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  1. In this review, we look at the performance of AMD's new video card, which was created to serve the audience that is looking for a good return on investment with a minimum of challenging days.
  2. My 2 cents into this burning tire mountain. Amateur photography with the phone is photography for all intents and purposes. Sometimes images come out less natural and sometimes more, depending on the mood of the algorithms. Right now the war of those algorithms is mostly against the laws of physics of lenses and sensors. In the distant past the tiny sensors found in phones today were in the same compact point and shoot cameras, only then the resolutions were low and there were almost 0 computational backups to the image product. This issue is a bit sensitive here for some people so I will try to tread between the eggshells. Photography is a hobby and a profession for all intents and purposes, and in my opinion it is still legitimate to want to buy mirrorless and DSLR cameras for these uses. Recent developments in the world of sensors and autofocus bring us amazing results. What until recently was the domain of singles in Hollywood with big formats and crazy bitrates writing on fast drives has recently become something that many find useful. I think the big divider between what is considered sufficient and what is not is the viewer's standards, and the viewing format itself. Video from the iPhone 13 Pro looks relatively good considering the size of the device and the fact that it is an iPhone. Do I think this is an amazing and cinematic video that you encounter in average mirrorless cameras that make video? No, not close, but it's also not a great device with advanced lenses. For that matter I think video coming out of something like the Sony ZV-1 which is a compact 1 "sensor camera looks significantly less artificial and thanks to efficient codecs looks not bad at all. But it's mainly because I like to consume video on the big screen. I feel the same rules apply to viewing images Most of the time, when they are very compressed, most of the pictures from smartphones will look just fine on the small screen. -Snapshot, in something casual, but in a photo set or natural landscape.Thanks to the flame that ignites the world of smartphones under the world of digital cameras we see the high end world of photography going into high gear lately, both in lenses and camera bodies with psychic products in terms of speeds, resolutions And dynamic range.I do not think the cellular video world has broken the quality barrier that Micro Four Thirds cameras set for it in 2014 with bodies like G7 and GH4 but it is still cameras with sensors 5-8 times that of cellular, and large and respectable lenses for light capture, separation, And obtaining TAM quality Vana is spectacular. Who knows, if this trend of continuing to increase sensors, lenses, and improve algorithms in smartphones continues like this, we will reach this barrier in another decade. Meanwhile, mowing the image with algorithms of sharpness, saturation and forging of depth of field mostly feels like a make-up layer the thickness of a pancake.
  3. The field of high-resolution gaming screens is boiling and the hardware giants are in a hurry to introduce new models. We took a look at GIGABYTE's AORUS FI32U, a state-of-the-art 4K screen for gaming, and we were very pleased with the article
  4. In this review, we check the Meshify 2 TG package from the manufacturer Fractal Design to know if it is worth investing in a premium computer package, also in 2021 for the article
  5. Intel held its annual architecture day yesterday and revealed to us a variety of developments that will soon become products, including the Alder Lake architecture that will arrive on computers later this year. All the details here for the article
  6. Workspace is a valued thing. I really like workspace. WINDOWS scalability is a bit difficult, but in the end everything works. Increasing resolution usually translates into increasing workspace, as long as one can look and understand what is being read. The screen of a video card exam system is a 24 "1440P screen by the way. The sharpness and details in it are great. I think the experience of using many uses surpasses that of a typical 1080P 24 screen. Of course it has its advantages. Of course the distance of viewing is also very important Pixel density, or at least the perception of density to our eyes varies with different distances.
  7. Looks like chivalry 2 at the moment it is impossible to deduce any technical information from Intel regarding logistics, technology, additional branding or compatibility. More information will be released later. Believes a year-end period
  8. You probably know that in my flesh I have experienced this difference. My subjective answer is that apart from the numbers, there is a clear difference in sharpness, or more accurately in the details.
  9. The chip giant officially unveils its advanced graphics card and graphics core brand for gaming, let's get acquainted with the article
  10. We tested an up-to-date screen of GIGABYTE AORUS model FI32Q in the size of 32 inches - to determine whether the asking price manages to justify itself with the return for the article
  11. AMD's new video card, the Radeon RX 6600 XT 8GB, has officially become available for purchase and we notice that some of the prices of the models offered in stores manage to surprise for good.
  12. Today, AMD officially launches the Radeon RX 6600 XT graphics card for gaming for just under $ 400 - is this the product we've been waiting for? We examined the performance of the article
  13. AMD has a new processor with a built-in graphics core, and it wants you to love it despite the use of graphics architecture that is not new at all - so we set out to see if this combination manages to prove itself in the real world.
  14. There is no translation here, this is free writing from the material. The Typo has been fixed. Thanks
  15. Intel presents its new roadmap for manufacturing and developing microprocessors in the coming years with one clear goal - to satisfy the market which is thirsty for more processing power in high availability.
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