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  1. take Liquid nitrogen and lots of guts and you can reach up to 600 MHz ... (depending of course on the processor type etc ...)

    With the hardware I have and cool water you do not know but I assure you that it is the best there is (say the heat is not what will make me stop) so can I get it ??

    - The hardware signed -

  2. Vista 64 is significantly better because it's just a better system (I use) .. All those who complain that it is a heavy system are those who bought computers with built-in video card so their computers are generally not good enough and those .. Now those who complain about the hard disk space will buy 320 Giga and not 160 in the difference of 40 shekels!

    Complaints about RAM: Every computer comes today with 2 Giga at least so Vista Ultimate 64 takes 829 mega after installing all drivers, and maybe today 2 games that run more than 1 Giga Ram and if you have them then just buy another ram (this is the only drawback if you have Dear Memories) In general except Misa 64 is better than any other system: the fastest in opening folders, searching files, real improvement of game speed.

    Shorten make your calculation and decide what is more judicious .. !!

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