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  1. How fast does the network adapter connect to the router? Is it defined as full duplex?
  2. There is no connection between the SPD and the sticks. What is shown is the JEDEC which broadly defines usable speeds. I only have 2 sticks but 4 JEDECs appear. That's not your problem. What is your actual memory speed?
  3. The SPD displays information from the stick and the relationship to actual speed is faint. The actual rivers are seen in the photo and have to be multiplied by 2 to see the real speed.
  4. The setting in the router. Also check the NETLIMITER software
  5. qos in your router? https://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=router+qos netlimiter on PC?
  6. Update the framework from the link and then install the panda. https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework
  7. Ivan

    3TB WD hard disk

    In the Device Manager you will find the exact model of the installed drive.
  8. Ivan

    3TB WD hard disk

    It is identified there as a 2T drive only. What drive is that? Manufacturer and model. Where did you buy it? The Device Manager will display its details.
  9. Ivan

    3TB WD hard disk

    Upload a photo of the business management forum to the forum.
  10. What is the problem with purchasing Norna with the power that suits you?
  11. And most simply take ownership of a complete file or folder with a right click on them and take ownership ownership by changing the registry.
  12. I didn't miss anything. The memories are completely the same. They are tested after creature and those who work at 1.35 receive the letter L. Therefore L will work at 1.5 but 1.5 will probably give memory errors with 1.35. The thing is that the manufacturer of the tester is fully compliant, and if there is no mobile compatibility it will not turn on at all. This is, for example, the color sequence of the light bulb of some low-power cell that refuses to light.
  13. The "DDR3L can work with 1.35 and 1.5 volts" right, but there are mobile devices (such as Dell's) that do not allow such replacement. They simply do not turn on but do report with a sequence of lights that memory is not supported.
  14. And what is the reason that made you decide to reset your computer?
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