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  1. For A10 the conclusions are as a result of this discussion and discussions in other forums and my tests based on what I learned from the buying responses are not urgent and I try to consult and learn from others. In the meantime there is probably a decision regarding UPS regarding provider, I realized I need to consider the amount of connectors that will suit my needs + future growth (current 9 year old computer and will probably be upgraded in the near future), does not rule out modular provider, continues testing and comparisons. Anyway, thanks for the reference and help
  2. As for supplier, there are suppliers of well-known brands with 450W power and a bronze efficiency rating that seems to me enough, stronger power will cost more and efficiency will be less good - decreases when the power consumed by the power is significantly lower than the power it is designed to give. With the service of Advice I had a good experience - send me an alternative UPS with a courier to the house so I will probably stay with you, just need to choose a model.
  3. Thanks, 550W power far beyond what these computers consume, is not 450W better? Is there a significant price difference between the UPS, is there an advantage to Advice that justifies the difference? And one more thing, the Advis website only has IPV models, my late UPS is from the PRV series. I could not find a specification for PRS, I guess this is an old series and it is better not to touch?
  4. Computers are old and components may need to be replaced one: Intel Core i5 3570K Gigabyte GA-H77-D3H 2xDDR3 4GB / 1600 RAM Seasonic PSU 430W PFC 80+ Samsung 850 EVO SSD 250GB 2xSeagate Barracuda 7200 4TB HDD LG DVD-R The other: Intel Hentium G3250 MSI -E81 34GB DDR8 3 RAM LG-DVD-R WD 1600TB HD HEC-1TR-TX PS Both use integrated graphics - without graphics cards ATX cases
  5. Hello friends, the suppliers on my two home computers are 9-10 years old and I suspect that they cause problems - the existing suppliers on one computer are 400W and the other 430W. And reliable without exaggeration and to a good interrupt, better with a USB connection to turn off the computer - all in the existing power supplies and capacity budget is not yet clear, I saw a large range of prices, it seems to me 700-3 to supply and up to 200-250 per interrupt. Where to buy? Need a reliable store that will provide service in case there are problems. Thanks in advance to the respondents
  6. Hello friends, almost 6 years old computer MSI H81M-E34 motherboard Pentium G3250 processor FSP 400W - a little older than the other components in the computer power, chassis and CPU fans are running (connected and controlled by the board) but the BIOS does not work There are no LEDs on the motherboard so I do not know what its condition is after several times of shutting down (from the power supply switch) and turning on the computer and it works properly. Thanks in advance to the respondents
  7. What is meant by "static power transmission"? Static electricity should not come from the body of a computer that needs to be grounded You may be charged with static electricity from friction on the carpet or from a synthetic garment in the glass of the table. It is advisable to touch a "neutral" surface such as the table top before touching one of the electronic devices to discharge the static charge and prevent damage to the devices.
  8. What software? In the installation dialog you are usually given the option to select Custom and then you can select the path in which the installation will be performed
  9. It seems to me that it once happened to me in a computer connection after a few weeks that it did not work so it might be normal if there was a leak, it would always jump and not just in the first connection
  10. In my experience, the ink does not dry out - the printer performs a cleaning operation every so often which keeps the heads intact but wastes ink so the heads are emptied even when not printing in the end, inkjet will pay for the heads over the life of the printer more than the price of the printer itself
  11. I know metal "cage" solutions with a lock to prevent disassembly of computers for your purposes You will also need to password protect the BIOS and harden the operating system to prevent changes
  12. Know that there are servers with AMD processors "I saw" meaning a server that has been purchased and installed in "My" Data Center for years that does not exist, everything is Intel ....
  13. Nobody buys desktops? Government offices, for example, buy quantities of desktops (today most are Mini PCs, still Intel-based) and the laptops in Intel-based auctions The last time I saw AMD-based servers was when Intel did not have 64-bit processors and needed such processors. I'm still stunned by the fact that Intel is failing to deal with 7nm technology and is considering outsourcing production, what happened to "Intel delivers"?
  14. Connecting air conditioner through a splitter is never a good idea - can cause a fire! Can an air conditioner make noises and falls whenever the compressor goes into work Can't the computer be plugged into a separate outlet?
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