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  1. I'm just talking about speed and other data do not interest me ...

    The question is what is faster and if there are types of speed then it would be better to elaborate!

    God- he: Vertex 2 Pro

    The HDD are: 4XWD CAVIER BLUE 500GB 32MB

    Thanks a lot to the responders!

  2. Your board is not related to the OC ... and certainly not to the rest of the specification.

    And because of that you can not change tensions ... (to replace a board)

    You should (recommended) that the board's 'start' start with a P-letter rather than a G ... {there are other other conditions}

    That people here would recommend a board to you after you budget here.

  3. The 1 \ 10 connection in the HUT can be downloaded up to 1250 kB \ s and the upload is up to 125. Of course you can upload and download at the same time, how to maintain maximum download speed must limit the upload to 95-100 or even 90 kB \ s.

    I have been connected to 10 for a year, and I pay 400.

    Prices of Are excellent in my opinion, especially in light of the fact that they do not have a direct- At these speeds).

    The speed they provide is indeed a disgrace

    Lol but question if i can mount and download at the same time in NGN because in ADSL it is impossible ..

  4. The thing is, the building's management does not care if there is I want to increase my absorption so that I can "catch" the signal from the lower floor. I heard that if I put my router inside a can of coffee or something like that it would increase its absorption. How do you do this step by step? Is there anything else to do? Please please must help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My brother Red Meza You live in the film ... What do you think the company does not bring you the router already with the highest absorption ?? (It's in her best interest !!!!!!)

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