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  1. From experience with 7 printers so far: this laser is so 2010. I had a laser brother. Great printer, but big, heavy, messing with drums, with expensive cartridges and an expensive image unit. Today there are printers with ink tanks eco tank, inkTank, smartTank all names for the same technology called CISS names the laser printer to be ashamed on the side. Ridiculous printing cost. Very cheap ink. There is no chip that counts prints. Enough for about 5000 pages (depending on the manufacturer) and lots of options for replacement ink. I have an Epson eco-tank by chance but have wanted it for 4 years (it cost 1500 NIS then, because I bought a model with a fax) and still half the container does not dry out even without use and good quality. The text is not as sharp as a laser but the pictures come out much better than a laser
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