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  1. This is simply not true, as it were, unequivocally not. I bought 2070SUPER the day it arrived at the importer, MSRP of $ 500, I have a little excess left over 2500 NIS. The same importer who demands more than NIS 3070 for the 3000 today. But this is just not a problem, vote in the wallet and order from Amazon and a new egg.
  2. One stupid video I've seen a long time ago. The man went to make comparisons 20 years back. If it was that simple to make a leap of 100% performance from generation to generation everyone would do it. At first it is easy, over time it becomes difficult. Like any technology.
  3. I'm pretty much in Reddit (and also in nvidia's DC) and a very significant portion of the people who managed to get their hands on the 3080 upgraded from very old cards ... I think I may have seen just one post from someone who upgraded from the 2080TI. People stormed this card because the value for the shekel he gives is enormous, not because it is the last word. The fact that in the 2080TI there were no such inventory issues. Look at a graph I made a few days ago, the performance is just relative, let's say you can imagine that 1.0 performance = 100 fps @ Battlefield V You immediately see that the 3080 is not standard at all compared to the rest of the HIGHEND
  4. You will hear the gap between your responses is just crazy. You have smart and accurate responses and after that responses that are just a huge crate of nonsense. Why would someone who loaded 3080 in MSRP sell it? Why? If you buy a car with 600 hp - do you lose if the next generation of your car comes out with 650 hp? Because that's about what you said. Most of the customers of these cards are gamers with 144+ HZ screens who just want lots of frames. Most of them play on the lowest settings for Maxx FPS and therefore do not get the use of VRM anyway.
  5. How did you manage to order an egg from Israel in dollars? It converts me to shekels without asking me and there is no way to change it
  6. I just do not see a situation, from a business point of view, to maintain such silence. They are late for launch for about two months, two full months in which they lose tens of thousands of potential customers. The only logical reason for this is that their product is simply significantly inferior.
  7. There are quite a few importers with international warranty, for example Asus. About a year ago I exercised a warranty on 1080ti bought at Amazon Germany in an Asus lab in Herzliya Pituach [my name ran away]. Prices in the country are completely pig right now, but fortunately it is a global world and it is easy to enter a new home and get 3080 to the house with a two-day delivery of FedEx for about 3200 NIS.
  8. It's like saying that I expect an Israeli team to qualify for the Champions League ... Yes, reaching the qualifiers from time to time No, usually failing to qualify for the league Is there a chance that AMD will present a competitor allowed? Yes Is that reasonable? Not really
  9. I'm always in favor of being financially efficient ... just because I can buy the newest ticket does not mean I have to buy the newest ticket but, and this is a huge but, the most lucrative purchases are usually at the moment of launch of a new generation that is a leap, see entry 1080ti on launch day etc. In my humble opinion the 3080 is such a huge leap in the field of frames to the shekel, a leap we have not seen more than 3 years to claim on launch day of such a card that is worth the wait - it's just not true and unrealistic starting from such a point - every day you wait If you end up paying the same $ 700 MSRP, it's less a day to enjoy your purchase that cost you the same.
  10. Because waiting is always possible with severity. Always. If you need the frames now - and have a penny in your pocket - buy. A story from just a few minutes ago: I was lucky enough to snatch an EVGA 3080 from a new egg, I already paid and everything. Then I stopped to think - do I really need the frames now? Yes, I can afford yes, I have a 165HZ screen and I want to play on at least 150 but I'm just not playing anything satisfying right now ... so it's just unnecessary for me at this point in time but if for example I would spend two or three hours a day in Warzone there Every frame is important - I would completely buy without being confused and not wait another X time ... because when that time came - it was possible to wait longer. It's always like that. But for 20 minutes once every three days - unnecessary, the order was canceled for the curious.
  11. danielzy

    2080ti at $ 500

    Let's go ... let's wait for 4080, the best in fact is not enough either. Let's wait for 4080 and then wait for 5080
  12. I retired in 1600, there was no ticket to Israel ...
  13. Honestly, I did not fall and expected more in 2K there is an improvement of about 60% (compared to 2070S) which is respectable, but also consumes 60% more power and reaches a fairly high temperature
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