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  1. Quote of omertgm

    Each time the same grievance over prices on launch day.
    It is known that one has to wait 2-3 months for the price (derived from stock) to stabilize.
    Goat then let them stick to whatever price they want and silk from it is important enough for him - to pay.

    Not good - no money.

    This is simply not true, as it were, unequivocally not.

    I bought 2070SUPER the day it arrived at the importer, MSRP of $ 500, I have a little excess left over 2500 NIS.

    The same importer who demands more than NIS 3070 for the 3000 today.


    But this is just not a problem, vote in the wallet and order from Amazon and a new egg.

  2. Quote of huber

    After the winds have calmed down and initial enthusiasm has subsided, the following YouTuber shows us how the 3XXX series is one of the most expensive in the history of NVIDIA and delusionally not close to being one of the highest improvements from generation to generation (about 46% improvement over 70-100 percent improvements in previous generations) :



    One of the dumbest videos I've seen in a long time. The man went to make comparisons 20 years back.

    If it was that simple to make a 100% performance jump from generation to generation everyone would do it.

    At first it is easy, over time it becomes difficult. like all .

  3. Quote of nec_000


    You asked why they would buy again.

    The answer is that consumers from the print shop who bought first will understand that they are releasing the 20GB versions, mainly because the 10GB versions are not 

    Sufficient for running modern titles with high resolution for example 4k, In full graphic settings for example ultra. For example the new Dom and there are a few more already.

    This is what you missed in all this business. This is why they will take out the 20GB, more than any other reason.


    Consumers respond that this was the launch of something fast, that was missing memory Provides to support what the graphic core is capable of

    Give in terms of computational power, will want to update soon to such a version as capable. Certainly after when the whole network will talk about it at launch

    Of the 20GB versions, and in fact already started talking from two weeks ago if you followed.


    Whoever did not mind buying the last word in the field, first of all, and pay in addition a speculation premium for the price,

    Because MSRP did not really manage to buy mountains, he would not mind upgrading again. Even for the most part this group, will not mind selling the previous one

    Who bought recently, and lose due to it quite a bit in a short period of time. The cost here is a secondary consideration for this group of consumers.


    And the example you gave about cars is excellent - and serves the purpose, you just do not know the subject, because you do not belong to the target audience in question.

    Buyers of the new toy on the road are often very upset that within a year a more shiny model comes out with one more signal in the anal and an upgrade of 50 hp,

    And you will be surprised how many of them immediately buy the new one again even after only one year. Over 50% of those who bought the previous model. Amazing right.

    A first lesson in branding and marketing in the US will tell you about the phenomenon that erupted strongly in the 50s from the American car manufacturers GM,

    Who discovered the weakness of the market for the subject. Find him research and for water write the books in the field. They would change Cadillac's headlights every year

    And the grille on the front, move a letter in English and that is more or less the change and the main thing Cadillac 54 will be different from Cadillac 55.

    And so every year they sold a new model to a huge group of customers who had to keep the last word in the parking lot near the house. It's their fun

    And the show they do on the neighbors. Compare a lot of people like, more than you are aware of.


    So what you have brought is an excellent example which is repeated in consumer areas among the buyers of "flagships". Flagship buyers are preferred

    Their purchase not because of the cost or buying efficiency, but despite the cost. They have a strong desire and need to hold in their hand, the latest piece of ability

    Having on the road. 


    On this weakness of the target group in question, the consumer industry builds high-frequency repetitive sales,

    Flag products, with one replacing the other at regular intervals. A group of engineers take care of removing the previous product each season,

    Even with a cosmetic change and a new name, just to sell more. Read about it materials from the US, it's fascinating.


    Sharing this opportunity that I have a friend, buys flagships of screen accelerators every generation anew, even if it's already a year later. No matter the price.

    When they charged $ 250 a decade ago, that's what he spent. When they charged $ 1300 two years ago for 2080ti, that's what he did then.

    And if they charge $ 3000, he promises to do it again. And the biggest thing - to move the punch line that you are not aware of:

    He is in his 30s and does not play with his computer at all. is nothing. He's just running hawks for fun. This is his pleasure.

