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  1. I understand ok thank you both very much for all the information and time you invested in answering appreciate it. It seems to me that what you have suggested with a download to 32 may indeed be the right answer for me. I just did not understand why the waiting month ??
  2. The question is whether to strive with a higher budget towards the 8th direction as you proposed will give a significant long-term advantage over what @ Nir Roitman offered? Is there an equal valley between the 2 propositions say in the 6.5-7 range? Did you suggest in previous posts to wait a bit Does it change anything? Two or three more weeks will have an effect? I would always prefer to pay a little more but that the kit should be strong enough to hold at least 5 years ahead. If I already have to invest a few good thousands I do not want to return to the same point as today for another 2-3 years because I saved a few shekels
  3. And more information for the morning now I have finished exporting 78 files from Leitrum (RAW files) that I converted to JPEG in medium quality and it took the computer almost 10 minutes needless to say it sucked all its resources and I could not really do anything else at the same time
  4. Well it already looks like a serious computer only it throws me on a budget in the direction of 8K and I was hoping not to get such a price, from what I understand from you I do not have many options if these are my requirements. Am I right about that? As for the memories this is not the most expensive investment there so I have no problem going for the extra price and taking 64 instead of 32 @ Nir Roitman according to what I saw you are also with 64
  5. Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you. Thank you for the information
  6. Understand what you're saying and still prefer to have some extra gigs of Ram free to harm I guess it can not
  7. Sounds completely logical and true to me. I will go over what you sent in the evening, that you say increase this budget in the direction of 6-7 or in the direction of 9?
  8. Hi, I went through everything you wrote @ Nir Roitman @ A-10 and there seems to be an advantage to an external and unstructured video card. I will note as I noted at the beginning that I work with 2 screens in parallel and from what I saw this is a problem with the built - in card. Beyond that I will give you an example of the work I require from the system: 3 Adobe programs open simultaneously in Photoshop + Leitrum + Bridge - I sometimes work with switching from one to another or on projects in parallel in 2 programs for example importing files in Leitrum while retouching other files in Photoshop To which I draw the photographs from the bridge. I want a system that I can export hundreds of files (RAW) in Lightroom while I can still work in Photoshop without the computer crashing, at the moment I'm exporting only I know I'm leaving the computer for the time it needs which is sometimes an hour or more. The edits I make in Photoshop are sometimes very heavy (fashion or lifestyle productions) with dozens of layers that create huge files which also currently limits me to working on one file at a time and not opening multiple files, in addition in the background the usual things run WhatsApp browser etc. I do not want to settle for a spin system but aim for a system that can successfully handle the load for a good few years, I understand that the requirements of Windows 11 will also be much heavier than I have now so it is also important for me to think ahead. What I'm looking for may not exist on a 5-6 budget but my comparison is to a system I currently have that has cost about the same and has been working for a good few years. If it's worth the wait (week / month I did not understand how long?) In order to get good components at sane prices I do not care I prefer the system to be quality for a long time and not be satisfied with what is currently due to limited budget
  9. Thanks a lot for the help and specifications, if I understand correctly in the second specification the difference is in the motherboard simpler? Maybe it's just me but I did not see the video card in the specifications or is it built as @Nir Roitman wrote? Is 32 GB of RAM enough? Not worth it anymore? Will I even feel a difference between 32 and 64? Regarding @APTLV what you wrote thanks for the information but I have known the market for years and no one works with such color depth surely there is no such requirement from the average customer.
  10. This is what there is Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 16GB Kingston DDR3 high memory anything else? @Nir Roitman
  11. Not closed yet I did not have time to answer you, tomorrow I will go up the specifications of what I have today and see what is still usable
  12. Hi Suri on the Delay in response I was busy with work, tomorrow I will check what the specifications of the computer and I will register for you. (Currently writing from the phone)
  13. @NR Thank you very much I will check the links, the current computer for over 5 years I doubt if anything can be used there
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