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  1. I did not come to you personally with complaints. I'm just pointing out how sick this platform is and advertising companies are taking advantage of it. Many people do not have enough knowledge and experience in a specific field to differentiate between professionals and amateurs.
  2. The big stars for sure get products on loan. The smaller channels usually buy with their money, but not always. Depending on how big the launch / advertising budget of the company that is interested in promoting the product is. The problem is that people see these YouTube stars as professional anchors that every word that comes out of their mouths is engraved in rock. In reality most of them are complete amateurs who have learned to stand in front of the camera and edit beautiful videos. And look how many views he has. On the other hand some jerk who puts a few RGB bars behind him and runs Geekbench gets hundreds of thousands of views.
  3. Yap look here this mustache was just shocking ... he would have looked like a coal miner in Germany in 1916.
  4. Glad to see he finally shaved his mustache. Anyway great review. Professional guys. Good to see them exposing all the hype surrounding these processors. Shows some other YouTubers are nothing more than Apple fanboys or they just get paid for covert advertisements.
  5. I want to buy dji air 2s and I am trying to understand in depth where it is allowed / forbidden to fly skimmers. According to this website, it is forbidden to fly a glider over 50 meters. But areas on the map marked in green require a minimum altitude above 500 meters altitude. It does not contradict each other? Am I allowed up to 50 meters high or a minimum of 500 meters high? And what is this ban on flying a skimmer in a national park? It is a public resource. I am not allowed to photograph a national park in the Negev from a glider flight ?!
  6. Z490 motherboard with Aquantia 10GbE LAN connection surfing the Internet with a wired connection to Partner's 1000MB fiber optic infrastructure. While browsing - Peaks while streaming - Peaks but as soon as I start downloading a large file via torrent or something like that after 5 - 10 minutes the connection crashes and the only way to restore it is to either restart the computer or disable and then enable network connection. Anyone know why this is happening and how can it be fixed?
  7. The problem is what happens after 3 years. In a normal computer if a motherboard burns out after 5 years chances are it will not be a problem to replace with a new one. Open the computer, disassemble, replace the motherboard and reassemble. At Apple they will also replace, but at an astronomical cost and only in a legacy lab because they will also need to replace a processor, memory and storage because all the components are soldered to the motherboard.
  8. Thanks for the opinion. Just yesterday I thought about the whole issue of liability. Any malfunction in the hardware level will require replacement of the entire system because it is an SOC and this means that if there is no Apple Care tens of thousands of shekels can go to waste.
  9. Unequivocally game changer. In my opinion not only Intel / AMD should fear but also Nvidia. The 1-core M32 Max offers gaming performance somewhere between the Geforce 3050/3060. And this is only the first generation. I wonder what M2 and later M3 will offer.
  10. What a return ... money is dead. At best I will get enough to buy some mini mac or 50% of the cost of the new macbook pro. My question is more theoretical if there is any point at all for a non-gamer to purchase an X86 processor when Apple's ARM processor gives the same performance at 1/3 of the power and heat dissipation. A gamer still lives inside me and there is a desire to plow on some good game, but life no longer allows. When I have free time I prefer to travel or do photography / editing. The current computer just takes up a lot of space, there are a lot of cables and it's just a waste.
  11. I have a great computer with hardware that is still considered competitive 9900K processor, Geforce 1080, 32GB RAM and all kinds of treats. But I am no longer a gamer (playing small with my nephews on Friday - Saturday) and most of my work with a computer comes down to office work, surfing the Internet and editing photos / videos. I started thinking about why I even own this computer that consumes a lot of electricity, heats the room like a stove, takes up a lot of space and makes noise. Why not actually buy an MAC based ARM processor? What advantage does a PC have in 2021 - 2022 for a non-gamer? Are we on the verge of a new era?
  12. Definitely a flash. Beginning of the end of the mechanical shutter. Finally they also introduced the 24-120 + 100-400 lenses that were sorely lacking in Nikon's offerings.
  13. Sounds reasonable except for the pricing of the motherboard. There is no such motherboard mode worth 250 shekels. This is a new motherboard that cost over NIS 2,000. FSP Hydro G PRO 750W supplier. There are also lots of RGB fans made by Corsair. I am sure you can get at least NIS 50 for each one. There is also a Creative AE-5 sound card.
  14. Walla? I was sure this was a full-size 1-inch sensor. I even came to write about it. Bummer. right. I read the full specifications in Dpreview 20MP 1 "-type stacked-CMOS Exmor RS sensor with built-in DRAM (2.4µm pixels) * only 12MP, or ~ 60%, central portion used for 4: 3 stills 315 PDAF points with 90 % coverage on main, wide 24mm equiv. camera 16mm equiv. F2.2 ultra-wide camera with 1 / 2.5 "Dual-PD Exmor RS for mobile sensor (1.4µm pixels) 50mm equiv. F2.4 telephoto camera with 1 / 2.9 "Dual-PD Exmor RS for mobile sensor (1.2 pixelsm pixels) 4K / 120p native recording with Real-time tracking and Eye AF 3D iToF sensor aids autofocus for all rear cameras (ultra-wide, wide, telephoto) Real-time tracking available for all rear cameras (ultra-wide, wide, telephoto) Dedicated Bionz X processor with front-end LSI for dedicated image processing Anti-distortion shutter, 12-bit Raw output If Sony were to put only 16mm and 50mm lens under a 1-inch full-size sensor This phone could be groundbreaking. PS Rejecting two hafarim.