    Why did Elijah then spend the money? After all, he can watch YouTube on YouTube.

    His answer was that I wanted to and I should not be judged and thought of no one. 

    In this he is right.


    On a target audience like him who is a very large target audience from flagship products, Nvidia and many other companies in all areas of consumption, do one

    From their major sources of income. The premium car industry is also built on a large group of such buyers.

    Especially the BMW Bmws and the expensive Porsche and the like. These are not products that buyers are looking for value for their money

    These are eye-popping status status products that are coming to address a very special hunger that befits the field. Mercedes and BMW have found that luxury vehicles

    Their 7th and S-Class series, are replaced by dentures, averaging only 1-2 years. They bother every year to update something even symbolic

    Yes, just to continue to support this need in the market.

    I'm pretty much in Reddit (and also in nvidia's DC) and a very significant portion of the people who managed to get their hands on the 3080 upgraded from very old cards ... I think I may have seen just one post from someone who upgraded from the 2080TI.

    People stormed this card because the value for the shekel he gives is enormous, not because it is the last word.

    The fact that in the 2080TI there were no such inventory issues.



    Look at a graph I made a few days ago, the performance is just relative, let's say you can imagine that 

    1.0 performance = 100 fps @  V


    You can immediately see that the 3080 is not standard at all compared to the rest of the HIGHEND

  4. Quote of nec_000

    16 / 20GB versions go around and will be launched (probably?) After the launch of RDNA2 on 28.10 as a counter reaction move. This time she was made aware 

    That you will probably have to be prepared for a lot of counter-reactions, unfortunately with a very short blanket left in her hand in this generation.


    The first tens of thousands of cards sold with 10GB, will find themselves loaded on the second-hand boards, creating a considerable financial loss

    For someone who was reckless / hurried and purchased them as a guinea pig from Nvidia. The same series of buyers that actually serves as a large-scale pilot for the manufacturer,

    In order to learn from him and on his back all the ailments of the new technology.


    Those consumers who rushed to purchase 10GB versions, will sell the pilot cards they bought (with too little memory), at a loss of half the "size"

    Used for only a few months, only to buy a new one again at full price, but with the right amount of memory = 20GB.


    The nature of those in a hurry in this area, is to incur a significant financial loss. Also paid dearly (above MSRP price) because there was speculation in product prices

    That there were not enough of them on the shelf, and they will also sell no more than $ 400 in my estimation, because the market and the community will already have a hard time signing the pilot versions

    Their too few memory. That is, on the day of the launch of RDNA2, they will already be talking about it and a lot in the media, especially compared to the 16GB that Big will have. ships.


    It is true that not all consumers are interested in money, there are those (too many unfortunately) who do not make any calculation for money, the so-called poor educator.

    They do not understand this. And I will not surprise anyone if I learn / share, that these guys (who do not account for money), never have a penny on their ass. explanation:

    Every penny that is only received by them on a regular basis, as a gift from someone (parents) or a reward, straight finds itself used for a new consumption, one that never ends.

    Every day there is the "toy on duty" to justify the waste and financial expense on it. Moreover, in an age where credit has long been a global epidemic,

    Those "who do not make money" friends not only consume every penny that comes in on a regular basis, but also consume the pennies of the future, in the form of credit

    Who suffocates them and is strong. And as long as they are provided with this drug called credit, they utilize it to the last shekel that the credit providers allow them.

    One day this way of life will explode in their faces, and it will explode for everyone like that - in turn. What you do not learn through the mind, you learn through the feet.


    Only he who does account for money, who cares what he spends how much and why, knows how to hoard the money aside, and slowly produce a mountain of money over the years.

    It all starts and ends with home schooling at a young age, and financial education. That the sooner you get into the child's head, the so it begins to produce products.



    You will hear the gap between your responses is just crazy.

    You have smart and accurate responses and after that responses that are just a huge crate of nonsense.

    Why would someone who loaded 3080 in MSRP sell it? Why?

    If you buy With 600 hp - do you lose if the next generation of your vehicle comes out with 650 hp?

    Because that's about what you said.


