lock however only after a week (to block a massive opening of business stores). https://www.theworldsbestandworst.com/2020/08/unlock-bootloader-on-any-xiaomi-device/ - Download recovery files & EU ROM: I will save you a search and put links here after you go through the first step. Since it's really critical to download the files designed for your model, first send a screenshot of about with the model and software version (including the 8-character code that goes with the version) - installing TWRP (Recovery) and ROM are described here:
  9. Definitely yes - recommended. I switch to every new day as soon as I land in my family. (I recently even made a Note 9S, which is the same model as your Note 9 Pro (both code name curtana). The recommended rum is that of EU MIUI. But not its functionality (in fact it has upgraded functionality. For example built-in call recording !!!). To change ROM you need to unlock the bootloader on the device. This is not a painful operation but it requires deleting your data, ie backing up if you are not Can lose them.If you decide to continue, I can put here links that will guide you how:
  10. A product called a switch connects to a wall and your two units at the same time. Look for Zap
  11. That's exactly what I said (in other words). That is, to replace Bezeq's modem / router, look for a router that contains the ADSL function (ADSL / VDSL is also fine)
  12. I would not rule out a problem with the switch. How did you check that there was no problem with it? What is his model?
  13. I think the 2 routers you mentioned do not support ADSL. In other words, do you have a Bezeq modem that plugs into a wall and has a Netgir router connected to it?
  14. I am about to cancel my ISP including the email box and move to Gmail. The email address with the provider has been active for many years and it is certain that emails will be sent there even after the account is closed. The only solution I know of is to keep the ISP service for a period of time when an automatic change of address notification is sent. - Is there a better solution I do not know? - Will the automatic message be sent only when Outlook is running on my computer, and if so, will email senders when my computer is turned off not receive any message?
  15. If it's still going on, I'm sending you a tip in private
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