  15. I'm trying to figure out what the more or less real value of the parts is.
  16. Before 3.5 I assembled a computer and lately I am considering selling it to switch to a laptop. Intel 9900K processor Gigabyte Z390 Xtreme G.Skill 2400 8X4 memory (32GB total) Geforce 1080 graphics card (not Ti) Samsung 970 Pro NVME storage 512GB Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL case Lots of Corsair RGB fans prefer to sell in parts. (Easier) How much is each part worth nowadays?
  17. Not really dark there. He shot in an urban setting with lots of ambient light. I put out a much better video quality in 2013 with the Sony RX100 2nd generation. Lack of image stabilization is the smallest issue here. glitches, warping, grainy image and lacking detail. Olympus EM5 Mark III + small frame lens will give a better light years result. Take a look at the quality of photography they put out in the cave with a Micro four thirds sensor. (A quarter of the size of an FF sensor)
  18. I wish it was like that, but we'm not there yet. Cellular manufacturers have managed to nail down their "standard" 26mm lens. Once you go for ultra wide or lamb the quality drops drastically. The 24-200 lens has a continuous range of 24 to 200 mm. The cameras in Samsung or any other phone for that matter are like walking around with 2-4 low quality frame lenses and each time connecting it to a sensor of varying size. Not to mention the matter of optical stabilization that becomes Increasingly critical as the focal length increases + requires the use of a much higher minimum shutter speed which may increase the disadvantage of the small sensor. On the other hand in a dedicated camera each lens I archive will be connected to a full-frame sensor. : // In addition the big missing is if the rate of progress of mobile camera development will continue to be Great from generation to generation or the momentum will slow down when they reach the limit how much computational photography can compensate for a tiny sensor + poor optics, which means the sensor and lenses need to be enlarged.
  19. I should not have used the word "perceived." Sorry. You don't just see the Sony a lot. It is in high demand among video creators. Work horse. Yesterday for curiosity I did a comparison between my Canon R6 and Samsung S20 in evening photography. The phone realized that this was a complex situation, switched to HDR mode and managed to take out a not bad image at all. In Canon I had to edit to get more or less the same image. Of course when doing Pixel peeping you see that the Canon image is more detailed with much more fine details. On a small screen you see no difference. Aim for Samsung. This graph shows everything you need to know. Ordinary users eventually abandoned the market long ago. The question is whether smartphones will reach a state that they will also cause professional / amateur hardcore photographers to switch to a smartphone instead of their DSLR / Mirrorless. Time will tell. Personally, I do not see myself traveling for a trip just with a cell phone. In my opinion the possibility of using versatile lenses like 24-200 or even 24-300+ fast frame lens for low light motion photography is more important than auto HDR and smoother panorama stitching. On the other hand I see no reason why photography with a smartphone can not go alongside photography with a dedicated camera. Each tool has advantages and disadvantages.
  20. Precisely on this Sony is perceived? This is generally a high-end video camera that is priced at $ 3,500, which also happens to be able to take good quality photos. These YouTubers use it for photos for their channel so it was easy for them to make a comparison against the iPhone. If you already have to ask yourself why they do not use the iPhone for the purpose of producing video for YouTube if the camera there is so good. In general for $ 1,000 - $ 1,500 you can buy a toffee beauty of a Mirrorless camera + 1-2 lens not bad at all that will give you flexibility and photo options that you will not get with any cell phone, but it requires carrying a camera + learning menus + learning photography / editing.
  21. Like what's their point? It is clear that if you shoot in good conditions and view the images on a small screen, it is difficult to see the difference. No shit.
  22. When someone takes pictures in the park in excellent lighting and does a side-by-side comparison test on a 13-inch screen of a laptop, its reliability level, at least in my eyes, drops to 0. If he was doing a more serious test, taking pictures in more complex situations and displaying the pictures at least on a 24-inch screen then I would give a lot more credit. Unfortunately nowadays the main thing is to make as much buzz as possible on the net in order to get money from sponsors. Reliability, professionalism, integrity, knowledge have long been thrown out the window.
  23. The field of photography is back to being a field of hardcore professionals / amateurs who are willing to pay a lot of money for equipment that increases the technical capabilities of the cameras. A National Geographic photographer will not take an iPhone 13 to photograph gorillas in the jungles of the Congo just as an event photographer will not take an iPhone to photograph a wedding in low light. An event photographer will take a 70-200 F2.8 lens that weighs 2 kg and does a beautiful job. A nature photographer will take a 600mm F4 that costs $ 15,000. Long ago - long ago - long ago abandoned the field in favor of the smartphone. IPhone 13 does not change the reality at all. His iPhone + Sony A7 III to shoot a basketball game indoors and then show the pictures.This is the real thing.Not clicks of static view in ideal lighting conditions.Things they shot were not challenging a cell phone camera from 2015. So they are either amateurs or lies or also And the fact that they have a YouTube channel does not make them a source of quality information.
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