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  1. lev-27

    Star citizen israel

    I understand much better than you. This game is a scam.
  2. lev-27

    Star citizen israel

    It's just unbelievable that people are still giving them money. Amazing how many idiots there are in this world.
  3. lev-27

    Star citizen israel

    This game is the biggest scam in the history of gaming. This discussion tries to trap innocent gamers and should be locked in immediately.
  4. Is it not too early to announce a revolution? Overall MasterCard saw low hanging fruit and jumped on it. They will deduct a clearing fee (need to check some) from dumb businesses that are willing to accept the nonsense in this attire. By the way, correct me if I'm wrong, but anonymity is one of the strongest cards in crypto, right? So what's the point of using a clearing company that documents your every transaction with the currency? Use dollars / shekels and that's it.
  5. Obviously I'm ashamed I did not enter Bitcoin when the rest of it was $ 400 and I sold at the height of the previous bubble at $ 20,000 before the banks tightened the regulation. But the same can be said for any stock. So there is no reason to get mad.
  6. A bubble of all kinds of bored millennials sitting at home investing their corona grants / unemployment benefits in an age of uncertainty and angular valuations. Lots of people who missed the train to cut a coupon in 2017-2018 saw the bubble inflate (not just in crypto) this time around and jumped in for a quick profit cut. As for me you are partly right. I do regret not going into Bitcoin a few years ago because it would have allowed me to make a quick profit and convert to shekels before tightening the regulation around the issue. In the same breath I'm sorry I did not have eggs to buy an AMD share in 2016 when the value was $ 3 and today it is worth $ 80. Now that's a profit ... but here's even you admit that crypto is nothing more than an investment just like 99% of the people I know. Of course there are the 1% who are willing to commit suicide on the claim that it is a "currency of the future" that will replace all the other money, but let us both know that this will not happen.
  7. Yes. Another bubble of Yaldods who think they understand something in this life. Whoever enters first will probably make money, but most of the herd will go to sleep in cardboard boxes on the street.
  8. Know the story. It is sad that the media is giving a stage to this mentally ill person who gambled on all his family property in a speculative investment. In this case he managed. He could just as easily have left his children homeless. I was present at the previous frenzy when everyone around me at work ran to buy Bitcoin only to see the currency crash from $ 20,000 to $ 3,400 less than a year later. Now there is another even bigger bubble. In my opinion a lot of people are going to lose their underwear in a period of one to two years. It proves a few things: a. The world is full of idiots b. There will always be new idiots who do not learn from past mistakes (not such a distant past) c. In all these years of pumping us that crypto is the currency of the future, I have not been able to work with one serious place (!) Willing to accept this nonsense instead of dollars / shekels. D. Everyone I know sees Bitcoin as a net investment similar to a stock even if they do not admit it.
  9. I think you have to be very, very, very pressed for a video card to buy at these prices. In my opinion within 5-6 months we will see a significant drop in prices following an increase in production and the bursting of the crypto bubble.
  10. I do not rely on any news. In any case, neither the 3080 nor the 6800 XT can be found anywhere and it will be months before the inventory is settled. We will live and see what the prices will be in the middle - end of 2021.
  11. Do not think. The discussion brought a number of examples of the 6800XT from Newegg in the ~ 3,500 area including VAT and home delivery. Wait half a year and see how prices drop to $ 650 and below.
  12. Agree, but the thing is that there are not many such games and when there are many games the 3080/6800 XT will be considered complete junk. In general Cyberpunk is such a broken game that the lack of RT support for AMD video cards is their smallest problem at the moment so RT / DLSS is not really a selling point.
  13. Because as of 2021 DLSS and RT (mostly RT) are nothing more than a marketing gimmick supported by a very small number of titles and contribute almost nothing to the gaming experience. Hence AMD chose to focus on raw power and power consumption and it worked for them not bad at all. The 6800 XT gives almost as much performance as the 3090 at a significantly lower price tag. Of course when running RT the image changes completely, but this is as stated a gimmick right at the moment of writing these lines. In the future when (and if) RT becomes an essential feature in the gaming experience for AMD will hopefully be an appropriate answer for Nvidia.
  14. I realized that the serious development only started in 2016 after they finished working on Witcher 3. I think the game has excellent basics and they certainly could have put out a masterpiece, but totally feel like they are missing another 12-24 months of development to put their vision into practice. In addition they had to cancel the game for previous generation consoles and focus only on PC and next generation consoles. Since almost no one has the next generation consoles and in the PC world it is almost impossible to find next generation graphics cards without paying a 200% premium, and the early sales completely covered their development costs, what exactly burned them to release the game right now?
  15. I also played the company's games at launch and bugs were, right, but not in a situation where the game hit the market completely broken.
  16. According to the New York Times in Poland, a huge lawsuit is being filed against the company alleging investor fraud. We'll see what comes of it.
  17. Exactly that. Things that do not work, AI that does not work, quests that feel like they cut parts of them in the 90th minute to push the game out as fast as possible. These things are something that no patch will fix.
  18. The rave reviews from the media for this game show how sick and full this industry is of sites that go for eggshells for fear of losing their sponsors. Even if we ignore for an interesting moment game bug fixes that will probably be fixed over time and look at the future potential of the game, this game does not fulfill much of the features promised to us over the years and it is completely false publicity on the part of CD Project. Therefore scores of 80 or higher are simply unrealistic. What happened to the previous generation consoles is a complete disgrace both on the part of CD Project who released an unbaked game for too weak hardware and on the part of Sony / Microsoft who were supposed to make sure that a game at such a technical level does not reach their customers' consoles. Customers who bought a digital copy will get their money back, but what will people do who bought a physical copy for $ 60 and can't even play it? Who will give them credit? My impression is that the game is missing for at least another year and a half - two years of development both technically and in terms of almost no one having the hardware that can run the game as the developers intended it to run. So what was the pressure to release? Economically there was no pressure because the early sales covered all the development costs. Was there any pressure from Sony / Microsoft for the AAA game at the launch of the next generation consoles? CD Project Greed who saw a historic opportunity to cut a coupon on millions of gamers imprisoned at home during the winter during the Corona plague? It is not clear. What is indeed clear is that the reputation of this company has gone to waste and no patch will return it.
  19. Anyone who played the game for more than five minutes knew that the game was completely broken. The questions are: a. What went through the CD Project in mind when they decided to release the game in such a situation b. How the game in its current state has passed the quality control of Sony / Microsoft. Rumor has it that big companies get special treatment and their games are not tested like indie company games. In my opinion if this crisis is not managed properly I definitely see a situation that within half a year this company will announce bankruptcy.
  20. The programmers' bonuses depend on the game's performance in the reviews. The question is whether cd project will try to evade payment. If so there is going to be an airtight explosion.
  21. This is one of the largest if not the largest clusterfuck in the history of the industry. The game had to get a postponement until the summer / winter of 2021. At the very least they had to postpone the launch to consoles for several months. The reputation of this company went to waste within a week. I do not know if they will be able to recover from this. They should have known better
  22. I remember him from the past somewhere at the beginning of the previous decade when he fiercely defended AMD's bulldozer architecture, claimed it was the most ingenious thing in history and just wait wait AMD crashes Intel. In reality a bulldozer almost made a bulldozer for AMD directly into the abyss. He writes scrolls because he wants to sound smart and understands mostly in the ears of people who do not have enough experience to see the nonsense he emits between the lines. In reality when you zoom out outside the forum you find that most of the serious sites from which people draw information do not share its conclusions.
  23. Am I a brainwashed marketer? Look who it's coming from. abandoned. You're a clown. I finished the discussion. Peace out.
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