    Most of the customers of these cards are With 144+ HZ screens that just want lots of frames.

    Most of them play on the lowest settings for Maxx FPS and therefore do not get the use of VRM anyway.

  5. Quote of nec_000

    You can purchase in dollars and not in shekels, and make your conversion from weights to dollars in your bank account here in the country.

    Since it is expensive to make purchases in shekels on sites abroad, here is just an example.

    Usually the conversion fee is a kind of expensive black market.


    For example I have in mind both euros and dollars other than weights. Because I am, among other things, an investor in international stock exchanges, and therefore need the

    These coins are routine. For example, to invest in the NYSE you need dollars.


    One of my credit cards is associated with a dollar currency in my current account.

    A second card is associated with the euro currency in the foreign currency account.


    When I go into the American website version, for example, say Newegg, I choose to show me everything at the price of US dollars.

    And then also orders in US dollars directly. Payment is made in dollars strictly as a US resident, and pays a vertical calculator

    The dollar currency - the one to which the appropriate credit card is associated.


    The weight-to-dollar conversion fee only applies when buying dollars at the bank, when I have to do so from time to time,

    In order to increase the dollar balances. The conversion rate is around 1% above the representative. And there are no commissions to my delight.


    That is, if we say the exchange rate represents 3.40 NIS per dollar, then I pay around 3.44 NIS or something like that (order of magnitude in principle)

    To the bank and makes a purchase of dollars.


    I offered this to all the members as well, open a dollar account inside the current account, buy dollars in it when needed, and make purchases in the currency

    The dollar is directly from the sites in the US. The same is possible in euros of course, for those who make purchases from suppliers in Europe.

    Or in English pounds and the like ....


    Just check your conversion cost at the bank first. Yes, it varies from customer to customer, depending on its size, and the level of discounts to which he is entitled.

    the bank. Only if it pays off quantitatively, do it.

    To buy a product once in a while just to save a few pennies, do not mess with it.

    How did you manage to order an egg from Israel in dollars? It converts me to shekels without asking me and there is no way to change it

  6. No-One Quote


    After long conversations with customer service of Asus While testing several hardware components, providing an international warranty requires testing of each specific product, usually on boards if there is no international warranty, laptops need to be called and tested according to the exact model and priest and priestess.

    Times in the country there were no choices if a particular model confers international warranty, then I was sent to chat with the support team at the global website Asus.


    Products that receive international support can be a really wonderful solution to order from Asus, only that for the most part their prices, and in particular of graphic cards High, and sometimes by tens of percent of competitors in cost-benefit ratios, just because they are branded under TUF, STRIX and hs not to mention ROG, and are not always really leading cost-benefit products (and it is true that they also have unrivaled end products), but have a user experience on the site And a presentation of the best hardware manufacturers, if not the best, feel free to take a look at the products ROG Official site. 


    If anyone finds a good deal of a ticket with an international warranty when a regular and sane stock arrives we will be happy to receive an update.

    Precisely their TUF in 3080 was sold in MSRP

  7. Quote of nec_000

    Only one warning is important to those who purchase graphic cards From Amazon, to be aware of the issue of service and warranty especially during this period.


    Except for the purchase itself - if there are problems in the first 30 days, then Amazon usually replaces no question soon

    asked and provided please note: that we purchased directly from Amazon, and not such a purchase - that Amazon is just the shipping platform for a store

    Third party'. So pay attention.


    And if indeed we purchased carefully from Amazon itself (it appears by shipped and sold by Amazon LLC),

    Keep in mind that after those 30 days from the time of purchase, Amazon disconnects from the buyer regarding the service, and transfers it to the department

    The service of the person responsible for the product. Usually its reseller in the US (if we purchased from Amazon USA), or the global reseller of



    And then it's already an external supplier to Amazon. The service in front of him is more difficult, slow, cumbersome, requires correspondence, long deliveries in two

    The directions are especially in the period of plague Corona And closures and problems in flights and shipments. Sometimes includes a procedure before the tax authority

    In order not to put VAT once more on the replacement product that was sent. In a nutshell from Haftarah Shlomi has the power to mess with it.


