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  1. Right this means that a board processor and memories need to be replaced
  2. Motherboard with cradle 1151 v2 not suitable for i5 processor?
  3. We will try There is nothing to lose Do you know of recommended motherboards assuming I have to replace? I just have not been in this field for a long time
  4. What does it give that the battery will be out for 12 hours?
  5. Good evening I would love to get an opinion before replacing the motherboard Fault - the computer did not turn on Steps to locate the fault 1. Checking the power supply and replacing a new power supply 2. I disconnected all cables + cards from the board if I left only the power supply connected to it and tried to turn on the computer without Success 3. In order to exclude a problem with the power button or shackle I tried to turn on the computer through the board but even then the computer did not turn on 4. It is important to note that the board gets power from the power supply can be seen by the lights on the customer if when power supply is connected my main suspicion is Motherboard Model Motherboard - ASUS P7P55D PRO
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