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  1. And for example if you keep the desktop (which does work), and then manually copy to the desired directory - will it work?
  2. After all, when you perform save as, you control the path in which the file will be saved. Which is not clear how it forces you to keep in a temporary folder against your will. It will be clearer if you attach a screenshot immediately after clicking save as but without performing the save itself
  3. Do not understand what you wrote. To ping, provide the ip or web address, i.e. the destination url
  4. I'm on Partner's Faber. Indicate the address abroad to which you are pinging and I will check what it looks like for me
  5. I would go for the first one (POCO), a more powerful processor and a very good device.
  6. Xioami Poco X3 (whether PRO or NFC) sounds good. Buy quietly in the US. Will work in the country with no problems, including support for Hebrew. And his adapter is dual voltage anyway. I think even big on a 12 year old but investing in something more expensive is just not worth it. The little one?
  7. After all, even if you buy a computer in an online store, it is sent to the buyer with all the internal components. Although well packed with lots of padding
  8. There is no connection to parental control. Enter settings and follow the path: Settings - Windows defender - advanced - connection security rules - new rule - custom… From there dive into settings or ask someone who understands to help you
  9. If so, windows defender allows you to set permission or blocking filters that include IP addresses and many other parameters.
  10. Can you please translate into easy Hebrew the phrase "will fall straight otherwise it belongs to the address of the work"?
  11. interesting. I've been online at Partner's Fiber for about two or three months. So far I am satisfied, a computer connected to a router at the other end of the apartment using historical coax cables in the walls reaches a bandwidth of 830 MB, has not experienced disconnections so far, and the experience I had with customer service was good (maybe because I did not do exercise # 4?)
  12. If I may answer with a quote from the words of a well-known leader: "What? What?"
  13. 4. You will not be torn, the payment is really small for saving the mailbox. 5. Obviously you are giving up on a hot phone
  14. An interesting question; Do you mind if I try to answer even though I do not know what Cellcom's fiber box is but understand computer communications? Some questions: When you say hot modem, do you really mean "modem"? Who is your DHCP server, what is the configuration of the router above? What does fiber box do, I understand that internet you get eager. Why do you need fiber up? Can you draw a diagram of the configuration, including an explanation of the cables, and the model of the router and switch? By the way, is there a network of coax cables between the floors? And to your question about range extender: Although you can connect it by cable to the "modem" (maybe it is actually a router / modem?) But expect a decrease in the bandwidth that the stations get up.
  15. The bad news: There is no timing support for Windows. The good news: No need to worry about how to do it with one router. On the other hand, I heard about an app called speedify that I think claims to do so. I have no experience with her, you can judge for yourself
  16. If I was wrong I apologize and promise to say Eva Maria 10 times tonight. However, does the original router, which supports ITU g.993.2 standard, do not support 200-300 MB bandwidth?
  17. What suddenly does not support ??
  18. Sure it's the disk? Maybe the front fan is more likely?
  19. For wired or WIFI connection? If WIFI, it's clear to you that it's not accelerating, but lengthening, but slowing down, right? Try
  20. Regarding the second part of your question: (here I only flatten my opinion which is not based on experience): In my opinion the AP functions as a switch (switch) and therefore the traffic between 2 devices connected to it is done directly
  21. In fact it is possible! The question is smart and logical; And the sages (or her name was the BB leader) have already said "the shy one has not learned". In one sentence (do not want to flood technical terms here) - the connection of your router to the neighboring router should be at level 3 (of OSI model) and not at level 2. In other words: your router will be a DHCP server for your apartment (and due to the default gateway as well). Not both routers support some routing protocol, but a static routing can be configured.For example the ultimate static route in your router that points to the router The neighbor.You will probably need the neighbor's cooperation in making the settings, and one or two settings with him as well.
  22. Sometimes the HDMI cable is not fully inserted. Try to push in more force the 2 ends
  23. 1. Maybe this is a speed limit for the "consumer"? 2. Were the data different when using a Bezeq router only?
  24. You do not seem to understand what port forwarding is. Anyway do not strain because it is unrelated and can not solve you high pings
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