    Therefore in this period unlike in the past, I was inclined to purchase more in the country, for the service under the warranty (3 years) from stores

    Arranged and official importers, for example KSP / TMS and the like, who purchase from local importers (and increase the circle of support

    Built customers in such a case).

    Of course up to the limit explained by a local buyer. The extra gap in price, should make sense and justify it, not something in heaven.


    By the way, this is one of the reasons why I tend to prefer a used * video card *, ie not just because you get more value for money.

    That this is obvious, except that a used video card can be checked at the seller (who sometimes allows us to borrow it at home to check

    Conveniently in our quiet and it has happened to me several times like this) before the purchase, thus bleaching the product as a strictly normal product. The test

    This is basically a QC process that we do alone for about 30 minutes on the order of magnitude, it lowers the risk and the fear that the product is problematic.


    Another advantage of a used one is that if it works just fine now that we are testing it, keep in mind that in addition it also worked for a while

    A long period of several years, usually with the seller, and as a result, he underwent a very high-quality QC. Electronic equipment from which he is made

    Video cards, is equipment that is better than an exemplifier that has come a long way, one that has confirmed that it is free of defects, than

    A virgin exemplifier in packaging, where the chance of a malfunction is statistically greater. In fact precisely because of this there is a manufacturer's warranty, so no

    We are the buyers who are at risk, but the manufacturer / marketer. The best quality test is to simply run an e-card for a long time, and if it is

    Passed a run of months (and even years) before he came to us, he is a reliable Ixamler (more than one new in the package).

    This is how this field of electronics of a type that is without actual mechanical / physical wear works. 


    I want to say that I was very happy if the video card manufacturers were able to test the product with them for 3 months in a row

    And abuse it, before they pack it up and send it to the store. The problem is that it is not economically feasible, so do not perform

    her. We'll say thank you if the video card worked QC testing on the production line, of 10 minutes. This is not always the case either Special Deals. Everything depends

    The price of the ticket and whether it justifies this hassle in terms of time and money to the manufacturer. 

    A card that costs $ 700-1500 per consumer, will be checked more thoroughly, than a card that costs $ 150 .... because there is more meat for the manufacturer,

    In order to invest a little more in lengthy QC testing.




    There are quite a few importers with international warranty, for example .

    About a year ago I exercised a warranty on 1080ti bought at Amazon Germany in an Asus lab in Herzliya [Her name escaped me].


    Prices in the country are completely pig right now, but fortunately it is a global world and it is easy to enter a new home and get 3080 to the house with a two-day delivery of FedEx for about 3200 NIS.

  8. Quote of napoleon45


    Everything said here is not the most true.

    Because .... there is another player on the field, not to mention players.

    So at least one of them, AMD, Despite the disappointments he has instilled in the past

    In the field of video cards, he will probably return to war,

    And that's a good enough reason not to jump in the head.

    - Here, why not?


    It's like saying that I expect an Israeli team to qualify for the Champions League ...

    Yes, get to the qualifiers occasionally

    No, they usually fail to qualify for the league


    Is there a chance that Will a competitor be allowed to present? Yes

    Is that reasonable? Not really

  9. Quote of nec_000

    I most liked the response from our friend danielzy who understood the purpose of the current threading as required.
    Daniel sincerely deserves to explain, to those who are interested, why buy now and not wait.

    Anyone who wants to claim otherwise (upside down?) - who will say this in my second thread, the one who discusses 3000 generation cards. Not here.

    The goal was to divide the community into two groups so that each would discuss a thread that fit her worldview.

    This is the thread of why yes.


    I'm always in favor of being financially efficient ... just because I can buy the newest ticket does not mean I have to buy the newest ticket

    But, and this is a huge but, the most lucrative purchases are usually at the moment of launch of a new generation that is a leap forward,

    See value 1080ti on launch day etc.

