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  1. For the screen size (say 15.6), this data has an effect on several factors.


    1. Usually a full keyboard

    2. More rested for work

    3. Price is cheaper than small handsets


    1. Mobility (size)

    2. Mobility (weight)

    3. electricity use

    You need to decide what you need from your computer, sacrifice mobility for the convenience of work,

    Or you need proper mobility.

    So, ask for a laptop with an 15 screen example, "with any specifications you requested, and 6 battery hours seem to me when something does not really exist.

    However, is something like this computer suitable for you?

    Its battery will hold you something like 3-4 hours.

  2. I did not read the entire discussion so I apologize in advance.

    I just want to refer to the OECD report.

    That calculates statistics and what to do, stuffing things.

    They emphasize there that most of the diseased lungs, as expected, derive from segments of the ultra-Orthodox and the Arabs. Who live in relative poverty.

    But if you take them out the situation here is not bad at all.

    Right. It is impossible to live from 4K per family per month (which is also the poverty line according to the OECD).

    But the reduction in corporate tax will not give almost anything during this period (what also downloaded it, the total tax which is also on the dividend from 45 percentage to 38.5 which is significant).

    They pay taxes to those who have a little money (like betterment tax on a second apartment).

    You can not worry about all the poor, and if anyone remembers Peretz's statements to the minimum wage 1000, now is even more :)

  3. What is this new punch? :S

    Wai seems to have stopped playing after 4 and a few years at 2005 ... and somehow forgotten.

    And I'm scared scared and afraid to play it again, it will end my life lol lol.

    I read this third and just remembered all the things lol wai is weird ...

    Remember I waited for this game 3 years from 1997 to 2000 and went out just hooked up immediately ...

    I got the original, but the LOD burned ... I think I will give up.

    But great! I did not know there were so many people still playing it! :)

  4. Let's cut it a little.

    Why should he eat cold? Because of the command that says that it is forbidden to light a fire on Shabbat. Why is there a command? Every order in the army has a reason, otherwise it would not enter. What is the reason this command has entered? And do not tell me that's how they decided and there's nothing to do. You can do more than that. what Fucking Cause?!

    Did you hear about the status quo agreement?

    I see that you have returned to the discussion until I arrive, so I will not lock it.

    The future will not deteriorate this way ... Do not go to another discussion.

  5. I have some mice at home, MX400, MX518, V400 and now also the MX1100.

    Of all the only ones that are wireless are the tiny V400 and the MX1100.

    Of all of them, in my opinion, the MX518 is best, followed by the MX1100 and the MX400.

    It all depends on your hand, but everyone is great and depends on what your needs are.

    And is this MX1100 mouse worth 200 shekel? The answer is definitely yes!

  6. There has been no such discussion for years; D

    No, they were not thrown from the helicopter.

    No, there is no constitutional discrimination in Israel against Arabs - no constitution : smile1:

    What is there is a Jewish state that is trying to keep itself Jewish, at home and abroad - equating to minorities - which is not easy.

    But is that really the difference between YNET and NRG ?!

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