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  1. I agree, ME is based primarily on your character and your game in it. It is absolutely clear to me that he should be defined as an RPG.

    And yes, I do not understand why it was necessary to make such division into sub-forums and I certainly oppose it. In fact, considering that I have not heard anyone (not looking for ...) who praised her, I do not understand why they do not return the forum to its old format.

  2. 'Sorry for the cynicism, but ... it sounds like 90% of my future work possibilities. : nixweiss:

    Not the same level of repetition. I'm talking about doing the same action hundreds of times in the same way ...

    Compare it to a programmer for fishing - at least he needs to write different lines of code each time. All he does is programming, but at least there's a difference here. (And if the code lines repeat themselves - for this there are functions etc)

  3. I have no problem being their 'slave';

    It's really no fun being a QA worker. It's extremely repetitive (you repeat those 5 minutes dozens of times to discover the bug and generally repeat it all a lot and lots of times) and in many cases the conditions are really lousy (although I suspect that in Basheda the situation is relatively good).

    If you want to be a bit shocked- This is a Webkomik dedicated to QA. They publish with each comic a story from QA employees

  4. This is part of the QA stage.

    They have workers (= slaves) who play the game again and again on different systems with different hardware to see whether:

    - There are problems with some hardware

    - Get an idea of ​​minimal hardware that will allow for a fun gaming experience (<- here we are already entering the gray area of ​​subjective concepts)

    - and of course give feedback on bugs + coated with the tasters to offer pizzas that will improve the game

    I must admit I am almost surprised that they have a QA department :P

    I wonder how bad the game will be in terms of bugs ...

  5. You are right, and on the other hand, there is justice in his questions, because it is not clear why the game gives you a sense of RPG and an open world, when it is not (thus causing expectations to fail). He actually asks here why there is a show of one thing, when in fact the game itself is a different style.

  6. My solution was to play lower resolution rather than full screen - I have 8800GT

    It will compromise that I do not want to upgrade my computer

    My problem is not a matter of hardware too weak, but of hardware incompatibility. Of course, the fact that I have no control over graphics settings helps by not being able to try to find a solution ...

    In any case, the problem you cited has already found a solution (I acted according to the instructions that brought me here and it worked), but the game is not yet really worn ... It is strange that ID, known (more correctly known Cremak) in their graphic abilities came out playing with so many problems...

  7. The game is completely non-erasing. Staggering madly. You can not do anything at all (I did not even leave the room where you wake up at the beginning of the game ...). Is there anything I can do? Driver updated and Patch installed, I have HD4850.

  8. Don't understand your problem with this. Don't see how it hurts the game. Even if the COOP is poor, the SP will probably still be excellent.

    For me, COOP can never hurt the game, just add. Maximize this is an unnecessary feature, it still has the game in normal mode ...

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