    In my humble opinion the 3080 is like that

    It is a huge leap forward in the field of shekels, a jump we have not seen for more than 3 years

    To claim on the day of the launch of such a card that it is worth waiting longer - it is simply not true and unrealistic

    Starting from this point - every day you wait, if you end up paying the same $ 700 MSRP it's a day less you enjoy your purchase that cost you the same

  10. Quote of nec_000

    We can note, for example, that the performance gap between the new 3080 and 3090 is about 20%, but the price is about 2.15 times (1500 compared to

    700 $). That is, you pay more than double, for an extra fifth of performance. Nodia know this and do the same stick as

    Who do in every field of global consumerism. We are asking for an excessive and excessive price premium in order to capture the working consumers online 

    With emotion and emotion, and not with the rational. On the backs of these cut (by the way) the fattest coupon in the cake and this is one of the sources

    The largest income and profit for a business. And it will not help that the whole network is already full of reviews from all over the world, which explain this,

    That 3090 is not worth anything, there will still be those who will ignore the warning and continue towards 3090 at all costs.

    Give Noydia some credit, they are not dumb ... The new 3090 is a professional video card with a slightly more accessible name.

    It was not intended to be a gaming performer in the first place [perhaps in the commercials they claim that in order to make it accessible to a large market share]

  11. Some people just do not care ... @nec_000

    I remember when the 2080TI was launched a friend worked with me

    High-tech job, got drunk 28 at the time, young, single, lives with parents, Cheap at a value of about 30K

    Pre-order there in TMS for a little over 6000 NIS as soon as possible

    Told me about it I spend my money, it's my fun, I do not have a lot of other expenses and that's it

    People who buy these flagships do not expect them to pay off, they just want maximum performance at any given moment.

  12. Friends, what are you talking about? Have you ever seen in the last few years a Nudia card that actually sold on its MSRP at launch? Or even a year later?

    To date the 2070SUPER launched at a $ 500 MSRP has not sold for less than $ 530. Nowhere.

    I bought 2070SUPER of Gigabyte on the launch day in Israel for 2560 NIS.

    A quick check shows that the card was launched on Amazon for $ 550, we will add $ 25 shipping because I am not approaching the new egg [horror service] and we have reached 2260 NIS.

    NIS 300 for a 4-year warranty in Israel instead of breaking your head with Global Gigabyte ... not bad at all.

    Estimates that the gap will only be a little bigger than this in this case ...

    Besides, good luck with the Doglog 3080 launch from Amazon / Egg

  13. Bounces with relevant information:

    After Bezeq failed to provide me with proper infrastructure for the house, I passed through eagerly yesterday. There was Torrent, not moving. Moves to the Internet from your mobile phone - pops up 10 immediately. He returns eagerly - does not move.

    All of the above was with the ZB as a supplier. An eager caller, transferring the affiliation to Exxon with a subscription I was just about to cancel. Torrent still did not move. Returns to the WZB - does not move.

    Name - Speed ​​jumps according to 10. 


    So there are 2 options: Either the garbage and the XFONE do me some nervous traffic, or somehow they do, which I can not figure out how technically possible, because the role of infrastructure is to transfer bits from A to B, should not interfere at all.


    I hooked up with Hunt because it was immediate - a problem had been solved.

    CONCLUSION: Both in the rubbish and XFON trash can.


    Additional editing:

    I am informed that just today there is a "known" fault with Bezalel with infrastructure . The error affects only torrents.

  14. Quote of --- The King ---

    I did not make my point good enough.

    I see no reason to buy 4000Mhz memories with bad times when you can buy cheaper 3200Mhz with better timings, and with The fast (Fairly light) to reach the same frequency and timings or even better timings.

    But whatever you want. 

    And from this point of view, "plus or minus a few shekels"? What is the difference in price?

    The initial recollections I recommended to you go out 930 NIS Final For more than 100 NIS difference, I would go for what I recommended.

    Okay, I'll go for the first option you recommended.

    Currently the motherboard is Z370 PRIME A [would love to hear about the best recommendation at a similar price]

    The disc is 860EVO

    The D15 cooling [which I will order from one of the stores in Israel, because of the weight that makes the shipping price jump]


    What I have in my board: OC quality and compliance mainly for memories, but also for the processor. A higher quality sound card [aware of the fact that this is not something that is understood, but the best one can get] and a card Built-in is a nice bonus.




    I've changed it for now:


    It seems to be the most profitable.

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